The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero - Chapter 254 - This isn't it! (1)

Chapter 254 - This isn't it! (1)

Lee Gun was flustered. Even the mighty Lee Gun had never expected this situation.

‘I never thought he would get swept up in the trap.’

In truth, he had wanted to throw away Hugo’s dining table chairs as soon as possible. They were worn out, and sitting on them didn’t feel great.

Of course, this didn’t mean he could throw them away. He knew Hugo would scold him. Therefore, he had modified one of them to his liking, and a really decent chair had appeared. It was a chair that gave great back support.

‘Oh? This is better than expected.’

Therefore, he had used the data he had to upgrade one of Hugo’s chairs to make this particular chair.

[Armchair that’s good for the back (A)]

- It generates a special wind to enhance the cushioning sensation

- It isn’t uncomfortable even if you sit on it for 6 hours.

- Just sitting on it helps with digestion (Resolves Digestive Disorder)

- Has the effect of massaging one’s shoulders and back.

He loved the abilities of the upgraded chair. Despite no one really coveting the chair, Lee Gun said someone might covet it at a later day. Therefore, he had worked furiously to put a special trap on it.

[You have placed an SSS-rank trap on it.]

[The targets will be sent to a world of torture from which one won’t be able to come back.]

That was why a chair with minimal function had turned into a living weapon, and Hugo had unfortunately gotten swept up in this trap.

‘I can guess why he got swept up.’

Someone seemed to have sensed something was wrong just from looking at Lee Gun’s expression.

“W-What’s going on?”


Hailey’s voice rang out, and she was positioned oddly.

“Why is she over there again?”

Hailey had moved away far enough that she looked like a cotton swab. This confused Lee Gun. “She was fine being next to me earlier. What happened?”

Kevin looked at Lee Gun with disgust. Did he really not know? The dumbfounded Virgo Saint looked at Lee Gun, who had finished molting.

Lee Gun was much more handsome now that he had awakened as a god. How should one put this?

If humans created a sculpture in the image of a god, the sculpture would look like Lee Gun.

When humans thought about a god, they imagined the perfect being as they took great pains to create such a sculpture. It was as if this sculpture was put into flesh.

‘In other words, he looks like a CG model.’

When it came to outer appearance, Kevin never felt inferior to anyone. However, in front of Lee Gun, he felt like a squid.

Glum, Kevin looked at the object scattered across the floor.

‘It all happened because of that.’

This object was Lee Gun’s skin, which had fallen off after he had molted.

Of course, Lee Gun didn’t molt grossly, as if he were a snake shedding its snakeskin. It was as if one was looking at a rubber doll. If one put the pieces back together, one would be able to make a second Lee Gun.

However, that didn’t matter. Kevin clicked his tongue as he picked up the skin, then he looked at Hailey.

‘The immunity she cultivated through the picture of Lee Gun was broken in an instant.’

Since Kevin didn’t get along with Hailey, it would be a boon for him if she couldn’t get close to Lee Gun.

“Lee Gun! What happened?” Hailey’s voice rang once again.

When Lee Gun looked at Hailey, she had already moved farther away from him.

In the end, Lee Gun sighed. “Hailey. I can’t even see your face….”

When Lee Gun called out her name, Hailey looked like she wanted to die. This made her subordinates shout at her.

[Princess! What are you doing?]

[You cultivated immunity to his face! Why are you being like this?]

However, Hailey continued to act like she was about to die. There was another reason why she couldn’t get close to him.

“A really good scent is coming off of Lee Gun…!”

“Scent?” Lee Gun tilted his head in puzzlement, and Hailey’s underlings had a realization. 

Kevin took a sniff at Lee Gun as he asked, “Did you spray something on yourself, Lee Gun?”


“Maybe you developed a new skill when you completely awakened as a god.”

Like Hahn Jimin had said before, all gods had a pleasant scent. It might have to do with them being gods. Of course, the mere presence of gods elicited praise and worship from people. It allowed the gods to get stronger.

‘It might apply to other aspects of themselves, aside from the visuals. Maybe, they were designed in a fashion that they became desirable to their disciples.’

Kevin’s conjecture seemed to be correct.

