Supremacy Games - Chapter 1169 The Secrets Of Foremother Siamese Galaxy And The Elementals.Ll

Chapter 1169 The Secrets Of Foremother Siamese Galaxy And The Elementals.Ll

Chapter 1169 The Secrets Of Foremother Siamese Galaxy And The Elementals.Ll

Felix was thoroughly stupified as he could not imagine someone living for such an unG.o.dly long time and maintain his sanity!

"We also thought about this." Thor interjected, "When we heard that Lord Zurvan was capable of staying awake for a trillion years or so, we believed that he might have a method that can help us negate our depression."

For the primogenitors in that era, they were seeking any solution to fix their crippling depression without ending their lives...So, Lord Zurvan's situation was truly a beacon of hope to them.

"What happened?"

"Well, we were ignored." Thor smiled wryly, "The problem with Lord Zurvan is his unavailability. Unless he reached out to us on his own, it was impossible to contact him."

"Tell me about it...I have left no stone unturned when it comes to contacting him for the sake of my wife's life...Alas, I have failed her." Carbuncle puffed a purplish smoke through his nostrils, showing a regretful look.

When Carbuncle's wife was on her last sprint with her longevity, he had already exhausted all means to increase it and the only thing left to do was to use Time abilities such as age transferal or age rewind.

Sadly, there were no Time spellcasters in that era and Lord Zurvan was unreachable...So, his wife ended up dying eventually regardless of how much he fought for her life.

"This is the second hurdle in our plan." Lady Sphinx frowned, "Even if we managed to enter the galaxy by some miracle, it's doubtful if we can have a meeting with Lord Zurvan."

"The only thing we are certain about is that he is still situated in Foremother Siamese Galaxy somewhere as he had never left even when his experiment succeeded."

By now, even an idiot could figure out that Lord Zurvan's experiment was to see if it was possible for inanimate lifeforms and objects to awaken their consciousness if the right conditions were met.

By speeding up the time by a hundred, the entire galaxy blossomed into life from a mere pebble to the entire galaxy!

One trillion and a half was a long, long period of time, making it almost impossible for the galaxy to not awaken her consciousness with the rest of the inanimate lifeforms and objects.

In Felix's eyes, it also explained how the Elementals seemed to never run out of elemental stones as they keep trading unfathomable quant.i.ties with the alliance.

It was a known fact that elemental stones' mines could get exhausted quite fast and it took them forever to give birth to new elemental stones.

In the case of the Elementals, one hundred years in their galaxy translated to one year on the outside, providing them with a never-ending abundance of elemental stones!

"Is it possible to use my saved-up primogenitor's favor to at least secure us with the entry?" Felix wondered.

Felix thought that he could use his favor to make a request to the death primogenitor, Lord Osiris.

As an elemental lord and one of the respected elders in the primogenitors' cycle, he believed that he might have a bit of sway on either Foremother Siamese or Lord Zurvan.

"It's doubtful if it will work." Lady Sphinx shook her head, "Many previous winners of the primogenitors' event have given it a try and ended up getting rejected."

"I see..." Felix sighed in frustration.

Only now did he realize why this opportunity was coined as doomed to fail unless a miracle happened.

Aside from the first two hurdles, which would make anyone fall into despair, Felix realized that even if he managed to meet up with Lord Zurvan and voiced his request, he would be flat-out rejected.

After all, Lord Zurvan neither owed him nor his masters anything to take on such a difficult task...Clearly, Lord Zurvan couldn't be bought when he was even older than the universe.

All in all, Felix was certain that his hopes were going to be crushed if he gave this opportunity a chance.


"Whether it fails or not, I have a responsibility to give it a shot." Felix affirmed with a determined tone.

"That's the spirit." Thor smiled before adding, "Just to let you know, it's a great win if you just entered the galaxy."

"I understand." Felix nodded with a cold expression as he envisioned the three Darkins.

