Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 2703 So What If You Have More Hands (3)

Chapter 2703 So What If You Have More Hands (3)

Chapter 2703 So What If You Have More Hands (3)

"But we've already been discovered by the centipede. Is that okay?" Leng ruoxue was still a little worried.

"That centipede is an idiot. It was so scared by you that it hid in the hole. Before the herb ripened, it would definitely not dare to leave, so don't worry! It doesn't have the intention to tattle. We just need to stay here in peace. It won't think that our goal is that medicinal herb! At most, they'll think that we've mistakenly entered this nameless mountain. " Cang laughed evilly. Before coming, he already knew the situation here like the back of his hand. However, he deliberately maintained a sense of mystery and didn't tell Niu anything. Now that he thought about it, his decision was indeed right! When it saw Niu's blank face, its mood was particularly good. Fortunately, Leng ruoxue wasn't aware of its little evil interest. Otherwise, she would have vomited blood from depression.

Hearing Cang's words, Leng ruoxue could only let go of her worries and stay where she was. However, she was still very curious about the medicinal herb and finally couldn't help but ask,""Cang, what is the herb that you said is very important to the rime ice? What's the use of it?"

"That herb is called the blood lotus flower. There is only one of it in the world. At that time, the seed of the blood lotus flower was also contaminated with a trace of chaos Qi. It can be considered a plant born from chaos and has some relatives with the fog. So, after the fog found it and subdued the centipede, the fog has ordered the centipede to guard it for tens of thousands of years. The moment the blood lotus flower matures, the fog will absorb the essence of the blood lotus flower. At that time, the cultivation of the fog will definitely take a big step forward. She might even become the true master of the divine realm. At that time, it would be even more difficult for us to deal with her! But fortunately, she was injured by the demonic man before, so even if she has absorbed the essence of the blood lotus flower, she can't completely use up her strength. However, with the essence of the blood lotus flower that has been around for tens of thousands of years, it will be easy for her to heal Wu Lian's injuries. So, no matter what, we can't let the blood lotus flower fall into the hands of Wu Lian!" Azure said very seriously.

After Leng ruoxue heard these words, she nodded. She had never seen Cang show such a serious expression, so she naturally paid more attention to it.

But she still had some questions.

"Azure, how did you discover the existence of the blood lotus flower?" Leng ruoxue was very curious.

"I've known about it for a long time and have been paying attention to it. However, the blood lotus flower grows extremely slowly. It's been tens of thousands of years. Any other natural treasure would've been able to take form long ago, but that little flower hasn't developed any spiritual consciousness yet. It still recognizes me!" Azure said with a bitter expression.

"Uh! It's been a long time indeed. In that case, you've been eyeing the blood lotus flower for a long time!" Leng ruoxue listened to Cang's complaints and couldn't help but let her imagination run wild. Between this beast and flower, there was clearly ...

"Girl, how can you say that? We can't let it fall into the hands of fog. I hate that woman. My greatest pleasure is to make trouble for her and make things difficult for her. So, we must get the blood lotus. " Azure reminded him seriously.

"Yes, just because that flower is what Wu mo wants, I can't give it to her! However, what kind of flower was the blood lotus flower? And what does it have to do with Xue Lian?" Leng ruoxue could not help but ask.

"It doesn't matter. They just look a little similar. However, snow lotuses are basically white, while blood lotus flowers are as red as blood. They are very bright." Cang explained.

Leng ruoxue nodded her head, understanding the situation. "So the flower will mature in two or three days?" she continued.

"Yup! After it matures, it will be able to develop intelligence. I'm really looking forward to what it will be like!" Azure said happily.

Looking at its appearance, Leng ruoxue was even more certain that there was something going on between Cang and that flower ... Afraid that Cang would find out, Leng ruoxue quickly put away her improper thoughts and smiled,""Congratulations, you finally have the chance to meet!"

"Girl, you'll see it too!" Azure reminded.

"Yes." Leng ruoxue nodded, but she couldn't help but think to herself,'I'm not looking forward to it as much as you. I just don't want that flower to be obtained by Wu Xiao.'

Just like that, the two of them began to wait patiently.

However, on the second day, the blood lotus flower that Cang had been waiting for did not mature.

On the third day, from the morning, Leng ruoxue could clearly feel the increase in the spiritual energy in the mountain. Furthermore, there was an uncountable amount of spiritual energy swarming towards their location. Seeing this, Leng ruoxue and Cang knew that this was a sign that the blood lotus flower was maturing!

Without waiting for Leng ruoxue to open her mouth, Cang teleported Leng ruoxue to a dark cave. The cave was so dark that he couldn't even see his fingers.

Leng ruoxue wanted to light up a small flame but was stopped by Cang. "Girl, don't light a fire," Cang Huan transmitted."You'll scare the blood lotus flower. That little fellow is very timid!"