[When a god completely awakens, the god acquires several basic skills.]

[Where a God Rests (SSS)]

- Skill to get a head start

- One’s race, age, and gender don’t matter. Everyone will become captivated by the god.

- Able to erase hostility from enemies

- Passive

As their temples grew, this would become much more effective for the powerful gods.

[Kuh-huhk! Still, isn’t it a bit too strong!]

Hailey’s monster subordinates screamed.

[Shit! His temple is small and his rank is low, so how is this possible!]

[Ahhhk! Hide your power, snake bastard! You’re going to seduce everyone regardless of their gender!]

[That snake bastard dare use his pheromone on Hailey-nim!]

It seemed as faith grew, Lee Gun was able to produce something that acted like catnip.

“I can’t help myself. If I get closer to him, I might jump him.”


Hailey was originally from the unknown civilization. She had a sensitive sense of smell. This was why she couldn’t get any closer to Lee Gun.

Moreover, Lee Gun’s energy was strangely a bit more special than the other gods. The reason behind it was unknown, but one thing was for sure.

‘Aside from Lee Gun, I felt it from somewhere before.’

It didn’t matter in the end.

“So what happened to the Archer Saint?” Kevin asked.

“Ah.” Lee Gun started to sweat once again. He immediately tried to use his disciple tracking skill. “I believe Taeksoo got swept up in a trap.”


Lee Gun discreetly called for Sagittarius. He had no choice. “Hey. He’s your Zodiac Saint. You didn’t even realize your Zodiac Saint disappeared?”

Sagittarius answered Lee Gun as if he was dumbfounded.

[Of course, Sagittarius knows about it.]

[He had already sensed his Zodiac Saint’s disappearance.]

Lee Gun was taken aback by the answer. “You knew he went missing? Why are you here doing nothing? Aren’t you worried about him?”

[Sagittarius asks why he should be worried.]

“What?” Lee Gun became angry. His eyes flashed. However, Sagittarius merely answered calmly.

[Sagittarius says the trap was made by the great Serpent Bearer.]

[Of course, he isn’t worried since the Serpent Bearer must have made a way to get out of there.]

Lee Gun turned silent. It seemed the Sagittarius was oblivious.

[Sagittarius has given you a compliment. He is sure his Zodiac Saint was purposefully sent there as part of the Serpent Bearer’s plan.]

Lee Gun continued to sweat.

[Sagittarius is amused as he asks what plan you are trying to carry out by sending his Zodiac Saint there.]

“No… There is no plan. I didn’t send him there on purpose.”

[Sagittarius went silent.]

“Taeksoo was unlucky, so he got sucked in.”

[Sagittarius’s pupils are shaking.]

[Sagittarius says it is a trap made by the great Serpent Bearer. Of course, there is a way out...]

“There isn’t.”

[Sagittarius’s eyes have lost focus. He quickly asks where the trap is connected to.]

[It probably leads to a Red Zone like what you did to Leo’s servant…]

“I’m not sure, but it’s a place called Tartarus?”

[Sagittarius screamed.]

[Sagittarius is having a mental breakdown.]

[Sagittarius cries out in despair.]

[He says that place has an absolute being that even the gods avoid crossing!]

[Even the highest of gods can’t easily enter that place!]

[It asks how you were able to connect the trap to that place in the first place! In a way, he says you are gifted!]

Kevin’s face turned pale when he heard the conversation. Of course, Kevin knew about the place called Tartarus. 

“In the past, didn’t you plan on sticking your Zodiac there— Oohp!” Yang Wei, who had been despairing, looked at Kevin with a knowing gaze. 

Twenty-five years ago, when the Zodiac Saints had appeared for the first time, unlike the other Zodiac Saints, Kevin had planned on carrying out an assassination attempt on his Zodiac. He didn’t want to be a Zodiac Saint no matter what. 

Of course, Kevin’s attitude had oddly changed after he had met Lee Gun for the first time.

Anyway, Yang Wei was referring to the time when Kevin had planned on putting his Zodiac in Tartarus.

Kevin asked, “Even the Divine statuses of the highest-ranked gods break down in that place! How were you able to connect to that place?”

