The Ghost King's Wife Is Sassy And Beautiful - Chapter 907: Sweetcake's Side Story (3)

Chapter 907: Sweetcake's Side Story (3)

Chapter 907: Sweetcakes Side Story (3)

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No, Brother Yan Qis cultivation level is very high. Nothing will happen to him. He must have some reason for not coming back to look for us!

Nio Yunnian had a better memory than ordinary people, so she remembered her Brother Yan Qi when he was young and knew what kind of person he was.

It was precisely because she knew that Yan Qi was not the kind of person who would suddenly leave without saying goodbye that she wanted to find him and ask him in person.

Although Bai Ze said harsh words, he still called the people from the 12 Divisions over.

He got her to ask whatever she wanted to ask herself.

MO Yunnian did not search randomly. She had also roughly determined some directions. For example, from Yan Qis special bloodline.

When she was young, she did not know the difference between the ghouls and them, but now that she had grown up, she knew that Yan Qi had half of the ghoul bloodline in him and knew that he was different from ordinary people.

The first thing she thought of was whether Brother Yan Qi had returned to the ghouls.

Uncles, I want to know the movements of the ghouls in the Five Nations.

Have they been in the Great Desolate Prison all this time? Who is the current King of the Ghouls?

The secret guards of the 12 Divisions were indeed well-informed. They did have some information about the developments of the ghouls in the Great Desolate Prison.

Most of the ghouls are still in the Great Desolate Prison. However, there are also a small number of ghouls that escaped from the Great Desolate Prison. However, these people usually dont dare to make too much noise for fear of being caught! It seems the King of the Ghouls is one of the elders of the ghouls.

In the past few years, the ghouls didnt have any special people.

MO Yunnians eyes darkened as she hummed softly. Then it seems that

Brother Yan Qi hasnt returned to the ghoul clan. Where did he go?

The secret guards of the 12 Divisions were also the same group of people who had followed MO Beiyuan previously. Later on, MO Beiyuan and Yun Ran brought a large family to the cloud. Because their families were all here, they all stayed in the Five Nations of the East Continent and did not follow.

Therefore, these people had seen Yan Qi in the past.

Now, they were used to calling MO Yunnian Little Sweetcake.

Little Master Sweetcake, we havent seen Yan Qi all these years. No one knows where he went, but theres something strange. What is it? MO Yunnian asked curiously.

Thats right. The Yuan Mansion has always been empty, but the guards have encountered a figure several times over the years. The figure who barged in didnt do anything. He just walked around the courtyard of the mansion and left. He moved extremely quickly. I wonder if its Young Master Yan Qi.

Upon hearing this, MO Yunnian immediately returned to the Yuan Mansion where she used to live when she was young.

Although they had all left and there had been no one else living here, Bai Ze still arranged for someone to come and clean the place every once in a while.

The things here had never been touched by anyone.

MO Yunnian followed her memory and came to the courtyard where she used to live.

After walking around, she did not find any traces of Yan Qi. It seemed that the guards had made a mistake. If Brother Yan Qi had really returned, he should have left a letter for her.

Seeing the desolation on her face, Thunderbolt suddenly thought of a way to help her.

Little Master Sweetcake, why dont you try looking for the people from the

Mystic Sect? They have many ways to find people, Its more effective..