The Steward Demonic Emperor - Chapter 619: Demon Vs. Imp

Chapter 619: Demon Vs. Imp

Chapter 619: Demon Vs. Imp

Yan Mo showed a creepy grin, Ha-ha-ha, marvelous! Theres actually a demonic cultivator from the lower three sects with a good head on his shoulders. Foiled at every turn, my game in shambles, and even expert in arrays. Youd be a rarity even in the superior three sects, then again

Yan Mo mocked, You can have all the brains in the world, the sharpest wit, the cleverest ploys, yet none will help you without the strength to back them all up. The best you could do with your puny cultivation is running away, yet you came for me? Your demonic creature might be somewhat special, even against an Ethereal Stage expert, but its nothing to me. You came here to die, moron!

Mystical Heaven Sects gangs heart was in their throat in worry for Zhuo Fan. He held their last and only hope of getting out of here alive. Now no one would get the word out of their sufferings.

The three elders sized the new guy up with a sigh.

[A 2nd layer Radiant Stage cultivator wont stand a chance.]

[He came to get killed.]

Funny how the only ones chilling were Demon Scheming Sects side, even sporting a cold smile.

None actually got to see the full extent of Steward Zhuos mighty power coming to bear. Even killing Grand Elders lackeys, he still held back.

Oh, there was one other person who had blind trust in the man, Chu Qingcheng, despite not knowing anything about him in the past few years.

Ha-ha-ha, oh, right, you never saw my real strength so you thought you could take me, reckless fool.

Yan Mo cackled, Feast your eyes on real power!

Yan Mos energy exploded like a flood. The ghastly aura sent s.h.i.+vers into the rest, even the venerables. A 5th-layer Ethereal Stage expert! The fiends and elders paled. The first were overwhelmed. Someone so young could be so strong. The latter were depressed, finding he was no average cultivator at all to be coming from a superior three sect. Elder Yun of the same cultivation would bet anything he wouldnt stand ten blows.

On Yan Mos back, two flames appeared, red and blue, turning into pythons that bit each others tails as they spun around and released a strange vibe.

Zhuo Fans eyes flashed azure, Oh, a demonic flame, Yin Yang Union Flame. So thats your crutch to all the arrogance.

You can withstand its effect? Phased, Yan Mo frowned in worry.

Instinct told him this 2nd layer Radiant Stage cultivators unnatural calmness hid something far worse. It also baffled him, how he could feel like that from an ant. Like how a lion met a viper, despite how clear the difference was, the first was on guard since the latters venom could spell doom.

The perplexity he found himself in left Yan Mos heart quivering.

[I refuse to believe a Radiant Stage cultivator can threaten me! Its preposterous!]

Yan Mo took a deep breath to steel himself and roared, Punk, its too late for regrets now that youve seen such might, ha-ha-ha

Showing all your cards before a fight is the dumbest thing in the world. Man, youre naive. As a senior demonic cultivator, it is only decent of me to teach the younglings and steer them on the right demonic path. Zhuo Fan mocked.

Yan Mo was fuming mad, You dare patronize me when youre the junior?

Yan Mo shot a savage fire attack like a meteor shower, straight for him.

Elder Yun sighed, This attack contains his soul. No Radiant Stage cultivator can withstand it. The kid is doomed.

The women panicked, even as Fiend Yangs side laid back to enjoy the show.


The fire scattered to nothing, revealing Zhuo Fans light brus.h.i.+ng and evil smile.

[How could this be?]

Yan Mo was on the verge of a meltdown. Elder Yun gasped in disbelief while the women froze in abject shock. Since when could a Radiant Stage cultivator take an Ethereal Stage experts blow and live?

[Who the h.e.l.l is this guy?]

Even Daner was slack-jawed at the sheer absurdity of it all.

Ha-ha-ha, underestimating an enemy before battle is the worst fault a demonic cultivator can have. Did I mention youre naive? Making sure to point out with a wide grin, Zhuo Fan mocked Yan Mo.

Yan Mos brow shook, his teeth clenched, That was just a casual strike


Zhuo Fan flashed in Yan Mos face as his right eye flashed golden once.

How, when.? Yan Mos heart was beating out of his chest, having not caught the slightest sign of how Zhuo Fan did it.

Zhuo Fan made sure to stop any thoughts of elucidating as his punch came down hard and fast, right for the noggin.


Yan Mo put his hand up in reflex and felt a pain like no other searing deep into his bone, even as it still came for his forehead.

Left with little choice, he put his other arm up. Much good did that do, still incapable of stopping this unrelenting force.

[This guys body is a freak of nature!]

With no time to make use of his soul power, his body flashed with spiritual armor.

Zhuo Fans mere flick of the Qilin arm sent Yan Mo bouncing through the air and smack into the cave wall.

The cave now sported an extra breathing hole as the wall crumbled, a hundred meters deep, through which the bright rays of the sun graced this eerie h.e.l.lhole.

Not that the others had a mind to even register the implication, to out of it to even twitch. A singular strike sent an Ethereal Stage expert careening through the air.

[Who the h.e.l.l is this freak? Not even the superior three sects have someone like this!]

The elders were stumped. [This is the disciple the Demon Scheming Sect is taking to Double Dragon Gathering? This is too friggin much! How are we supposed to beat that?]

Underestimating your enemy, yet still making up excuses for yourself. If thats not naive, I dont know what is.

Flicking his right, Zhuo Fan smiled, Fiend Yang, just like we guessed, this guys spoiled rotten, having always gotten his way. Just your average rotten, albeit talented, apple.

As the true devil here, you should let the imp know what setback means, hi-hi-hi Fiend Yang snickered.


The Demon Scheming Sects disciples laughed along.

The bang cut their joy short though, as the rubble turned to ashes and revealed Yan Mo covered in a flaming armor glaring at Zhuo Fan. He lost his mocking air, replaced by hatred.

Zhuo Fan smiled.

[Hes finally showing what he has. This should be fun]