Hearing Cang's words, Leng ruoxue could only give up and silently endure the darkness in front of her. Actually, she really didn't like such a dark place, especially when there were a few other slightly unfamiliar auras besides them here. This made Leng ruoxue even more disgusted.

Needless to say, those unfamiliar auras must have been sent by the mist to guard the blood lotus flower.

Just as Leng ruoxue was feeling depressed that she did not know when the blood lotus flower would truly mature, suddenly, a small spot of light lit up not too far away from her. It was like a Firefly emitting a faint light. Slowly, the light expanded bit by bit. However, the speed at which the light expanded was really too slow. By the time the light was the size of a baby's fist, an hour had pa.s.sed.

However, the spiritual energy in the cave had obviously increased. Leng ruoxue's sharp senses could also sense that the violent spiritual energy was swarming towards the light from all directions ...

The few auras in the cave all held their breaths, not daring to disturb the blood lotus flower's maturity.

After an unknown period of time, the spirit Qi that had almost turned into liquid finally stopped being violent and slowly stabilized. The fresh air in the cave also made Leng ruoxue feel much more comfortable.

In an instant! The pitch-black cave suddenly became as bright as day. Leng ruoxue could finally see the true appearance of the blood lotus flower in Cang's mouth.

It was a red flower the size of an adult's palm. It was indeed very similar to a Snow Lotus. Its color was very bright, and the bright red petals were like drops of blood. They were crystal clear and beautiful! A faint layer of flowing light covered the petals, making the blood lotus flower appear even more n.o.ble. The tiny flower was like a king that no one dared to look at directly.

However, at the same time that she saw the blood lotus flower, Leng ruoxue also saw the three ugly Beastie in front of them.

In addition to the huge centipede, there was also a Spider that was as tall as a building, and a giant black Ant with a golden crown on its head. Needless to say, these three guys were definitely Chiefs, Kings, or something of the sort!

Seeing them, Leng ruoxue wanted to curse, but her good upbringing forced her to hold it in. She looked at the three ugly creatures in front of her with a face full of vigilance.

In an instant, four figures flew towards the blood lotus flower. One of the White figures, which was as fast as lightning, was naturally Azure, while the other three were the three ugly beasts.

When Leng ruoxue saw this, she was prepared to lend Cang a hand to block the three beasts. Who knew that before she could even make a move, the heart of the tiny blood lotus spat out a red mist. Almost instantly, the three ugly beasts took a big step back at the same time. Cang took the opportunity to keep the blood lotus in his arms.

Looking at Cang's careful manner, as if he was holding a rare treasure, Leng ruoxue was even more certain that there was an extraordinary friends.h.i.+p between them. However, this was obviously not the time for gossip. There were still three very ugly Beastie eyeing them covetously!

However, what surprised Leng ruoxue was that after the blood lotus flower was obtained by Cang, not only did the three ugly beasts not immediately rush forward to s.n.a.t.c.h it, they even looked as if they had suffered a huge blow. Especially the centipede clan leader, his face had completely crumbled and tears were rolling down his face. Following that, he heard the centipede clan leader choked with sobs,"Little blood, how can you treat me like this? I've been protecting you for tens of thousands of years!"

As soon as he said this, the other two also burst into tears, as if they had been wronged, and joined in,""Little blood, you don't want us anymore? In what way can we not compare to that d * MN cat?" After saying that, the other two were still burning with jealousy and glared at Cang fiercely.

Upon hearing this, Leng ruoxue looked at the complicated relations.h.i.+p in front of her. She could not help but imagine,'could this be the so-called' my lover is married, but I'm not the groom '? No, it should be the lover that he had protected for tens of thousands of years, but the moment he woke up one day, he fell in love with someone else. It was obvious that The Guardian would be very sad!

As for Cang, who was on the other side, he was obviously domineering. He fought one against three, using his small body to fight against three huge monsters!

Leng ruoxue's mind was filled with wild thoughts. Just then, she heard an extremely childish voice ring out by her ear.

"So what if you have protected me for tens of thousands of years? You still want me to die, don't you?" The childish voice sounded very angry.

"You guys can't compare to Azure in any way!" He added.

Look at how smart this little guy is! Although it had just gained sentience, it was clear that these three ugly fellows were not as good as Cang, who was obviously more interested in it!

Leng ruoxue supported the idea of the tiny blood lotus flower. And he quickly expressed it with his actions. She clapped.

"Little guy, you've made a wise choice! These three monsters didn't have good intentions. They were monsters who specialized in deceiving children! Fortunately, you didn't fall for it!" Leng ruoxue praised as she wished for the world to be in chaos.

"Thank you, but I'm not a little guy. You are!" The blood lotus flower corrected Leng ruoxue's words in a serious manner.

Hearing this, Leng ruoxue felt depressed for a moment.

Alright! She understood what the other party meant! She quickly decided not to argue with a plant that had lived for tens of thousands of years because she would lose miserably.