Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 3110 - 3110 The black python (2)

Chapter 3110 - 3110 The black python (2)

Chapter 3110 - 3110 The black python (2)

3110 The black python (2)

The Python had taken action and directly finished off the family of three. It had frightened the other parents so much that they didnt dare to breathe. Their small bodies were also shaking and they almost couldnt stand steadily. Obviously, the Pythons power was above that of the Tiger couple. The Python was quite proud of such an outcome.

It wagged its head and crawled in front of the Tiger couple. The snake and the Tiger conversed for a while. Then, the Python gave Leng ruoxue a reluctant look before it slowly crawled into the depths of the forest and disappeared.

The veins on the demons forehead could not help but throb as he watched the Python reluctantly turn its head every three steps and look at his wife like a wronged wife. Although he had already experienced his wifes charm among the beasts, those beasts had all developed spiritual intelligence. Why were these ordinary beasts like this now? Hey!

The demon was a little mad, and the sea of jealousy in his heart made him want to beat someone up.


Leng ruoxue could tell that her husbands face had turned black and was a little upset. She quickly hugged his arm coquettishly and said,Hubby, lets leave too!

The demon nodded and looked at the Tiger couple with a hidden meaning in his eyes. The two big tigers were so frightened that they didnt even dare to say goodbye to Leng ruoxue. They brought their child and disappeared into the forest. The demon was very satisfied with this. Otherwise, if this Tiger family of three had to bid farewell to him reluctantly, he would be even more driven mad!

Seeing that the beast had left and there were no casualties, the demon pulled his wife and left without looking back. The parents who were so scared that their faces turned pale quickly followed. Some of the parents couldnt help but say in a trembling voice,Wait, wait for us! Dont leave us behind!

After seeing that there were many large beasts here, they really didnt dare to travel alone.

In fact, they had only seen a few ferocious beasts! Including the Tiger Cub, there were only four of them. Most of the other beasts did not even show up.

What were the other beasts doing?

The answer was very simple, he was busy pleasing the three!

When Leng ruoxue and the demon found their sons, what they saw was the three of them being surrounded by many ferocious beasts. Those beasts had taken out many of their collections and were trying to please the three of them.

Leng ruoxue didnt know whether to laugh or cry when she saw this. No wonder his three sons did not come to the scene. It turned out that they had been entangled by these beasts.

However, when the ferocious beasts saw the outstanding human couple who had suddenly appeared in front of them, they all took a big step back in unison and remained vigilant.

When the three saw this, they quickly comforted him,calm down! They are our parents!

Upon hearing that these were the three little ancestors parents, the eyes of the ferocious beasts lit up and they all looked at Leng ruoxue and the demon shyly.

Leng ruoxue and the evil black line, what are these guys trying to do?

Benefactor, they are my friends. What do you think of them? Do you want to take them in as your errand boys? The Black Panther spoke in a fawning manner. As the saying goes, we should share good fortune and misfortune together. Now that it had obtained great benefits, it naturally could not forget these Good Brothers who had been with it all this time!

Why do you want to keep them? Im not running a Zoo! Leng ruoxue was speechless.

Uh! Ill just keep it, and when Im free, I can play with my little benefactor. The Black Panther suggested.

All the beasts nodded in agreement. Although they were very ordinary, they were still very useful. There was no problem with guarding the house.

Facing the expectant gazes of the beasts, Leng ruoxue felt a slight headache.

Mom, let them be our little brothers! Seeing that his mother still didnt agree, Rui Sheng opened his mouth to plead.

Its not that you cant let them be your little brothers, but they have so many mouths. How are you three going to raise them? You have to know that your little brothers father and mother wont care! Leng ruoxue said with a stern face on purpose. Of course, she said this because she hoped to cultivate a sense of responsibility in her sons. If they were willing to take on the responsibility of these beasts, it wouldnt be a big deal for her to raise more beasts.

The three of them heard their mothers words and gathered together to discuss in whispers. The beasts did not stay idle and communicated in their beast language.

After a while, Rui Sheng spoke on behalf of his two younger brothers,Mom, well take care of them. Well work hard to earn food for them.

These words were easy to understand, and all the beastmen were moved to tears. At this time, the black leopard also spoke on behalf of all the beastmen,Little benefactor, dont worry. The Beasties have discussed it and well strive to solve the problem of rations by ourselves!

The Black Panther was extremely proud when it said this. It was a good thing that its brother was willing to earn his own keep! This time, the benefactor wouldnt refuse, right?

As expected, Leng ruoxue was a little surprised when she heard the Black Panthers words. After all, this was not the divine realm. It was extremely difficult for the beasts who had been living in the deep mountains to leave this place and earn their own keep. They might even be captured and taken to the zoo But since these beasts had this intention and her sons were willing to take them in, she naturally would not stop them.

