Supremacy Games - Chapter 993 The Three Methods and Their Perks

Chapter 993 The Three Methods and Their Perks

Chapter 993 The Three Methods and Their Perks

"The first method requires you to eat Imyr's heart in a consistent manner for the next six months while following a specific cooking recipe I have created." Lady Sphinx disclosed.

"Eat?" Felix glanced at ancestor Imyr' while feeling somewhat uncomfortable by the notion of eating his heart while he was hanging around them.

"Don't look at me." Ancestor Imyr shrugged his shoulders, "It doesn't concern me what you do with my heart as long as it helps you in your journey of dealing with those beings."

Ancestor Imyr already knew that Lady Sphinx would be mentioning to feast on his heart.

As a supreme being, he knew that the easiest and most efficient way of benefiting from his heart was devouring it.

Though, her method wasn't as straightforward.

"What kind of benefits will he get?" Asna inquired.

"This method will ensure that Felix will obtain most of the benefits from the heart." Lady Sphinx paused, "Based on my experiments, you will be getting at minimum a boost of physical strength reaching up to 50K BF as well as immunity to fire."

"That much?!" Felix's eyes widened in disbelief at such a crazy enhancement!

It might not seem that much when considering that the heart belonged to the first dragon to be born, but Felix knew that it was quite insane!

That's because he had already crossed past the 100K BF, making every single enhancement take a major hit.

He knew that if he consumed the heart while he had only 20K or less, he would have been pushed past 100K in the blink of an eye.

Even prince Domino could barely cross past 150K while he was enraged, and he had one of the purest bloodlines.

So, 50k boost was a large sum, which would help greatly in his development.

"Don't forget about fire immunity." Thor mentioned, "If it was any other dragon's heart, you will never obtain it unless you worked insanely hard for it."

"Fire immunity is really a great bonus." Felix nodded in agreement.

With fire immunity, dragons would pose no real dangers to him anymore unless they fought him physically or abused their nukes.

"Though, you will not be getting the dragon's cultivation system in this manner." Jrmungandr shook his head, "It's a great flat out enhancement, but it's nothing compared to what an entire cultivation system can do."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"What about the second method?" Felix asked, shelving the first method for now.

"The second method is a bit unorthodox, but I have tested it countless times and was met with positive results." Lady Sphinx shared, "We will turn the heart into a solution with a dozen of unique materials...Felix will bathe in it."

"A solution?" Thor raised an eyebrow in surprise.

None of them had expected that Lady Sphinx would be bold enough to melt and merge Imyr's heart with other materials for Felix to bathe in them.

They couldn't imagine what kind of benefits would be obtained from such method...Especially when eating the heart provide a much better flat out enhancements.

"I understand your skepticism." Lady Sphinx clarified, "The solution won't provide Felix with the cultivation system, but it will help him get something somewhat similar."

"It's easier to show you."

Lady Sphinx waved her hand and manifested nine different and colorful brilliant gemstones and Felix's body with the gray fog. Then, she pushed those gemstones towards Felix's body.

Two attached themselves on top of his shoulders. Three merged with his shoulder blades in a straight line. Another three linked with his upper chest in a straight line as well.

The last one got glued between his chest pecs.

"Those are the royal gemstones with each different unique attribute." Lady Sphinx explained, "By merging with those gemstones and bathing into the solution for merely three days, all of your elements and future elements will be given those attributes."


"How is that possible?"

"You can do that?"

Felix and the tenants were all left stunned and somewhat doubtful.

In their eyes, it was somewhat crazy to think that the attributes of sacred flames could be transferred into other elements.

"It's more than possible. It's doable." Ancestor Imyr was the one answering their doubts.

Before they could react, he explained it, "In this universe, only Madam Phoenix truly can control flames and all of its variations. As for us dragons? We are required the royal gemstones to obtain those attributes."

"I was born with nine royal gemstones while the other nine first dragons were born with just one. For our descendants? To get those royal gemstones, they need pure bloodline from us." Ancestor Imyr shared, "If their bloodlines are thin, they hatch from their eggs as a basic red dragon without it or a tiny one incapable of switching the nature of their sacred flames."

