The Prodigies War - Chapter 249 Rising Fame

Chapter 249 Rising Fame

In the end, Lin Xun sighed inwardly and restrained his killing intent. It was ultimately not a duel to the death or a real battle.

He had no chance to kill Huang Jianchen at this moment anyways.

After the battle was over, Lin Xun also left the stage and walked out of the battle arena. As he walked along Haze City’s bustling streets, he suddenly thought of Xie Yutang.

The duel personally arranged by Xie Yutang had ended in an outcome he would never have expected, right?

Lin Xun wondered what expression Xie Yutang had displayed when Huang Jianchen voluntarily gave up.

However, Lin Xun soon shook his head in a carefree manner.

No matter Xie Yutang’s thoughts, the duel was already over. The moment Huang Jianchen admitted defeat was the end of Huang Jianxiong’s grudge.

This had all been decided before the duel.

However, Lin Xun was sure that it was impossible for those noble clan disciples to let everything go because of the duel.

Anyone who believed so was an idiot!

However, he also knew that Xie Yutang and the others would not cause trouble in Haze City anymore. After all, they would have to first get past the hurdle that was Granny Feng.

This was sufficient for Lin Xun.

When he returned home, he found Xue Jin drinking alcohol as usual. He looked at Lin Xun and offhandedly asked, “It’s over?”

Lin Xun replied with a ‘yeah’.

There was no need to ask about the result. From Lin Xun’s composed appearance, Xue Jin could tell that Lin Xun had won.

Xue Jin grinned. “Since your problems have been temporarily resolved, how about you join me for a drink?”

Lin Xun sat down opposite Xue Jin and smiled. “It will be my fortune to do so.”

The night breeze blew as stars twinkled in the sky above, making the little courtyard appear exceptionally tranquil.

The two engaged in casual conversation as they enjoyed the alcohol, not once mentioning anything about the duel. They appeared very content.

Jiujiu lay to the side, displaying a pitiful appearance as it watched the two down bowl after bowl of alcohol.

However, Lin Xun did not allow his heart to soften and ignored Jiujiu’s pitiful looks. He was absolutely not going to let Jiujiu become an alcoholic.

It was not long before the serene atmosphere was broken by a series of rapid knocks on the door. Chu Feng excitedly burst in, smiling radiantly as he gushed, “Awesome! So damn awesome! Brother, you were like the god of war reborn in today’s battle. Your might is practically immeasurable!”

He picked up a wine bowl and downed it in a single gulp.

However, Chu Feng was soon stunned because Xue Jin and Lin Xun looked completely indifferent as if the matter did not concern them. Even the slightest trace of happiness after that victory could not be seen.

“You guys…how are you guys so composed?”

Chu Feng could not understand.

“Is such a small matter worth getting worked up over? Come, join us,” said Xue Jin as he bumped his wine bowl against Lin Xun’s.

Lin Xun gave Chu Feng a strange look. “Is it really worth getting so happy over?”

Chu Feng suddenly began to feel a little sullen and panicky. “Is it not worth celebrating over? Brother, this duel had the attention of the entire Haze City! Didn’t you know how many bigwigs came to the arena today?! I dare say that they were all dumbstruck at the moment of your victory…”

As he rambled on, Chu Feng grew excited again. “To be the focus of the crowd and that moment of glory after victory all belongs to you alone, Brother!”

“In fact, I can even guarantee that starting today, the entire Haze City will be shaken by the duel and your name will become the focus of countless cultivators!”

“Think about it, how glorious would that be?”

“Hey hey, have either of you heard a single word I said? Can’t you guys at least show a little reaction?”

Chu Feng felt defeated upon seeing that Lin Xun and Xue Jin remained unconcerned even after all that.

Chu Feng even began to doubt himself, wondering if he was being too excited instead.

The truth was that Lin Xun wasn’t being too composed but instead feared becoming famous. As the saying went, the nail that stuck out was sure to be hammered. Hence, he did not wish to draw much attention.

For Lin Xun, glory and fame were troublesome things that should be avoided as much as possible.

Otherwise, he would not have used ‘Great Master Xun’ to hide his true identity.

For Xue Jin, a duel between two Human Dipper youths was no different from a squabble between children. Otherwise, he would not have stayed here instead of going to watch the duel.

Due to their differences in opinion, their reactions toward the same matter were naturally different.


However, no matter how fearful Lin Xun was or how unconcerned Xue Jin felt, the repercussions of the duel could not be concealed nor removed.