Felix might not know much about the Elementals' galaxy, but he recognized that just getting granted access to it was going to help him greatly.

After all, the eternal time difference meant that he could spend thousands of years doing nothing but grinding his manipulations, his dragon/devourer's marks, his runic spells, potion concoction, and even learn scroll inscriptions!

Meanwhile, barely decades would have gone by on the outside.

This would allow him to bridge the gap between him and the Darkins like no other, giving him the best possible preparation for the day he actively hunts them down!

"The time difference is great but that's not the only thing of value for you. Every single environment in that galaxy is extremely rich with elemental energies, creating the best areas in the universe to connect with elemental particles and enhance your external manipulation range." Lady Sphinx shared.

"Is it because of the time difference?" Candace asked.

"Not completely." Lady Sphinx explained, "As you all know, it is within nature's system to absorb neutral energy to transform it into elemental energy...Then, absorb the elemental energy for the sake of awakening its consciousness. However, in the Elementals Galaxy, almost everything already has gained consciousness, which meant most environments have no reason to keep absorbing elemental energy wholly."

"So, those intelligent lifeforms eat only the required amount for their survival, leaving most of the elemental energy remain in the open in abundance." Lady Sphinx added, "No one has really experienced this before...Not even the primogenitors since we are also in constant battle with nature to absorb the elemental energy."

The last part really had taken Felix by surprise as he hadn't expected that even primogenitors had never found an environment as good as the ones in the Elementals Galaxy.

But it did make sense as almost all of the rich environments he was given by Thor and J?rmungandr were great but not as great as the ones he experienced in the ancestral dragon dimension.

In other words, the Elementals Galaxy could be considered as the upgraded version of the ancestral dragon dimension and if Felix managed to enter it, his improvement would be increased drastically!

"Well, I know you said it's a long shot, but I think the favor is our best method to enter the galaxy." Felix disclosed, "Lord Osiris partic.i.p.ated in the event only because he wanted to congratulate Lord Khoas on mastering his void domain...So, having a favor from him shouldn't have the same value as having favor from the other primogenitors."

Felix understood that the primogenitors' event was held on a yearly basis for diamond and radiant champions.

So the primogenitors involved in the event were usually below lord status...Don't even mention elemental lords.

Felix's event was special only because of Lord Khaos' unique situation, making most primogenitors attend the event to congratulate him as well as meet up with Lord Osiris and Lord Quetzalcoatl.

In other orders, having a personal favor from Lord Osiris was worth much more than any other favor won in those yearly events!

"You're right." Thor approved.

"It's worth the attempt." Lady Sphinx nodded, "I also heard that the favors used to appeal to Foremother Siesiam weren't from lords or elemental lords...So maybe it might work."

"Let's hope so, it's all I got." Felix wished.

Felix knew that he couldn't enter the galaxy even through the void realm since he still needed a wormhole to reach it.

As for traveling through the void realm from one galaxy to another? Even if his speed was many times higher than the speed of light, he would still need a crazy amount of time to make it.

The worst part? He might get kicked out instantly when he exited the void realm in it.

So, it wasn't worth the risk at all.

"Can you contact Lord Osiris for me and see what he can do for us?" Felix took a deep breath and said, "I have to settle some matters before I take the journey."


"Candace, can you take me back to Earth?" Felix requested with a heavy heart.

"With pleasure." Candace smiled faintly.

Felix wanted to see Earth's condition with his own eyes one last time...Most importantly, visit the graveyard of the fallen, which was built on the moon by the Federation.

Grandfather Robert's grave was also there...

Felix might be trying to revive his grandfather and loved ones, but he knew that in the long shot of him failing to pull it off, he would have at least visited his grandfather's grave once.

"What about the alliance?" Candace said with an irritated tone, "They have been annoying me every day to sign the contract."

"They can wait." Felix replied indifferently, "For now, I am not in the mood to deal with them."