Supreme Tamer - Chapter 170: Chapter 51: Recommendation Preliminary Competition

Chapter 170: Chapter 51: Recommendation Preliminary Competition

Chapter 170: Chapter 51: Recommendation Preliminary Compet.i.tion

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Chu Mu urged Chu Ming to make up his mind to clear all the internal filth of the Chu family. But as Chu Ming himself worried, Chu Nan was controlling a third of the familys industry. The Chu family had already entered a downturn, and once some turmoil occurred in the industry, it could very well lead to a crisis!

This crisis could only be reversed by the grand recommendation ceremony held every five years!

The importance of the recommendation lies not only in the extremely generous rewards, but also in the Chu familys reputation and status in Gangluo City.

Only the strong are respected and supported. The Chu family needs the momentum and prestige of a large family to recover from their worst state. As long as the Chu family shows their momentum in this recommendation, even if the Yang family suppresses them, as long as the Chu family remains united and slowly recovers, they will be able to regain their position in Gangluo City!

This recommendation is extremely important for the Chu family, and the five Chu family members selected to partic.i.p.ate bear the heavy responsibility of the entire family!

With the arrival of the recommendation day, the flow of people in Gangluo City kept increasing. Even walking on the streets, one could clearly feel the bustling scene reminiscent of a grand festival.

In the recommendation, five-person teams competed, with the four major families Chu, Zhou, Qin, and Yang naturally leading in strength. In addition, other powerful compet.i.tors in the recommendation included families from the trading places, Soul Pet Palace, and cities governed by Gangluo City. Its not impossible for an accident to break the situation where the four major families take the top four positions, as such cases have occurred in the past.

Gangluo Citys territory is also quite vast. All the young experts gathered together, creating a mixed environment. Hence, several thresholds and screenings were set up for the recommendation.

Originally, the four major families could directly skip this screening and enter the rematch. After winning the rematch, they could proceed to the final match.

However, the Chu family has declined and no longer enjoys this privilege in the arrangement for this recommendation. The Chu family members must start from the preliminary round.

In reality, everyone knows that the five contestants of the Chu family have no problem entering the final match and even the champions.h.i.+p. However, Yang Kuo, the city master, wants to emphasize that the Chu family is no longer among the large families, so he takes such petty actions against them.

The new family head, Chu Tianheng, doesnt care about Yang Kuos petty actions and still allows the five members to directly enter the chaotic preliminary round.

Its really too much. They make us come to such a place to compete. We could easily defeat these opponents. My Vermilion Bird could easily turn this place into ashes! Even after entering the arena, Chu Ying didnt stop complaining.

Miss, can you be quiet for a moment? The more you say, the more it feels like were the kind of overly proud and self-important team that gets beaten up by experts as soon as we enter the arena, Chu Lang glanced at the incessant Chu Ying and teased.

Chu Lang, are you looking for death? The fact is, why do we have to come here Chu Ying immediately turned her aim at Chu Lang.

Chu He looked at Chu Lang and whispered to his elder brother Chu Xing, Chu

Lang really doesnt know how to deal with her temper

Chu Xing nodded immediately, looked at Chu Mu, and Chu Mu also raised the corner of his mouth, not saying a word.

Chu Xing, Chu He, and Chu Mu were all genuine brothers and very familiar with Chu Yings character. No matter what she said, remaining silent was definitely the right choice. Chu Lang, a top expert handpicked from the collateral family members, obviously didnt understand this.

As expected, Chu Ying never stopped complaining about Chu Lang from half an hour before the preliminary round until the start of the match, making Chu Langs face red several times.

Little sister, stop talking. Its time to fight, As the match began, Chu Xing knew it was time to stop Chu Ying and reminded her.

Chu Ying, still not satisfied, glared at Chu Lang and said, These insignificant opponents, you deal with them!

Chu Lang looked at team leader Chu Xing and naturally obeyed Chu Xings arrangement.

Chu Lang, you go first. The opponents are not strong. Make sure your soul pets can fully recover their combat power within two days while you finish them off, one by one. Then, Chu Mu will come Chu Xing said.

Chu Lang nodded and jumped into the arena first, chanting a spell to summon his Commander Level Bright Horned Beast!

Chu Langs Commander Level Bright Horned Beast had reached the Fifth Rank Eighth Stage, completely overshadowing the opponents Fifth Rank Warrior Level Soul Pet in momentum!

Chu Lang eliminated four of the five opponents by summoning his third soul pet, leaving the last one with slightly stronger strength for Chu Mu to deal with.

Although the last opponent was a bit stronger, he had not yet reached the level of a Soul Master and could only summon two soul pets.

Chu Mu directly summoned Zhan Ye, which was now at the Fifth Rank First Stage.

