Super Gene - Chapter 985 - Qin Family’s Secret

Chapter 985 - Qin Family’s Secret

Chapter 985: Qin Family’s Secret


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

For Han Sen, archery was not difficult. It was a combat profession he adored, and when it was his time to teach students, he committed to the lectures with keen sincerity.

“Tutor Han, I have heard you know of the skill called ‘Drillhead.’ Could you teach us that?” a person asked. He was young, and wanted to learn a cool technique.

The idea of learning Drillhead quickly overtook the minds of many of Han Sen’s students. