The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich - Chapter 1715: Greedy for Beauty!

Chapter 1715: Greedy for Beauty!

Chapter 1715: Greedy for Beauty!

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What? Xiao Jingyu didnt receive such news, and she immediately appeared a little surprised.

Logically speaking, Lin Yuelan wearing the empresss wedding dress should have aroused the Emperors suspicion.

However, the rumours had been spreading for so many days. No matter how the courtiers tried to remonstrate, the Emperor ignored them or gave them perfunctory treatment. No one knew what the Emperor was thinking.

This made the officials confused for a moment.

Also, since Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan had returned to the capital so quickly, it must have been because of the marriage and the rumours. They had also entered the Imperial Palace to meet the Emperor so quickly because of the rumours.

However, her guess was wrong.

The two of them left with His Majestys tea leaves.

Xiao Jingyus heart felt cold and uneasy.

She just couldnt understand why Yuwen Longyan trusted Jiang Zhennan and

Lin Yuelan so much.

However, this was also good.

That would make it easier for them to carry out the next plan.

And the executor of this plan

Xiao Jingyu looked at Yuwen Xuhong, who was hugging her, and her eyes flashed.

Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan, who had returned to the generals manor, immediately handed the tea leaves to the butler and said, Uncle Butler, keep these tea leaves properly.

Seeing the wooden box of tea leaves that Lin Yuelan threw over, the butler took it in fear and said loudly, Young Madam, you must be careful when you throw it!

After taking the tea leaves, he flipped through them and was immediately surprised. He said, This This was really the Dian River Da Hong Pao. Great General, Young Madam, did you really go to the palace to ask for tea leaves?

Lin Yuelan smiled and said, Of course, I went to the palace to ask the old emperor for tea leaves. Why else would I go to the palace?

The butler was speechless. Alright then. The Young Madam had always been very casual in her actions. It was not something that ordinary people could imagine.

Uncle Butler, use these tea leaves to make tea for us. We went to the palace and are a little tired. Lin Yuelan said with a smile.

Good, good. This old servant will immediately go and make it for you. The butler also said happily, You guys rest first!

After saying that, he carefully took the tea leaves and left happily.

After the butler left, Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan sat down.

Lin Yuelan said, Fortunately, the old emperor isnt muddle-headed!

If the Emperor was suspicious of them because of this rumour, then it was obvious that their cooperation could not continue.

However, it was also very obvious that the Emperor did not have any suspicions about them because of this rumour.

Perhaps there was suspicion, but it was not shown. It was because his country still needed her.

One day, when the Longyan Kingdom was unified and became the overlord of the world, perhaps she, the hero behind the scenes, would really become a great hero, or perhaps the wealth in her hands would become his.

Since ancient times, emperors had been ruthless.

Of course, as long as he didnt show any signs of jealousy, their relations.h.i.+p wouldnt break.

Lin Yuelan held her chin with one hand and placed the other hand in front of her chest. Her eyes revealed a crafty look.

She said, Big Brother Nan, make a guess. Could the person behind this be Xiao Jingyu?

When Jiang Zhennan saw Lin Yuelans expression, he knew that she might be up to something again.

He smiled and said, Since you suspected her, its most likely her.

Although they were not in the capital, they knew the situation in the capital very well.

Lin Yuelan smiled and said, Xiao Jingyu is really capable. Look at how bewitched our Imperial Grandprince is. He only listens to her and even has the intention of divorcing his wife a few times and supporting her.

At this point, she exclaimed, This relations.h.i.+p really cant withstand the test of time, Thinking back to two years ago, the Imperial Grandprince glared at Xiao Jingyu for the sake of the Imperial Grandprinces Consort. However, in just two short years, he was already inseparable from Xiao Jingyu. He had even contradicted the old emperor many times. Tsk tsk, I really couldnt tell that this imperial grandprince was such a heartless and infatuated person.

When Jiang Zhennan heard this, he rubbed his forehead and said to Lin Yuelan, Yue er, you know very well that this is because Xiao Jingyu used a seduction technique on His Royal Highness, the eldest grandson. Its not surprising that the eldest grandson of the imperial family has such behaviour!

However, Lin Yuelan sneered and said, Hehe, it can only be said that men are born to be fickle because they love beauty and dislike the old. Otherwise, its just a mere seduction technique. As long as a man has a slightly firm will, he wont fall for it. In my opinion, the eldest grandprince is just coveting Xiao Jingyus beauty. After all, she is the number one beauty in the Black Cloud Kingdom.

When Jiang Zhennan heard Lin Yuelan rebuking the man, he rubbed his nose innocently and said fawningly, Yue er, youre right. The imperial grandprince was l.u.s.tful. That was why he fell for it. However, Yue P er, he said carefully, thats only the eldest grandson of the emperor. Im not that kind of person.

Puchi! Lin Yuelan laughed and said, Alright, I know youre not that kind of person.

When Jiang Zhennan saw Lin Yuelan laughing out loud, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, he said with a cold expression, Then, who is the mastermind behind this rumour?

Upon hearing Jiang Zhennan!s question, Lin Yuelan sneered and said,

Whoever benefits the most from this rumour is the mastermind.

Jiang Zhennan thought for a moment and asked in surprise, Could it be him?

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, Thats him!