Over this period of time, Chu Mu had spent at least 2 million gold coins and almost non-stop battles to force Zhan Ye to advance to the Fifth Rank First Stage.

Zhan Ye also worked very hard perhaps because it had hardly experienced any spirit items, soul crystals, attribute stones, and various other methods of training before, MO Yes growth rate could be described as rapid!

Fifth Rank? Wasnt he still only at the Fourth Rank and Fourth-stage a month ago? Upon seeing Chu Mu summoning a fifth-ranked MO Ye, the other four people immediately astonished!

How did he do it? Could it be that this MO Ye is in a growth spurt phase? Chu Ying said.

A growth spurt phase refers to the rapid progression of a Soul Pets strength over a short period of time- This usually happens through various spirit items.

but sometimes it can also be because the potential of the Soul Pet suddenly erupts.

Chu Mus opponent was a woman who obviously knew she had no chance of winning against the Chu familys team but still bravely took the field.

A Fifth Rank First Stage MO Ye should be able to handle it. The female Soul Pet Master immediately summoned her first soul pet.

The female Soul Pet Master summoned a common Ghoul, which had already reached the Sixth Rank, Fourth-stage. With a body size of over four meters, it was a huge, imposing creature on the arena!

In comparison to the four-meter-long armored body of the Ghoul, Chu Mus elongated Zhan Ye, with a height of almost two meters, seemed much smaller!

The Ghoul launched the first attack. Its heavy body shook the entire arena during the chase, as it charged towards the ink-armored Zhan Ye.

Zhan Yes speed wasnt too fast, but it was much more agile compared to the heavy creature. After quickly jumping away, Zhan Ye immediately sprayed a Death Light at the Ghoul!!

The Death Light exploded on the ground, with energy sweeping around, lifting the incredibly heavy Ghoul! !

Crus.h.i.+ng Claw! !

Almost at the moment the Ghouls unprotected belly was exposed, Zhan Yes speed suddenly increased. From the ink armor of its forelimbs, five incredibly sharp ink-colored claw blades shot out, striking the Ghouls belly!!

Vital attack!

This blow from Zhan Ye sent the Ghoul, an extremely heavy giant soul pet, tumbling to one side!!

The arena suddenly became quiet, with only the sound of the Ghouls lizard-like large body rolling heavily!

This this fast! Chu Xing, Chu He, and Chu Lang simultaneously revealed shocked expressions, completely taken aback by how quickly Chu Mus MO Ye had defeated the Sixth Ranked, Fourth-stage Soul pet!!

In the chain of moves just now, the leap to dodge, the release of the Death Light, the burst of speed, and the precise timing of the Crus.h.i.+ng Claw attack, this level of combat grasp was not something an ordinary Soul Pet Master could achieve. Everyone even thought there were some coincidental factors involved!

I admit defeat

The female Soul Pet Master immediately recited the spell, without even thinking of summoning her second Soul Pet. She signaled to the referee with a dejected face.

A Fifth Rank First Stage Commander, and a Sixth Rank Fourth Stage Warrior

General, should theoretically have a slight advantage for the Sixth Rank Fourth Stage Warrior General. But to be defeated in the first round made it pointless to continue the fight.

There was already a significant gap in strength between the Four Great Families and other mixed forces, which was exactly why the Four Great Families could skip the preliminaries.

Although the Chu family was in decline, the strength of their third-generation disciples was not weak. Even being squeezed into the preliminaries, winning would still be effortless.

After all, the Chu family is the Chu family. Their strength is still so formidable!

Thrown into the preliminary compet.i.tion Yet one team member solves the other four, and the second team member finishes the last opponent with one hit. The gap is too large. The rematch will surely be easily won.

In the end, it will still be a struggle between the Four Great Families

After witnessing the strength of the Chu familys disciples, those who had previously mocked them for falling into the selection process quickly shut their mouths, while others began speculating and discussing.

Two days later, in the rematch, we also have to hold back, and show our true strength only in the final match. After the battle, Chu Xing seriously reminded the four.

Yeah. Everyone nodded their heads.

In the final match after the rematch, we should be against Zhou family if all goes as expected. We have already learned about their general situation, but they must have hidden their strength as well, so we have to be extra careful. Chu Xing reminded the four again.

What strong opponents does the Zhou family have? Chu Mu asked.

The hardest one to deal with from the Zhou family is Zhou Pan. That guy has a Rank 6, Third-stage Spotted Demon Tiger that he seems to have bought for 1,000,000 gold coins in Luo domain city. Chu Xing replied.

When mentioning Zhou Pan, Chu Xings face darkened a bit, apparently having some grudge with Zhou pan!

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