The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1105 - An Earthen Stove

Chapter 1105 - An Earthen Stove

Chapter 1105: An Earthen Stove

In the village, the other two groups of guests were preparing to cook.

The houses every team lived in were about the same, not much better or worse.

After all, it was winter. They didnt want to get sick from the cold.

If something happened to the guests, the program team would be criticized by the fans.

However, the food all depended on the guests themselves.

They wouldnt die from skipping a meal or two, and they could always drink lots of water.

They could even lose weight!

They all knew what the show was like, so they could only try to get as much food as possible by themselves.

Cheng Yingnis group was the first to go up and pick the food, and they got a lot of ingredients.

These ingredients, as long as they were careful, could last them a day!

Although they had to stay here for three days, they believed that they would continue to have good luck after that!

Thinking about Xia Xibeis group, who had nothing, they felt even more thankful.

You have good luck! We got first place! Otherwise, we would have to go hungry now, a male artist named He Liangjiang said to Cheng Yingni.

Yeah, Im so hungry!

Another male artist named Zhao Xinyi also nodded and agreed.

Cheng Yingni laughed, Dont worry! We will eat and drink well!

Right! Eat well and drink well! they cheered.

Looking at them cheering, Cheng Yingni looked down, her eyes flas.h.i.+ng a glint.

Well, we have to cook now, or well get hungry later.

The three of them went back to their house and started cooking.

However, they were soon silent.

This was an earthen stove!

Nowadays, in this kind of society, how many people still used this kind of earthen stove?

Even Cheng Yingni, who was confident about winning, felt a headache coming on.

She was still very confident in her craft, and she had trained for a while before coming over.

She could guarantee that her skills would amaze the audience.

However, she forgot that the stove here was not a gas stove, but an earthen stove!

Who knew how to start a fire?!

The most troublesome thing was that there was not even firewood here!

In other words, they had to go and collect firewood by themselves to do so. Otherwise, they couldnt cook at all.

For a while, the three of them stared at each other with frustration.

Um Lets go and collect some dry firewood first!

Although they had never used an earthen stove, they had seen it on TV and knew they needed firewood to make it work.

So, they went outside to the woods together and prepared to collect some firewood.

Remember, we need dry firewood! w.a.n.g Jiang reminded them.

He was a few years older than them and had been exposed to earthen stoves before.

Even if he hadnt used them, he knew a little bit about it.

Cheng Yingni and He Liangjiang nodded their heads, then started to look for dry firewood.

While they were looking for firewood, another group of guests came over.

Everyone looked at each other helplessly and couldnt help but shake their heads.

The program team was so mean!

Looking at the gra.s.s and trees all around her, Cheng Yingni complained madly in her heart.

If she had known, she wouldnt have come here!

Who knew this place was so backward?! There was not even a gas stove!

No gas stove! Not even an induction cooker!

Still, for her own purposes, she had to put up with it and perform better than Xia Xibei!

However, she wasnt worried about how Xia Xibei would perform.

Their group didnt even have a single green onion, so what could they eat?

Who knows! Later on, they might have to shamelessly beg for food.

It would be fun to watch then!

With this idea of watching a joke, Cheng Yingni found some dry firewood and went back to the house.

However, once the firewood was found, making a fire with it was another matter.

It was not that easy to make a fire, even with a lighter!

Within a short time, everyone inside coughed frantically, and white smoke rolled out.