The Young Master's Bride - Chapter 1277: Yi Gu Qing's heart-f * ck, you're hurting me, Chu Bai Qing (2000 words)

Chapter 1277: Yi Gu Qing's heart-f * ck, you're hurting me, Chu Bai Qing (2000 words)

Chapter 1277: Chapter 1277-Yi Gu Qings heart-f * ck, youre hurting me, Chu Bai Qing (2000 words)

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Chu Bai Qings eyes were closed and his voice was shaking. He could feel someone looking at him.

It was because he was smelling a strange scent

Gu Jue had told him the other day that there were crows feet at the corners of his eyes. In fact, he did not know what it was either. He just had wrinkles

Gu Jue had been taking care of the child instead of taking care of himself. Moreover, he had been angry about his own matters recently

I still have two children. I want to see what they look like

Chu baiqing could only imagine how little seven and little nine would look like in his mind. He couldnt imagine how they would change in. few months.

Everyone has their own fate. You cant live or die just because you want to.

After saying this, old song walked into the inner room.

Chu Bai Qing thought back to his words and a faint smile appeared.

Old song was telling him not to force it

Feng Xi had finished cooking.

There was red braised carp and a few vegetables that old song had picked.

He even made bacon rice

When old song came out, he even brought wine

Old song drank and ate by himself, not caring about the others.

The food was delicious, and the drink was satisfying

After finis.h.i.+ng a gla.s.s of wine, the meal was also over

theres a spring at the back of the mountain. Go there and fetch water. Theres Wood there thats to be chopped. Well use it for dinner!

After saying this, he left the dining table and went into the house

What a strange person. Feng Xi watched as old song finished half of the fish she made. She had only eaten half a bowl of rice, but he had already eaten three bowls of rice

The speed at which he ate was really enviable. He wouldnt starve to death.

It was a good thing that he had made a lot of food, otherwise, the few of them would go hungry.

I have to give my third son a call.

Gu Jue thought that this person was different from what his third son had described

Last night, he even called his third son and told him that he brought Chu baiqing to see old song.

Ji Chenzhou had said that if he could not convince professor Hagrid to return to the country with him, he would kidnap Hagrid.

The moment the call connected, Ji Chenzhous drowsy voice could be heard.

third son, this old man isnt as weird as you say. He lets us eat and live. If theres anything unkind about him, its that he., eking asks us to pickup materials and fetch water

Gu Jue did not care whether Ji Chenzhou was sleeping or not as he shouted at the top of his voice.

Tsk, he only asked you to pick up materials and fetch water? Ji Chenzhou, who was on the other end of the line, was suddenly in high spirits.

Do you guys see that fish pond? I f * eking built that, and that vegetable field behind me, i f * eking planted it Also, I changed the roof tiles

Ji Chenzhou said one thing after another. The few times he went, he was only there to do work. He was not even given a sip of water

I didnt even give you a sip of water, let alone eat or sleep. Whats wrong with you? what kind of treatment is this?

Ji Chenzhou was currently not in the country. If he was, he would definitely ask old song what he meant

youve f * eking done all the work. Of course we have nothing to do.

Gu Jue was overjoyed on the other side, but he felt very upset in his heart.

His third son, who was pampered since birth, actually came here to do rough work just to treat his Bai Qings eyes

He had no complaints or regrets about being ordered around like this. He would remember this favor for life.

take good care of Chu baiqing. The environment there is good, but its especially cold at night. Dont let him catch a cold

Ji Chenzhou said in a low voice just as he was about to hang up.

I dont need you to worry!

Although Gu Jues tone was harsh, his heart was warm. Only Ji Chenzhou cared so much about his Chu baiqing that he would not be jealous.

If it was any other man who was interested in him, he would not allow it.

His third son was different

Hes getting along quite well with his third son now! Feng Yan was sitting right next to Gu Jue, so he could hear the conversation very clearly.

This question was directed at Chu baiqing.

yeah, Chenzhou doesnt even talk to me now. I tell him everything.

Chu Bai Qing closed his eyes and took a deep breath. This place was really good. F * ck, I made so many dishes and you guys didnt eat while chatting. Dont make me cook next time.

Feng Xi was unhappy as she slurped the rice in her bowl. No one praised him for cooking such delicious food.

Moral conduct!

Good for you!

Gu Jue and Feng Yan spoke one after another.

Feng Xi was so angry that she wanted to slap their faces with the bacon rice.

Xi, give me another bowl,

Chu baiqing smiled as he handed his bowl over.

Bai Qing is still the best, Ill get you another bowl.

One second she was angry, and the next she was happy. Feng Xis personality was indeed like a child.

Gu Jue was carrying water, Feng Yan was collecting materials, Feng Xi was cleaning up the dishes, and Chu baiqing was lying on the rattan chair.

Feeling the breeze and the faint bamboo fragrance, his mind was filled with little seven and little Nines appearances

He missed them, but he didnt know what they were doing

They stayed on the mountain for a week.

It was like this every day. Gu Jue carried water, Feng Yan prepared ingredients, and Feng Xi cooked.

Chu Bai Qings sleeping time was getting longer and longer. Every time he slept, he was in a deep sleep

He didnt faint either

Gu Jue asked old song when he was going to treat Chu baiqings eyes. Old song would reply to him every time, is the bucket full?

Every time, Gu Jue would be so angry

On the other hand, Chu baiqing and Feng Xi were happy every day. The air in the mountains was good, and they were in a good mood.

Feng Xi felt that her cooking skills were getting better and better. She wanted to study new dishes every day.

It felt like they were not here for treatment, but for a vacation

Every day after dinner, Gu Jue would take Chu baiqing for a walk in the mountains.

With their fingers intertwined, they walked on the bluestone road. The breeze was gentle, and they felt comfortable all over

How about the two of us have some fun here?

Gu Jue stopped in his tracks and wrapped his arms around Chu baiqings waist. He rubbed his head against Chu baiqings neck and asked softly.

The four of them had been staying in one room all day, so it was impossible for them to do anything bad.

A field battle? Chu baiqing naturally understood what Gu Jue meant.

f * ck, I was afraid that youd be shy, so I deliberately said it tactfully. Youre so f * eking direct.

Gu Jue felt that he was as pure as a little white rabbit in front of his Chu baiqing. dont you like to be direct

Chu Bai Qing smiled faintly, but suddenly felt a slight pain in his eyes.

He closed his eyes and opened them again, feeling the pain getting stronger and stronger.

He grabbed Gu Jues arm and tried to open his eyes again

It wasnt darkness, but chaos. A little bit of light entered his eyes.

Chu baiqings heart started to beat faster. He could see some light

This was

His lips trembled when he realized this. What was going on?

Hey, when did I like to be direct?

Gu Jue felt a sharp pain in his arm. Chu baiqing had grabbed it.

Hey, youre hurting me!