The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind - Chapter 559

Chapter 559

After capturing Glen, Ultel dragged him to an unknown place. The place smelled stale, and the nauseating smell of blood oozed all over the room; the torture tools placed all over the room reflected the eerie display of candlelights. Ultel ordered for Glen’s torture immediately, and his subordinates skillfully began to inflict optimal pain onto his body. Without patience nor faith to endure the torture, Glen screamed and cried for his life. Yet, those in the room watched Glen cry his heart out without a shred of mercy, and especially Ultel. He smiled as he watched.

Glen was someone who dared to treat him like a lowly slave. Thus, Glen’s desperate pleas for help sounded sweeter than any poet’s music. Ultel was sure that in the past timelines that they didn’t remember, they all endured any sort of humiliation just for this moment. Considering this, there was no way he would get sick of this joyful tune of Glen’s cries.

Yet, even this joyful time couldn’t last forever and Ultel knew that he needed to focus on the task at hand. His ambition wasn’t so small that it could be fulfilled by a bug like Glen Zenard. To fulfill his true goal, he needed to...