Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 2664 Leng Ruoxue's Ever-Changing Face (3)

Chapter 2664 Leng Ruoxue's Ever-Changing Face (3)

Chapter 2664 Leng Ruoxues Ever-Changing Face (3)

When a certain confidant received this news, he even had the thought of buying a piece of tofu to kill himself. Sob ... Isn't this asking for his life! You can't bully people like this, okay?

However, he definitely did not dare to disobey Leng ruoxue. Even though he was out of the three alliances 'sphere of influence, he did not dare to go too far. Who asked the Queen to say that she could summon him at any time!

Oh ... My G.o.d! Someone come and save him!

Leng ruoxue definitely didn't know about a certain trusted aide's wish. However, even if she knew, she wouldn't take it to heart. After that, she and the mother parasol tree moved into a small courtyard in the three alliances 'encampment. Although the courtyard wasn't big, it was exquisite. It wasn't hard to see that the three League Masters had put in a lot of effort to build it. The people who were sent to serve Leng ruoxue and the parasol tree knew that their alliance master had taken a fancy to the two women living here. Hence, they did not dare to be negligent.

As for Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree who had turned into golden Canary, they looked obedient on the surface and did not step out of their homes. But in reality, the two of them had secretly used their divine senses to search the three alliances 'encampment several times. In the end, they confirmed that Luo Xian and the rest were not here.

"Xue 'er, could it be that guy from the five alliances is lying to us, deliberately using us to get rid of his enemies?" After searching through the three alliances 'encampment, the parasol tree and Leng ruoxue sat in the garden as if no one was around. On the surface, they did not speak but they were communicating through voice transmission.

"I don't think the leaders of the five alliances would dare! If he lies to me, he knows the consequences!" Leng ruoxue a.n.a.lyzed. The parasol tree nodded and said seriously,""That's true, but where is the person we're looking for?"

Leng ruoxue thought for a moment and directly sent a voice transmission to one of her confidants,""The person I'm looking for isn't in the three leagues."

After saying this, she cut off the connection between the two of them. When the other party heard this, he was so scared that his little face turned pale. If he wasn't in the three alliances, was this a sign that something was going to happen? He didn't know why, but he felt very uneasy.

He immediately reported back to the five alliances, and the five alliances 'leaders panicked. If Leng ruoxue couldn't find the person he was looking for in the third and fourth leagues, she might think that he was lying to her. However, the information he received showed that those people were indeed in the third and fourth leagues!

Afraid of Leng ruoxue's Fury, the Alliance Masters of the five alliances hurriedly sent people to the three and four alliances to investigate the situation. They had to find out where those people were.

On the other side, Leng ruoxue secretly informed the mother parasol tree of the situation. The two of them then truly enjoyed the treatment of the three alliances. In any case, there would be people outside to help them keep an eye on the situation. All they had to do was put on a good show in front of the Alliance Masters of the three alliances.

The two of them wanted to leave a deeper impression on the three alliances 'master, but strangely, ever since the three alliances' master had arranged for them to stay in this courtyard, he had not come to visit them even once. This made the two of them suspicious.

After waiting for a few days, the Alliance Masters of the three alliances finally arrived.

The moment Leng ruoxue saw the Alliance master of the three alliances, she immediately shot him a resentful glance. Then, she turned around and returned to her room arrogantly.

When the mother parasol tree saw this, it did not give the Alliance Masters of the three alliances a good look and even pulled a long face.

Seeing that the beauty seemed to be a little dissatisfied, the leader of the three alliances immediately smiled and coaxed,""Tong 'er, you're angry too! It's because I have something important to do these few days that I didn't come to see you sisters!"

"What important matter made you leave us two sisters here for so many days? If you don't explain clearly, don't even think that we'll talk to you. " The mother parasol tree was a domineering and narrow-minded woman.

When the Alliance master heard this, he quickly explained,""The three alliances of the divine realm gave us a mission. I've been busy with this for the past few days!"

In fact, this was all nonsense. He did not come to see Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree because he was playing hard to get. This trick of his had always been surprisingly effective and he had tried it out time and time again.

After saying that, he took out two beautifully wrapped boxes and placed them in front of the mother parasol tree. He smiled and said,""This is a gift for you and Xue 'er, see if you like it!"

This was also a move he was used to! How could he not be generous enough to give a little blood if he wanted a woman to be completely devoted to him? And he was very confident that no woman could escape the attack of the Cannonball.

The mother parasol tree opened one of the gift boxes very cooperatively. After taking a look, it immediately revealed a surprised expression and then said embarra.s.sedly,""This gift is too expensive, we're not worthy of it!"

The gift that the Alliance master of the three alliances gave her was a set of beautiful blue jewelry inlaid with high-grade water-attribute crystals. The workmans.h.i.+p was exquisite and the style was beautiful. One could tell that it was expensive just by looking at it. Moreover, if it were any other woman, they would definitely be charmed by this set of beautiful jewelry. But who was the mother parasol tree? How could she be so easily hit by this little Cannonball?

