Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 2662 Leng Ruoxue's Ever-Changing Face (1)

Chapter 2662 Leng Ruoxue's Ever-Changing Face (1)

Chapter 2662 Leng Ruoxues Ever-Changing Face (1)

"Alright," he said. The mother parasol tree responded. She could tell that Xue 'er was in a bad mood. Even though she did not turn into a Shrew and curse like her, the mother parasol tree understood her well. It knew that the calmer she was, the more serious the matter was.

Oh! This should be called the calm before the storm!

"Senior, do you need me to send someone to bring you to the third and fourth alliances?" At this time, the five leaders asked again.

Don't blame him for not being loyal to the Alliance! It was truly better for a fellow Daoist to die than for me. If I didn't stand on Leng ruoxue's side, she might even destroy the five alliances in a fit of anger! Who would he cry to then? Furthermore, it was common knowledge that the five alliances in the ascender Alliance were at odds with each other. There was no need for him to offend Leng ruoxue for the sake of his two opponents.

This ancestor could not be offended! This matter became clearer after he reported it to the Alliance Masters of the five alliances in the divinity and received a reply.

"Thank you, then." Leng ruoxue didn't reject the other party's flattery. In any case, she had to go to the third and fourth alliances. Having someone to lead the way would save her a lot of trouble. One had to know that other than the first, second, and fifth alliances, only the third and fourth alliances were ones she had not been to. Now that she thought about it, she had actually come into contact with all five alliances in the ascender Alliance. She did not know if she was lucky or if the ascender Alliance was unlucky!

Naturally, the leaders of the five alliances didn't dare to accept the other party's thanks. Very quickly, he found his trusted aide and explained the situation to him. Then, he watched as Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree left. He sent off these two terrifying women.

After the two of them left, the leader of the five alliances realized that he had broken out in a cold sweat again. Woo...Those two women were too scary, weren't they?

As for the confidant of the leader of the five alliances, after bringing Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree to the three alliances, he wanted to return. He knew that the two of them were going to the three alliances and the four alliances to cause a scene and was afraid that they would see that he had brought the two of them here. Hence, he could not wait to leave before the three alliances and the four alliances noticed him. However, without Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree's orders, he did not dare to take a single step.

"Senior, this is the third alliance. The fourth and third alliances are right next to each other, very close. " The confidant of the five Alliance Masters wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and said carefully. The implication was obvious. They had arrived at their destination. Could he go back now?

"Oh! Bring me to the three alliances "base." Leng ruoxue acted as if she didn't see the desire to leave in the other party's eyes as she directly gave her instructions.

When the confidants of the five Alliance Masters heard this, they wanted to kneel down in front of Leng ruoxue. Sob ... This way, they would be discovered! At that time, the five alliances would be targeted by the third and fourth alliances.

He really didn't want to go.

However, how could Leng ruoxue be so easily dismissed? she coldly glanced at the other party and said,""If you don 't, what if I accidentally let it slip and say that you brought us to the third and fourth leagues to cause trouble? you know the consequences."

Hmph! Was she that easy to make use of? Leng ruoxue sneered in her heart. Don't think that she didn't know the intense compet.i.tion between the five alliances in the ascender Alliance. If they wanted to use her as a weapon, how could they not pay the price!

The confidants of the Alliance Masters of the five alliances wanted to kneel down in front of Leng ruoxue immediately. Would they only be satisfied if they dragged the five alliances into the water? A certain trusted aide was very worried, but he could not do anything about Leng ruoxue, this ancestor. He could only brace himself and continue to lead the way.

The mother parasol tree chuckled at the back as it watched a certain trusted aide walk in front as if a loved one had died. This time, the ascender Alliance was going to be lively.

The excitement she was talking about was not referring to her and Xue 'er going to cause a scene, but rather that the few alliances in the divine realm would not be at peace! The five League Masters wanted to use them to deal with the third and fourth league. Did they really think they were fools?

However, she did believe that the leaders of the five alliances would not dare to lie to them about the whereabouts of Xue 'er's subordinates, because if they did, the five alliances would end up in a terrible state!

After walking for a while, they finally arrived at the three alliances 'encampment.

One of his trusted aides pointed at Leng ruoxue and said,""Senior, we, we've arrived."

? After saying that, he immediately hid far away to avoid being discovered.

However, Leng ruoxue wouldn't let him off so easily. She beckoned him over with her finger. A certain trusted aide didn't dare to disobey and could only brace himself as he walked over unwillingly.

"Senior, is there anything else?" The confidant wanted to cry but had no tears. Why was the errand he had taken on so terrifying? Sob ... This was the rhythm of wanting him to die!

"Use your status as a member of the five major guilds and bring us in." Leng ruoxue smiled.

"Senior, t-this will let them discover my ident.i.ty!" A certain trusted aide reminded them, thinking,"didn't you guys promise the Alliance master that you wouldn't betray him?" Then what was going on now?

"Don't worry, they're already dead. Dead people can't speak!" The mother parasol tree patted the shoulder of a certain trusted aide and consoled him.

When a certain confidant heard this, he had a mixed feeling in his heart. This meant that he had to go in! Sob ... Why was his life so bitter?

"Don't talk nonsense, just hurry up! Our time is precious!" Leng ruoxue saw that her confidant was hesitating and was not decisive at all, so she asked impatiently.????w????v?.co

Ugh! No matter how slow the confidant was, he could tell that this ancestor was about to get angry. He didn't dare to waste any more time, so he took out a sign and walked to the gate of the three alliances, showing it to the guard.

The guard took a look but did not let them in immediately. Instead, he asked,""Why are the five leagues here at the three leagues? what's the matter?"

After he finished speaking, his eyes were still sizing up Leng ruoxue and the parasol tree. He thought to himself,'these two are good stuff.'

"Hehe! The Alliance Masters of the five alliances asked me to give the Alliance Masters of the three alliances a gift. " A certain trusted aide said with a smile. Then, he threw a knowing look at the guard. After that, the guard smiled with a tacit understanding. The gaze that he cast on Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree became even more unbridled.

"These two gifts are not bad. The Alliance master will definitely like them." After a long time, the guard at the door said with a smirk. Moreover, he didn't doubt the authenticity of his confidant's words. After all, in his heart, he felt that it was only natural for the five alliances to want to curry favor with their three alliances 'Masters. After all, the five alliances had the lowest status and strength in the ascender Alliance!

"That's good. " A certain trusted aide put on a relieved expression and looked at Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree uneasily. He hoped that these two ancestors would not be angry because of his words! That was just a temporary solution!

At this moment, Leng ruoxue and the parasol tree finally realized that they were the gifts that the trusted aide was referring to. They furrowed their brows slightly and caught a glimpse of the smile on the trusted aide's face. The two of them understood and smiled in cooperation.

Seeing this, the confidant's heart that had been in his throat was finally at ease. When the guards saw the beautiful smiles on the two women's faces, they immediately froze on the spot.

Beautiful! It was so beautiful!

Without further hesitation, the guard excitedly invited the three of them into the three alliances after coming back to his senses. Then, he happily went to inform the Alliance Masters of the three alliances.