Super Gene - Chapter 995 - Invisible Versus an Equal

Chapter 995 - Invisible Versus an Equal

Chapter 995: Invisible Versus an Equal


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

A white light shone brightly as Han Sen stepped onto the physical clouds of Shen Xiao. Then, he said, “I’m afraid this will be my final fight in the third spirit base. No one will dare fight me, after what they are about to see. That being said, I’ll grant you the opportunity to forfeit before we begin.”

The spirits that watched, all believed Han Sen was trying to bluff his way out of the fight.

At first, Split-s.p.a.ce King did not say a word. He silently stepped onto the clouds of Shen Xiao, then said coldly, “You’re afraid, huh? You should be.”

Han Sen laughed in response, and said, “You can go on believing that, if it helps. But how about you just cut the c.r.a.p and try to kill me, like you’ve been saying over and over.”

Split-s.p.a.ce King swung his hand like a blade that seemed to tear through the fabric of reality.

Cracks spiderwebbed through the very s.p.a.ce around Han Sen.

“He really does wield the s.p.a.ce element. Although it doesn’t actually shatter the dimension, it is quite impressive to see cracks form in the fabric of s.p.a.ce itself.” Han Sen wanted the genes even more now.

But seeing what was occurring around him, Han Sen did not try to fall back. He wanted to see if his super king spirit could withstand the attack.

If he could not go up against s.p.a.ce, then that meant he was not indestructible.

So, Han Sen stretched his body as light coursed through his veins and muscles. The light of his exterior was amplified.

As the cracks of the dimension drew nearer, it looked as if they would shred his body.

But without fear, Han Sen stretched his arms and prepared to punch his foe, seemingly without a care for the cracks that were fast approaching.

“Fool!” Split-s.p.a.ce King laughed.

Although his power was low, the cracks were like flying weaponry that sought to slice and dice Han Sen into bits.

All the spirits, seeing Han Sen just move forward, thought something was amiss.

The moment Han Sen went through the cracks, his body bled.

Even Han Sen’s fist was bleeding. And as he pushed on through, he did so in a red light, as his clothes were dyed with his blood.

Even king spirits could not move through the cracks without getting destroyed in a barrage of lacerations.

“s.p.a.ce powers are too strong. Is there anything out there that can withstand it?”

“Split-s.p.a.ce King really is indestructible.”

“Even The King can’t beat him. If anything could actually challenge him, I’d wager it is only a spirit that wields the element of time.”

Split-s.p.a.ce King looked on c.o.c.kily, saying, “What a fool; trying to transcend and break through the fracturing of s.p.a.ce.”

Han Sen’s body was covered in gruesome gashes, and the red-shredding of his being was like the marking of a spiderweb. Split-s.p.a.ce King believed The King’s body would collapse into a mound of chopped meat if he pushed through a second more.

But Han Sen’s fist was getting close. It was getting dangerously close.

Split-s.p.a.ce King’s face changed. He wanted to formulate more s.p.a.ce tears, but it was too late for him to do anything.

Han Sen’s raging fist was going to land, and the best he could do was establish a flimsy block.

Muscle collided with muscle, as bone went up against bone.

The spirits, seeing Han Sen’s body approach with a glowing fist, watched with rapt intensity as it broke Split-s.p.a.ce King’s arms and drove itself directly into his smug face.


The white light drew together to create an orb of incinerating power—one that destroyed Split-s.p.a.ce King’s head. The arrogant spirit was sent flying back, cras.h.i.+ng into statue in a b.l.o.o.d.y heap of broken bones and blood.

“s.p.a.ce King Spirit Gene +1.”

Shen Xiao was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. No one could believe what their eyes had just witnessed.

They could not believe Split-s.p.a.ce King had lost to a single punch delivered by The King.

The eyes of the audience stared unblinking in disbelief of the sight. In continued silence, their eyes flickered between Han Sen standing still, and the crumpled body of Split-s.p.a.ce King and the bloodied statue.

“I’m going to kill you.” Split-s.p.a.ce King resp.a.w.ned and did not wait a moment before racing forward to attack Han Sen again.

Split-s.p.a.ce King created a mult.i.tude of cracks across the arena. It was as if Han Sen was standing in a world of gla.s.s, one that was slowly breaking and collapsing.

“If you could actually break s.p.a.ce, only then might I fear you. A kitten could scratch me harder than all this could.” Han Sen threw his fist forward once more.

Again, many of the dimensional breakings cut Han Sen, but the damage done was only skin-deep.

No damage was done to his muscles or even his super body.

Split-s.p.a.ce King was incredibly angry, and that fury spread out into his surroundings, making the area around him look like a broken snowglobe.

But still, even those attacks would only draw blood. Not a single one of those cracks were enough to truly repel Han Sen and his thirsty fist.


Han Sen’s punch nestled itself deep into Split-s.p.a.ce King’s head once again, with no fear, hesitation, or pain softening the merciless strike.

Split-s.p.a.ce King was powerful, but his body was not built to withstand the likes of Han Sen.

During his resp.a.w.n phase, Han Sen approached the statue. And when Split-s.p.a.ce King resp.a.w.ned, there were no dramatics to precede the next killing. Upon each resp.a.w.n, Han Sen was there, waiting for his next kill. The statue was like a s.p.a.ce geno point dispensing machine, and the only sound to be heard was that of a brief scream being cut short every time.

Indeed, no spirit dared make a sound as they watched Split-s.p.a.ce King be utterly annihilated each and every time.

It was a frightening scene, watching an incredibly powerful king be utterly destroyed like an ant.

“Indestructible.” Every spirit had this word rattling around in their heads.