The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1507 - 1507 Really Hurt

Chapter 1507 - 1507 Really Hurt

Chapter 1507 - 1507 Really Hurt

1507 Really Hurt

Xia Xibei arrived at Qi Xins room.

In the room, Qi Xin was lying on the bed. Her face was pale.

Her forehead was still wrapped in a piece of gauze, and her face had quite a few sc.r.a.pes, which didnt look too good.

Xia Xibei stopped a short distance away, then looked at her for a moment before walking over.

She reached out to take Qi Xins pulse.

Qi Xin did not move.

After a while, Xia Xibei let go of Qi Xins hand with confused eyes.

Qi Xin was indeed injured, and it was quite serious.

Of course, this serious injury was not an unfixable problem for the Qi family, itd just take Qi Xin some time to recover.

This also made Xia Xibei doubt her previous guesses.

Could it be that Qi Xin had nothing to do with it?

Or did someone else do it?

Xia Xibeis eyes lowered, hiding the suspicion in her heart.

Then, she walked out.

Just as she walked out, she saw Yang Wenyin and Qi Xiangyuan walking into the courtyard.

When they saw Xia Xibei, Qi Xiangyuan was very enthusiastic.

Beibei! Youre here too?

Yang Wenyins face did not look too good when she saw her.

Anyone who saw her husbands illegitimate daughter would not be in a good mood.

Moreover, Xia Xibei was even better than her own son and was valued by the old man. How could this make Yang Wenyin feel at ease?

Then, looking at her own son with his stupid face, Yang Wenyin was even more upset.

She didnt know what was wrong with this child. How could he be so clueless?

Xia Xibei was going to take things from them!

Big brother.

Xia Xibei said h.e.l.lo, then nodded toward Yang Wenyin to say h.e.l.lo.

Yang Wenyin frowned, wanting to reprimand her.

Xia Xibei didnt even greet her. What kind of att.i.tude was this?

However, remembering what Qi Zhiqiang had said to her, she held back her displeasure.

Qi Zhiqiang had told her that Xia Xibei was a help to them.

If Xia Xibei were brought in, it would help their fight for family leaders.h.i.+p.

Although Yang Wenyin was worried that Xia Xibei would not listen to them eventually, it was not too much of a problem.

Anyway, what could a girl do that was so important?

Theyd just marry her off to someone when the time came.

As for whether Xia Xibei would obey their arrangement to marry would be a matter for later.

In Qi Zhiqiangs plan, they could use Xia Xibei to fight for the position of family leader.

After getting the position of family leader, Qi Zhiqiang would use all means to secure his position.

When the position was secure, Xia Xibei could then be cast aside.

At that time, Xia Xibei would have no way to resist.

Listening to Qi Zhiqiangs arrangement, the resentment in Yang Wenyins heart dissipated and was replaced by mockery.

If Xia Xibei wanted to get anything by such an ident.i.ty, it was simply a fools dream!

To Qi Zhiqiang, Xia Xibei was just a tool that could be used!

After Yang Wenyin became happy, a little sadness vaguely appeared in her heart.

If Xia Xibei was Qi Zhiqiangs tool, what about her?

Looking at the beautiful young woman in front of her, Yang Wenyins mood was very complicated.

However, she held back the resentment in her heart.

At this time, it was not good to argue with Xia Xibei.

Beibei, arent you shooting a movie? Why are you free to come back? Qi Xiangyuan asked enthusiastically, as if the two grew up as close siblings.

Xia Xibei smiled a little, I was back to take care of something when I heard that Uncle An and Aunt Xiao had an accident, so I came to see.

Qi Xiangyuan nodded, I dont know what happened to them. How dare someone hurt them?! Its outrageous!