The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All - Chapter 946: Returning to the Border Province

Chapter 946: Returning to the Border Province

Chapter 946: Returning to the Border Province

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Luo Jinans expression turned solemn as he asked, Wheres the tribe leader?

Dont worry. The tribe leader is somewhere in this underground chamber, but we dont need to find her yet. Instead, we need to sort out the spies and get rid of them first.

Su Binglan took out a pen and paper from her pocket dimension to write down some names. She then folded the paper into the shape of an eagle and covered it with spiritual energy.

The paper eagle was endowed with spiritual energy as it flew away. Luo Jinan was amazed but said nothing. Su Binglan noticed his silence and asked, Arent you going to say anything?

I know you possess magical abilities, Luo Jinan said, I remember seeing you on the eaves attracting rain during the previous drought, after all. I could tell the blue light you put on that paper eagle was magical.

Su Binglan smiled lightly. Why didnt you ask about my abilities back then if youve already seen it?

I knew you didnt want anyone to know about it, so I feigned ignorance, Luo Jinan said.

Su Binglan pouted. So you did know about my powers back then. I knew I couldnt hide anything from you.

I wont tell anyone your secrets, either, Luo Jinan said gently.

Su Binglan knew she could trust her husband from the beginning.

Su Binglans magical message quickly reached Lan Rouzhu. He then arranged for his people to deal with those who would betray the Imperial Court under the parasites influence. He also dealt with those in the martial arts world who could threaten the countrys safety.

Su Binglan knew her father had obtained the Black Shadow Pavilion token and took his rightful place as their leader. Soon after, he dealt with enemy forces in the martial arts world.

Su Binglan and the others dealt with the matters at hand quickly with the specific list of factions in hand. After that, Su Binglan and Luo Jinan attacked Tuoba Liuyun before handing him over to the Imperial Court.

Since the couple had disabled Tuoba Liuyun from ever using martial arts again, he was no longer a threat to the throne. Of course, Su Binglan saved the tribe leader shortly after, as there was no longer anyone in her way.

Ancestor, is that you? Miao Xiu, the leader of the Miao Tribe, asked as she looked at Su Binglan excitedly, Is it really you?

Im not your ancestor, Madam, Su Binglan said as she shook her head.

But only my ancestor could have cured me from the parasite Sisi used on me. If you cured me, that could only mean that youre one of my ancestors.

Su Binglan found it hard to explain the situation. I can only say that I can deal with any parasite or black magic, no matter which race or tribe they come from. You should understand what Im trying to say, right?

Miao Xiu could not argue with Su Binglans words, but it did not affect her respect for the young lady. She asked, May I know if Zhizhi is still alive?

She thought Miao Sisi was her biological daughter and that Miao Zhizhi was her adopted daughter. However, she had been confused all these years and eventually learned about Miao Sisis schemes.

After that, she learned that Miao Zhizhi was her biological daughter and not the other way around. Miao Xiu realized she had let her daughter down and wanted to find and make it up to her.

Shes still alive, Su Binglan said, Shes my aunt now, and I dont want the tribe to disturb her peaceful life. I want her to live comfortably and without worry. Im sorry, but I dont think she wants to return to your tribe, either.

Su Binglan had previously asked Miao Zhizhi for her opinion, and the latter expressed her thoughts. If possible, Miao Zhizhi did not want anyone to know she was still alive.

Even so, she belonged to the Miao Tribe. Moreover, Su Binglan had helped to reorganize the tribe, meaning Miao Zhizhi would no longer face issues with them. Instead, Miao Zhizhi would be safe if she ever chose to return.

Miao Xiu said guiltily, Im happy as long as shes alive and well. I know I let her down and can only hope for her to be happy. Ill continue to lead the tribe and handle its affairs.

Still, Id like to watch her from afar and maybe even apologize to her for my failures as a mother.

Ill pa.s.s your message to her, Madam Xiu, Su Binglan said.

Su Binglan and Luo Jinan were relieved after finally dealing with the Miao Tribe. The couple could finally go wherever they wanted to. However, Su Binglan did not know where to start after leaving the tribe.

Luo Jinan asked, Didnt you say something about checking out the border province? The weather is perfect for that now.

All right, lets visit the border province. Su Binglan smiled. The last time I went there was last winter.

Luo Jinan remembered his wife going there to look for him. He reckoned he would not have been able to survive if she did not appear in time.

Perhaps that place has changed for the better since your brother became the emperor. Luo Jinan only wanted to accompany his wife as she went to look around.

Su Binglan instinctively imagined the current state of the border province, saying, I wanted to check it out before but never had the time. I wonder how Wei Cheng, Wei Ying, and the others are doing over there.

Luo Jinan said, They wrote to me once, saying they opened a restaurant and a dumpling shop there. Apparently, business is booming, and the villagers often pick hawthorns from the mountain. Theyre making an excellent living by making snacks with the hawthorns.

Su Binglan remembered meeting Wei Song and Wei Liu at the Black Mountain Forest. They were also members of the Wei family.

She nodded and said, Youre right. Its not as cold there now, so its an excellent time to visit. Lets consider it a vacation. Also, Bright Moon City is further north, so maybe we can visit Lin Zheng.

Not too long ago, Lin Zheng discovered his true background and moved back to Bright Moon City. Su Binglan had been wondering how he was doing and considered visiting to check on him.

All right, that sounds good, Luo Jinan said, Ill go wherever you want to go.

Su Binglan nodded. I have plenty of things in my pocket dimension that we can use in the border province. I also have seeds for vegetables and fruits that we can plant there.

That place can become a trading center for various countries if it develops well. Perhaps I can even teach everyone there how to raise silkworms and weave silk fabric.

Luo Jinan thought that was an excellent idea, saying, The locals can then rely on those skills to make an even better living.