The words she had said to the Alliance Masters of the three alliances also made her feel a little disgusted, but she held back the feeling of wanting to vomit and pretended to like the gift very much. She threw a charming eye at the Alliance Masters of the three alliances with affection.

The Alliance Masters of the three alliances were overjoyed. Haha! He knew that this gift would definitely be useful. After all, no woman would be able to reject such beautiful jewelry. The Alliance master of the three alliances, who thought that he had succeeded, could not help but approach the mother parasol tree and pull him into his arms. However, the mother parasol tree dodged him easily.

How detestable! This woman was really greedy! The Alliance master of the three alliances was furious when he saw the mother parasol tree Dodge his Wolf claws. He didn't expect that such a beautiful set of jewelry couldn't satisfy the other party! He hated himself for not being able to even touch the corner of his opponent's clothes even though he was bleeding. In his past history of hunting for women, this could be said to be a tragic defeat!

However, the thoughtful Alliance master of the three alliances did not show any dissatisfaction on his face. Instead, he said lovingly,""Tong 'er, I really like you."

"Oh, really? Then do you like me more or Xue 'er more?" The mother parasol tree laughed and asked with an expression that demanded an answer from the Alliance master.

"I like both." The leader of the three alliances laughed complacently.

"I can't like all of them. There can only be one person I like the most. Tell me, who do you like the most?" The mother parasol tree was clearly not satisfied with the Alliance Master's words and did not let it go.

"I like you the most! I like you the most!" Helplessly, the Alliance master of the three alliances could only say this. He thought of explaining it to Xue 'er when he got back so that the weak little rabbit wouldn't get angry at him.

"This is more like it." The mother parasol tree was satisfied, but it still did not let the other party take any advantage of it. The Alliance Masters of the three alliances could only be angry at this.

After the Alliance Masters of the three alliances had left, Leng ruoxue put on a weak and delicate appearance and walked out of the room. She secretly transmitted a message to the mother parasol tree,""Senior, I didn't expect your acting skills to be so outstanding. It's really an eye-opener for me today."

"Bad girl! Who am I doing this for! You don't know how disgusting it was when I said those words to the Alliance master of the three alliances! d.a.m.n it, I've never been like this in all my life!" The mother parasol tree said, sweating.

"Thank you for your hard work, senior," Leng ruoxue tried to please him.

"It's good that you know!" The mother parasol tree was satisfied.

At this moment, Leng ruoxue suddenly received a voice transmission from a certain trusted aide. Immediately, her expression turned grave.

"Xue 'er, what's wrong?" The mother parasol tree quickly asked as it sensed that something was wrong with Xue 'er.

"So the third and fourth alliances have courtyards on the divine continent. However, they are not within the ascender Alliance's sphere of influence. No wonder we didn't discover them." Leng ruoxue replied.

"Then let's quickly go to the courtyard! Your subordinates should be locked up there. " The mother parasol tree said anxiously.

"The people from the five alliances told me that they don't know the exact location of the courtyards of the third and fourth alliances." Leng ruoxue replied honestly.

"In that case, we can only let the Alliance Masters of the three alliances take the initiative to bring us there?" The mother parasol tree was a little speechless. It seemed like he still had to use the honey trap! This fact made her a little depressed.

"I'll have to trouble senior to cooperate. " Leng ruoxue said in a coquettish manner.

"Alright! In order to save your subordinates, I'll go all out. Xue 'er, you have to make it up to me after we save her. " The mother parasol tree requested.

Leng ruoxue hurriedly nodded and started to feign illness.

Her illness naturally attracted the attention of the three alliances 'leaders. When the Alliance Masters of the three alliances saw the pale and sickly beauty, they immediately felt heartache. The mother parasol tree took the opportunity to request to bring her sister to a quiet place to recuperate. It even said that Xue 'er had been weak since young and a crowded place was not suitable for her to live in.

The Alliance master of the three alliances had thought about this for a long time. He really could not bear to let these two beauties be too far away from him. However, as he watched the weak Xue 'er become thinner day by day, and the mother parasol tree stared at him with resentful eyes all day long, he finally took the bait and offered to send the two sisters to another courtyard to recuperate.

The next day, the Alliance master of the three alliances, who acted swiftly, sent someone to send Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree to the courtyard.

The residence of the Alliance master of the three alliances was located in an unknown place with beautiful mountains and clear waters. The greenery there was abundant and the environment was beautiful. It was really a good place to recuperate.

When they arrived at the courtyard, Leng ruoxue noticed that there was more than one tall and magnificent courtyard. She pretended to be curious and asked the guard who was escorting her about the place next to it. When she heard the guard say that the place next to it was the courtyard of the four alliances 'leader, Leng ruoxue and the parasol tree secretly exchanged glances and saw a smile in each other's eyes.

This really didn't take any effort at all! He had thought that he would have to figure out a way to find out where the other courtyards of the four alliances 'leaders were, but it was just next door. This would save them a lot of trouble.

However, Leng ruoxue didn't want to alert the enemy before she rescued Luo Xian and the others. She pretended to be surprised and said,""I didn't expect our Alliance master to build a courtyard with the four alliances. Sister, this is great, our safety is even more guaranteed."