“I had the data of Abyss. It can move through space. One of its routes was that place.”


Kevin and Hailey were surprised.

[Sagittarius despairs.]

[Sagittarius says no one can escape from that place.]

“How did the Archer Saint go there in the first place? One can’t go there unless one is a god.”

Lee Gun had a hunch.

‘As his level rose, he slowly started becoming deified.’

It was similar to Constructs, who advanced in rank when they leveled up to a certain point. It seemed Hugo was starting to retain a bit of Divine status.

‘However, he is ultimately a human.’

“I…Is there any way to go there?”

“I made it to defeat intruders, so I didn’t even think about developing a way back.”

“What?! Then he should go and enter through the trap…”

“Then we all won’t be able to come back.”

[Sagittarius wails.]

[Sagittarius says the Recall skill doesn't work on Hugo either.]

[He says that place is a maze. It’ll be hard to find him even if we go there.]

Lee Gun continued to sweat. “It’s fine. If it’s Taeksoo, he’ll come out on his own.”

Even as he said those words, he glanced toward Yang Wei.

* * *

At this time, Hugo was having a mental breakdown for a different reason.

“Five hundred… Five hundred….” He called out toward his damn Zodiac, yet Sagittarius hadn’t answered. However, that wasn’t important right now.

“Who has five hundred percent faith?” Hugo saw his Faith through his reflection on the blade, and he was about to lose his mind.

Was it because his level rose? He was able to see his own faith now, and it was something he should be pleased about. But that wasn’t the case.

“Damn it! I’m sure the figures were swapped between Sagittarius and the Serpent Bearer! It was swapped! From a common-sense standpoint, how can my faith toward Sagittarius be 50% and toward Serpent Bearer be 500%!! Why don’t you show me the correct figures?! Hmm?!”

Despite his yelling, the figures remained the same.

[Serpent Bearer Faith: 500%]

[Sagittarius Faith: 50%]

In the end, Hugo slammed his head on the ground. “Ahhhk! No wonder Gun kept laughing when I talked about my faith!”

Hugo couldn’t believe it. He clenched his eyes shut as he kept cussing out his friend in rapid-fire. “Die Lee Gun. Die Lee Gun. Die Lee Gun. Die Lee Gun.”

Since it turned out like this, he had to get rid of his faith toward the Serpent Bearer. He wouldn’t be able to bear it if he wasn’t. It would be too humiliating. Thankfully, there were many ways to lower one’s faith.

‘I just need to think about how much he worked me. It’ll naturally raise my hatred toward him.’

Hugo thought about the days when Lee Gun had been his teacher. He had suffered greatly at that time. Of course, it wasn’t that effective.

[Serpent Bearer Faith: 499.9999%]

Hugo got angry. He thought about the days when Lee Gun had been the biggest asshole to him. It was when Lee Gun had newly become the thirteenth awakened being, when the two of them had met each other. At that time, Lee Gun tried to kill any person he saw.

‘Yes. That incident should be able to drop my faith!’

Hugo thought about the incident, and he thought about Lee Gun killing the monsters without meaning to.

[Serpent Bearer Faith: 550%]


In the end, Hugo despaired. He was about to slam his head against the sheath of the blade when… 


[Found you]


His enemies had caught up to him. He didn’t know where this was, but one thing was for sure.

‘I’ll die here..’

At that moment, an organizer fell to the ground. It looked to be Lee Gun’s item, and it had been lodged under the chair. However, it held nothing helpful for Hugo.

Holy Item Blueprint

- Control Affinity Suitability

- Make from a cow

- Make from a goat

‘Shit! These are all the blueprints Gun made. They are useless to me.’

They were written by Lee Gun, but Hugo had no idea what they were about. At that moment, however…


A familiar face fell in front of Hugo. It was none other than Yang Wei!


[Ahhhhk! Who are those behind you!]

Yang Wei looked at the gods that had been chasing after Hugo.

[What the hell? Is that a slave that used to be human?]

[I never expected to see another one of them.]

What? Another one?


Hugo was surprised by the shadowy figure that brushed past him. It had the face of the woman whom Abundance had changed into before.