"With my technique, I enabled those red dragons to absorb the properties of the royal gemstones and hopefully unlock their own."

Everyone nodded in understanding after he simplified it.

Princess Chozzus was desperate for 'bloodline treasures' in the ceremony for this reason.

Her clan had already gathered plenty, but she wanted to get more for the sake of morphing into a dragon with different attributed sacred flames than the others.

"In other words, the royal gemstones merely give out different attributes instead of requiring sacred flames as the base." Lady Sphinx concluded, "This in turn can help Felix make his lightning and other elements to cause soul burn, healing, corrosion, deconstruction, and more effects."

Upon hearing so, Felix's heart start pumping faster and faster in agitation and excitement...He couldn't imagine the thought of obtaining those wonderful attributes on his original elements without needing to use phoenix's bloodline.

To make matters even better, this would give him an edge over the original primogenitors!

Think about it, even Thor was unable to make his lightning burn the souls of his opponents.

"This is still not all." Lady Sphinx smiled, "You will be capable of utilizing Imyr's technique to absorb other royal gemstones and increase your overall strength."

"Now we are talking." Jrmungandr smiled with a pleased expression.

Everything that he heard about the second method was spectacular, but as a realist, he recognized that it didn't offer the true important benefits.

Physical enhancement or a way to increase it...What's the point of having attributed elements if his physical strength was lacking?

"I guess your student ain't getting the heart." Thor grinned at Fenrir, teasing him a bit.

Fenrir flicked him a middle finger expressionlessly.

"Hehe, don't be salty." Thor chuckled, "Our Sphinx is just too good at what she does."

"Do we even need to hear the third method?" Felix rubbed his palms in eagerness, already made up his mind to choose this method.

In his eyes, nothing could top this method since it offered everything that he wanted and more!

"Hold your horses." Lady Sphinx smiled faintly, "I always leave the best for last."

Upon hearing so, everyone's eyes widened a little.

They knew that Lady Sphinx's wisdom transcend dimensions, but if she truly managed to top even this method, they would honestly start to wors.h.i.+p her intelligence.

"The third method isn't as secured as the previous ones. However, if we pulled it off..." Lady Sphinx smirked a little, "You will be getting the cultivation system, as well as the perks from the other two methods."




This was enough to silence everyone and stare at Lady Sphinx with stunned looks.

All three benefits at once? Didn't that mean he would be getting fire immunity, an insane boost to his physical strength, attributed elements, ability to absorb royal gemstones, and most importantly, even the lost dragon cultivation system?!

Such a significant power up from just one heart!

"Don't get your hopes up though." Lady Sphinx lowered their expectations, "There is a low chance of pulling it off. In addition, it's extremely risky and heavily reliant on luck...Honestly, I don't advise Felix going for it."

"Our hopes are already up, just out with it." Thor rushed her.

"Remember when I told you that it's impossible for a human to possess three hearts?" Lady Sphinx dropped a bombsh.e.l.l on them, "Well, I have found that it's possible if his internal system got rearranged naturally to support the third heart."

"The only way available is to have him integrate with Kraken Bloodline."

"The Kraken!" Jrmungandr and Thor glanced at each other with widened eyes before speaking at once, "How did we forget? That unkillable c.o.c.kroach has more than ten hearts!"

Upon hearing so, everyone immediately understood that Lady Sphinx was betting on Felix to obtain a mutation capable changing his interior system to support more hearts instead of external mutations!

"It's impossible!" Felix proclaimed, "I have never heard of another bloodliner having his entire internal system get rearranged by a mere mutation!"

It was already hard to obtain external mutations with integration.

As for internal mutations?

There were some cases of some bloodliners having their throats, bones, or single organs mutated to support some freaky abilities.

What Lady Sphinx had mentioned was nowhere close to those exceptions!

She wanted to mutate Felix's entire internal system, which implied, his bones, organs, flesh, bloodstream, and nervous system would undergo a somewhat complete morphosis!

This shouldn't even be called a mutation anymore but an evolution!