Leng ruoxue then said to her sons in a serious tone,Children, since youve decided to take them as your underlings, you cant abandon them no matter what happens. Remember, theyre not pets, but your partners!

The three of them nodded, then turned to the black leopard and said,Tell them that we will take them into the spirit beast s.p.a.ce and take them away. Tell them not to be afraid!

The black leopard understood in an instant and roared a few times as a translator, and the other beastmen nodded in agreement.

A few seconds later, the three spirit beasts had moved the spirit beasts into the spirit beast s.p.a.ce. At this moment, a black shadow rushed over and rolled around on the ground, acting cute.

The demons face darkened when he saw this guy.

d.a.m.n it! Why was this Python here? Just as he was thinking about this, he saw three golden figures, two big and one small.

When the Tiger couple saw the evil demons unfriendly eyes, they cowered a little, but they still bravely stayed where they were. On the other hand, the Tiger Cub did not know what fear was. Instead, it kept moving closer to the three.

It was obvious that the Tiger cubs liked the three of them very much. The three of them were also very fond of the fluffy and baby-like Tiger cubs, so much so that they even held the Tiger cubs in their arms and refused to let go.

Leng ruoxue was helpless. She knew that the Tiger Cub was very cute, and most children would find it hard to resist its charm. Otherwise, the previous incident wouldnt have happened. However, her three sons were not ordinary children at all. Why did they

Thinking about the beasts at home who could mimic others, his sons had never been so close to them.

Forget it. Since his son liked it, he could raise one beast or a group of beasts. He had already brought so many away, so it didnt matter if he brought a few more.

Seeing that their mother had acquiesced, the three of them happily put the few beasts that arrived later into the spirit beast s.p.a.ce.

After returning to the small farm, the man had been pacing back and forth at the entrance uneasily. When he saw Leng ruoxue and the demon, he quickly went up to them and asked,How is it? did anything happen?

The man only felt at ease after he explained the matter simply and said that it had been resolved.

When the man saw the dispirited parents, he didnt know what to say. However, when he did a headcount, he realized that a family was missing.

Why are there three people missing? Did any of you see them? The man could not help but ask.

Everyone looked at each other, but no one said a word. In reality, the family of three that was missing from the list, as well as their bodyguards, were currently lying in the forest. When the parents brought their children away in a hurry to chase after Leng ruoxue and the demon, no one thought of bringing them away. Now that the man had asked, they were naturally too embarra.s.sed to answer.

Didnt you see? The man was in a difficult position. It was getting late. If they didnt start the planting activity, they wouldnt be able to finish it today! He couldnt let these parents stay in the mountains for a night, right? It was foreseeable that the parents were definitely not mentally prepared to spend the night in the mountains. In addition, they were all frightened, so it was even more impossible for them to agree to spend the night in the mountains.

The parents remained silent. The man looked at Leng ruoxue helplessly, hoping that she would answer his question.

Mr. Yang, you only have two choices at the moment. One is to cancel this planting activity, and the other is to start now, Leng ruoxue said calmly.

Ugh! After hearing Leng ruoxues words, the man understood. That family of three most likely wouldnt be able to make it. However, he had thought that they had withdrawn from the event. He would never have thought that the family of three who couldnt make it were the culprits of the previous incident!

It was impossible to cancel the event, so he could only make do with it and start.

At the mans command, the parents went to his place to get their seeds and find a place to plant them.

Looking at the parents negative att.i.tude, the mans mouth couldnt help but Twitch. This was the most boring planting activity in history. Out of all the parents, only Leng ruoxues family was in high spirits and in high spirits.

Of course, it was mainly because the three of them were very excited and had a great time. In fact, their happiness had nothing to do with the farming activities. They were happy because they had recruited a lot of new followers.


In the end, the most boring planting activity in history came to an end. Needless to say, Leng ruoxues family had obtained the highest score in the activity with an absolute advantage, and not a single parent had any objections.

After the planting activity, the parents asked the man to send them home.

The man was speechless, but he understood that the parents and children had suffered a great shock, so he happily fulfilled their requests.

Leng ruoxue and the demon brought their children and left with the parents.

As he watched Leng ruoxues family leave, the black leopard, who was afraid of scaring people, hid away and cried like a baby!

Knowing that his son was being raised by someone else, the man felt rather upset, but he still patiently coaxed,Baby, dont cry. Ill take you to them tomorrow!

Thank you, dad. Hearing his fathers promise, the little leopard immediately stopped crying.

The man couldnt help but sigh. A father cant control his son!

After he was done with his melancholy, the man packed up and left the small farmyard with his silly son, who was in the CAO camp but not in the heart.