Supreme Magus - Chapter 2310 Catching Up (Part 2)

Chapter 2310 Catching Up (Part 2)

Chapter 2310 Catching Up (Part 2)

"We could use an ally and I'm eager to meet Elphyn." Fyrwal said.

"Wait, you knew?" Faluel was flabbergasted.

"I'm no fool, dear. I saw Verhen's videos like everyone else and I'm pretty certain that despite the few changes it has undergone, the Golden Knight who fought by his side was wielding Menadion's Fury." Fyrwal replied.

"I had my suspicions ever since you asked my help with the Hands and refused to introduce me to your boy wonder. At that point, too many things didn't add up. Like how Verhen can be such a genius Forgemaster despite having no bloodline legacy or how he uses mana geysers like no one else.

"Or better, like he has a tower?" Faluel turning pale at the allegation answered her question even though the Hydra remained silent.

"Promise me neither of you will try something funny." Faluel said.

"I promise." Both women said.

Faluel went to the front door, knocking politely.

"Back so soon? I thought you were busy with Council duties. Is everything alright?" Elina asked.

She could swear to know one of Faluel's guests while the other just sent a s.h.i.+ver down her spine. The green-haired woman was beautiful but there was no warmth in her. Elina felt like she was staring at a majestic yet deadly predator.

"I'm fine, thanks. I hope you remember my mother, Fyrwal." The Hydra waved at the other woman with seven colored streaks amid her hair.

"But of course! Please, come in. It's so nice seeing you again Lady Fyrwal." Elina had met the Elder Hydra during Lith's ascension ceremony to Magus.

Even though Fyrwal back then had acted a bit cold, Elina had no reason to suspect either Hydra of foul play.

"Please, just Fyrwal. I gave up on pretentious t.i.tles a long time ago." Her grip was firm and delicate when she shook Elina's hand.

"Who's this charming lady? A relative of yours?"

"In a way." Faluel tensed up. "Elina, allow me to introduce you to the fourth founding pillar of the Griffon Kingdom. Lady Tessa t.i.tania Sempre Erebia."

"The Bewitching Demon?" Elina froze up.

Everyone in the Kingdom knew who Tessa was.

She had many unflattering nicknames like the Darkest Page of History, Valeron's Poison, or the Gravedigger. After the unification of the Kingdom, the n.o.bles had tried to forget about the t.i.tania while the commoners feared her.

"Also that." Faluel sighed. "Please, don't use that name. Only the enemies and the critics of Aunt Tessa call her like that."

"I'm sorry, Lady Tessa, I didn't know that." Elina gave her a deep bow, trembling like a leaf.

"No need to apologize, Lady Verhen. The historical reports about my actions are unflattering but accurate. I can't blame you for using a nickname I deserved. Please, call me Tessa." The t.i.tania gave her host a deep bow.

She found Elina's clumsy manners adorable.

"Is everything okay, Mom?" Solus had heard Faluel's voice and had come to greet her mentor when she noticed Elina's distress.

"Epphy!" Fyrwal wrapped her in an embrace and lifted Solus with no effort. "Thank the G.o.ds you are alright. You had me worried sick for over 700 years. Why didn't you come looking for me?"

"I beg your pardon?" Solus asked in confusion.

She remembered the Elder Hydra from the Magus ceremony but that was it. In the past, Faluel had mentioned that Fyrwal was one of Menadion's apprentices but hearing her use Solus' old name still sounded weird.

"She's asking you where have you disappeared until now, jacka.s.s. I'm more interested in knowing why you call Lady Verhen 'Mom'. Have you already forgotten about your real mother?

"The poor Ripha gave you life whereas you took hers!" Tessa said with a snarl, emitting a burst of bright violet aura.

Solus was so shocked by the accusation that she turned pale. She felt responsible for her mother's death, which along with the t.i.tania's killing intent sealed her mouth.

"See? She's not answering because she knows I'm right!" Tessa misunderstood Solus' silence as an admission of guilt. "I knew that no one could possibly kill Ripha inside her tower unless they had Elphyn's help.

"Just tell me this. Did you lure Ripha outside the tower on purpose or did you just get tricked like the idiot you are? Did Ripha die at your hand or because of your stupidity?"

Since Solus kept not moving or answering, Tessa stepped forward and lifted her from the collar of her s.h.i.+rt. The t.i.tania looked Solus in the eyes with a violent hate the like only Lith's enemies had ever seen before.

"Hey, you!" Raaz put himself between them, slapping Tessa's hand away.

His strength was insignificant, which made the shock from his defiance big enough to make the t.i.tania lose her grip.

"I don't care who you are. Treat my daughter like that in my home and you and I are going to have a problem." Raaz was weak and scared, yet there was no hesitation in his eyes.

He was really ready to fight. No matter the odds, Raaz wouldn't let anyone hurt his family without a fight. Not again.

Tessa took a step back, suddenly remembering where she was and why they had come there.

"And if you lay a finger on my father, you and I are going to have a huge problem." Lith opened his seven eyes, each one br.i.m.m.i.n.g with mana of a different elemental color, while black Flames burst from his mouth.

"And if anything you do so much as scares my granddaughter, I'm going to murder you. I'll bring you away from here so that I can take my time doing it as slowly and painfully as I can." Leegaain closed the matter for anyone.

The Guardian was in the kitchen, dressed like a butler as usual. He was preparing dinner along with several high-nutrition low-fat delicious sweets for Kamila. The recipe was one of his most coveted secrets.

Yet the ap.r.o.n, the clothes, and the wooden spoon in his hand didn't make him any less terrifying. His eyes were pitch-black and so was the aura he was emitting that threatened to swallow the t.i.tania whole.

Tessa raised her hands while she took a few steps back, her palms raised in surrender.

"Thank you, Grampa, but I think that rather than killing precious allies, it would be better to de-escalate the situation." Kamila said. "Can you please call Tyris?"

"Of course, I can, sweetie pie." He said while talking to her womb and then repeating everything in Dragontongue. "Who's Grampa's genius girl? You are."

A quick mind link and another Guardian appeared in the Verhens' kitchen.

"I really hoped that we wouldn't meet again like this, Tessa." Tyris said with a sigh.

"Oh G.o.ds, Saefel!" The t.i.tania and the Elder Hydra both completely forgot about Elphyn and rushed to the Guardian, wrapping her in a tight embrace. "I missed you so much."

"You know where I live." Tyris said while returning the embrace and shedding a warm tear. "You could have visited me at any time and I would have welcomed you with open arms."

"Are you kidding me?" Fyrwal sniffled. "I couldn't stand seeing you cry. I couldn't bear the thought that my presence would stir the memory of Valeron and cause you even more suffering than you were already going through."