The Sovereign's Ascension - Chapter 1294 - Life and Death Paths

Chapter 1294 - Life and Death Paths

“Which path should we take?” Everyone turned to look at Fang Muyang because the Emerald Jade Manor was known for their attainment in fengshui.

As Fang Muyang calmly stowed his fan, he took out a jade plaque. When the jade plaque flew out, the pathways were instantly dyed in colors, and the path that Lin Yun took was terrifyingly red.

Fang Muyang smiled and stowed the jade plaque before he said, “This underground palace was built based on the formation of stars. Each path will be able to reach the core; however, some of the paths will be more dangerous. Let’s go on this path.”

When he was done, he added, “That guy chose the death path. So don’t worry about seeing him again.”

Hearing that, Xia Yunzhen smiled. “Haha. Let him go on, then.”

As they headed on the ‘life’ path, it didn’t take long for crimson light to shine on both sides of the passage. Shortly after, a ghastly howl resounded, and one rotten figure after another charged at them.

“Demonic corpses!” Fang Muyang’s face changed. These people should be the guards of this underground palace when they were alive, but they were brought back to life after being corroded by a demonic aura. 

Demonic corpses were also divided into different levels, with those having white eyes being the lowest. If their eyes were red, they would be even more terrifying because this meant that not only were they strengthened by the demonic aura, but they could even execute various martial techniques. Some powerful demonic corpses could even execute holy spirit martial techniques, and it was rumored that those with silver pupils could even summon their constellations.

“Kill them!” They were all decisive and didn’t have a slight hesitation before charging over with the elites of their sects.

The demonic corpses’ movements might seem awkward, but they were extremely fast. Corroded by demonic aura, their bodies were comparable to metal, making them a lot stronger than when they were alive. This meant that they didn’t have any weakness, and it was impossible to render them immobile if they didn’t immediately destroy their bodies.

The elites of the three sects were strong, not to mention that their parties were led by three transcendent geniuses, and this meant that they were a lot stronger than Bai Luli. They were already at the pinnacle of the Lesser Elysium Core Realm, but even so, it had caused them a great effort. The number of demonic corpses was a little too much, and it looked like this ‘life’ path wasn’t that easy.

“The life path is already so troublesome?” Ye Xun said with his brows locked together. His blade intent was strong, and at least one-third of the demonic corpses died by his hands.

“Haha, we’re already having such difficulties. I bet that person is probably dead.” Xia Yunzhen smiled. His talisman was the bane of demonic corpses, and with his help, those demonic corpses on the ground couldn’t come back to life again.

“Let’s go. I’m afraid that this underground palace has more levels.” Fang Muyang waved the fan in his hand and an emerald wave charged out, reducing the remaining demonic corpses into specks of dust. They were excited as they quickened their footsteps.

If the underground palace had more levels, this meant that there were more treasures. Generally speaking, the most important treasure would be placed at the core of this underground palace, and this made them look forward to seeing what was at the core.

Furthermore, this underground palace was complete, so there was a possibility that the treasures, pellets, spiritual liquor, and saint artifacts might also be well-preserved. But not long later, they ran into even more demonic corpses, and this made Ye Xun’s lips twitch while he turned to look at Fang Muyang.

On the other hand, in the passage that Lin Yun chose. Lil’ Purple’s voice resounded from the sword box, “According to the stars, the split ways are divided into eight gates. We’re walking on the death path right now, but the fengshui here has been reversed by the demonic aura. This means that the life and death paths have been turned around…”

But she didn’t end there and laughed, “If they’re stupid to pick the life path, then they will end up in a terrible state.”

Right at that moment, several demonic corpses dashed over. Lil’ Red turned into its dracoape form and charged over. Lil’ Red’s current cultivation was even higher than Lin Yun’s. When it took on the dracoape form, its vitality was roaring like a violent ocean.

The staff it was using was an ancient saint artifact, and when Lil’ Red brandished it, it caused the space in the path of his staff to tremble. Before its staff, the demonic corpses were instantly turned into dust.

As for the demonic corpses who made it passed Lil’ Red, Lin Yun easily killed them with a single sword. His speed was fast, and he didn’t stop along the way. Very quickly, he came to the core palace. The core palace was huge, and there was also an altar at the center.

There were seven black-clothed elders seated on a mat each, facing the altar, and they were giving off a faint aura. Aside from that, there were also many stone pillars with all sorts of treasures on the pillars. There were jade pieces enveloping a sacred light and liquid emitting a true dragon’s aura. They were all treasures, but every single one of them was sealed.

Without those seals, those treasures would’ve been turned to dust. Lil’ Red could sense the unusual atmosphere and transformed back into its cat form before returning to Lin Yun’s shoulder.

“What’s the altar for?” Lin Yun asked. This altar was bizarre, and its appearance instantly made Lin Yun connect it with some terrible ceremony.

“There are many uses to an altar in ancient times, such as praying to a deity, nourishing divine artifacts, and also constructing secret realms. Judging from the divine dragon runes on the altar, they must’ve been nourishing the spirituality of Dragon Origin Pellets. If a Dragon Origin Pellet gives birth to a dragon spirit, it will turn into the Dragon Saint Pellet, something extremely rare even in ancient times.” Lil’ Purple explained.

When Lin Yun heard that, his eyes lit up. He didn’t know what a Dragon Saint Pellet was, but he knew what a Dragon Origin Pellet was. A single Dragon Origin Pellet was comparable to a hundred thousand divine astral pellets and only saints could refine them. He had one left with him, and it was something that Feng Jue ‘gave’ him. He couldn’t bear to use it till now. Just a Dragon Origin Pellet alone was already so precious, not to mention a Dragon Saint Pellet.

“Is there any way to avoid alarming these demonic corpses?” Lin Yun asked. He could sense a dangerous aura coming from the seven demonic corpses, and this meant that they weren’t easy to deal with.

“It might be slightly hard for you. Those are purple-eyed demonic corpses, and they can unleash 30% of the strength they had when they’re still alive. Let me do it, instead.” Lil’ Purple flew out from the sword box and placed her hands together with her eyes closed.

When she reopened her eyes, her pupils turned silver with her hair turning snow-silver, and she was even emitting an ancient yet divine aura. A chill swept out and enveloped the seven demonic corpses, covering them with frost, sealing them.

“Quick!” Lil’ Purple urged.

It looked like Lil’ Purple had recovered a lot of her strength. But Lin Yun merely turned back to look at her before he dashed forth. But he was ultimately still slower because Lil’ Red had already turned into a streak of light at the surrounding pillars.

Through the passage of time, the strength of the seals had greatly decreased, not to mention that Lil’ Red’s claws were now comparable to saint artifacts. In just a split moment, it had destroyed several seals and stowed the treasures contained in the seals.

“That fool…” The corner of Lin Yun’s lips twitched because he was shocked by Lil’ Red’s speed. Retracting his gaze, Lin Yun flew towards the altar. When he got close, the dragon-shaped patterns on the altar turned into dragons and flew at him.

As draconic roars echoed, Lin Yun’s face flushed with rage under the Silver Moon Mask, and released a draconic roar at the incoming dragons. This instantly sent the dragons flying back and Lin Yun reached out to grab one of the dragons like a mudfish, easily crushing it by clenching his fist. In the next second, silver light radiated with a draconic roar that destroyed all the dragons flying at him.

“That guy actually has a trace of grace from the Azure Dragon Lord.” Lil’ Purple muttered after seeing Lin Yun’s performance. Back in ancient times, the Azure Dragon Lord was someone who had become a saint after relying on his physique alone. In terms of physique, aside from those demon clan powerhouses who possessed divine bloodlines, not many people could face him head-on.

When Lin Yun landed on the altar, he could see a large number of Divine Astral Pellets lying around the altar. This made him take in a deep breath because these should be the sacrifices to activate the altar, much like the Nine Li Illusion Altar that he previously experienced.

Amongst the Divine Astral Pellets, there was a wisp of true dragon aura that spread out over the entire altar, emitting a fragrant aroma. This made Lin Yun rejoice because he knew that there was a Dragon Saint Pellet, and he began to search the altar by focusing his sword intent on his pupils.

But aside from Divine Astral Pellets on the altar, he couldn’t find any trace of the Dragon Saint Pellet. Not to mention the Dragon Saint Pellet, but he couldn’t even find any saint pellets. But how could there be none when he could sense the lingering dragon aura?

If there wasn’t any Dragon Saint Pellet, it would be a huge regret even if Lin Yun managed to harvest so many Divine Astral Pellets.

“You’ll need up to a century of praying to allow the Dragon Origin Pellet to possess a saint spirit, and the odds aren’t high. Most of the time, it will give birth to an evil spirit instead, so it’s not surprising if there aren’t any Dragon Origin Pellets.” Lil’ Purple’s voice resounded.

This made Lin Yun depressed because he didn’t want to give up. But when he saw that Lil’ Purple’s face was terrifyingly pale, he immediately became furious. Did Lil’ Purple really consider herself to be the Supreme Heavenly Slaughtering Empress right now? Without any hesitation, he patted the pile of Divine Astral Pellets, storing all of them in his interspatial pouch.

Just before Lil’ Purple was about to fall, Lin Yun took her into his embrace before he yelled, “Let’s go!”

Without any hesitation, the three of them dashed for the passage behind the altar to head to the next level.