It was exactly as Chu Feng predicted. On that very night, news of the apex duel in the battle arena swept across the city like a storm, causing many uproars in the streets and alleyways.

Numerous people sighed in amazement. There was a new genius cultivator in the Southwest Province whose rise could no longer be stopped.

There were also people who felt envious and jealous. Although the battle had made Lin Xun famous, he also offended the noble clan disciples in the process and would certainly encounter numerous troubles in the future.

Several of the cultivators that had registered for the provincial exam began to stress and worry when they realized Lin Xun was also participating.

Even the Forbidden City noble clan disciples had lost to him, who could possibly match him in the exam?

Overall, there were various discussions and differing opinions about the topic.

However, the impact of the duel went far beyond this because it left a huge impression on the audience and was a rare fight between experts of the younger generation.

It was not long before news of the duel spread out of Haze City to other places in the empire.

Even the news screens in the empire’s various provinces began to broadcast information about the duel, selecting several experts with rich combat experience to review the battle in detail. In the end, all of them concluded that it was an excellent fight between top Human Dipper experts and was great learning material for other Human Dipper cultivators.

News screens could be found in all thirty-four of the empire’s provinces. Hence, it immediately caused quite a commotion in the empire. Although the reactions were not as huge as in Haze City, it did make Lin Xun’s name become somewhat known in the empire.


The empire’s west border, the campground of the Steel-Blood Army.

Loud laughter suddenly sounded from a large tent. “Damn, Lin Xun is so devious. I can’t believe he endured until the final moment to play his trump card. As expected of my brother!”

Ning Meng was seated in a leather chair with a viewing device in front of him. The device was projecting the scene of Lin Xun defeating Huang Jianchen.

Ning Meng grinned excitedly while devouring his meal as if he was even happier than Lin Xun, who had won the duel.

A guard soon rushed in and reported, “Young Master, we’ve investigated and found that the duel resulted because Young Master Lin Xun crippled one of Huang Jianchen’s clan brothers.”

Ning Meng’s eyes narrowed as he coldly chuckled. “So that’s why. I was wondering when my brother became so high-key. Turns out that he’s being bullied!”

The guard said, “Young Master, Young Master Lin Xun was the one who crippled the guy’s clan brother. That’s not being bullied.”

Ning Meng rolled his eyes and scolded, “Stop talking nonsense. Do you think I don't know what kind of people those noble clan disciples are? If they didn’t provoke my brother first, how could such a thing have happened?”

He suddenly sneered as he continued, “Anyways, even if we step back and say my brother was the one who bullied them, so what?”

The guard smiled bitterly. Only their young master dared to confidently say something so unreasonable.

Ning Meng threateningly declared, “Just wait, when I return to the Forbidden City next year, the first thing I will do is pay a visit to the Huang Clan. If I don’t beat Huang Jianchen till he cries for his parents, I shall revoke my surname!”

The guard immediately felt a headache coming on. Their young master had grown increasingly unreasonable ever since he had returned from Blood Kill Camp. Who knows how much trouble he will cause when he returns to the Forbidden City?


The Forbidden City, Stone Cauldron Alms Headquarters. 

In a hall so lavish it would make anyone dumbstruck, a dozen girls in the prime of their youth were giving various services to Shi Yu such as massaging his shoulders and head, rubbing his feet, offering him tea, preparing him fruit…

Only a son of Fortune God Shi could enjoy such a pampered lifestyle.

Shi Yu lay comfortably on a lap pillow as he said, “Huang Jianchen is not much. He’s just a disciple from one of those lower noble clans and can’t stir up much trouble. On the other hand, Xie Yutang, who had arranged the duel, is somewhat problematic. It will be troublesome if Lin Xun has offended him…”

One of the girls stared at him with her large limpid eyes and curiously asked, “Young Master, who is this Lin Xun?”

“An interesting fellow.”

A smile rose from the corners of Shi Yu’s lips as he unhurriedly said, “You guys better properly service him when he comes to the Forbidden City. Hmm, I believe he’s still a virgin. That won’t do. Is a man who doesn’t understand women still a man?”

The girls could not help but giggle, each displaying a unique charm.

Shi Yu suddenly became serious. “I recall that the Haze City branch's hundred-year celebration should begin soon, right?”

One of the girls quickly said, “Yes, it will be held in roughly a month.”

Shi Yu pondered and said, “Tell the Haze City branch chief manager to invite Lin Xun to the event. Yes, make sure they invite him as the key guest. I will not permit any negligence in this matter!”

The girls were taken aback. Only then did they realize that Young Master Lin Xun had a rather special relationship with their young master.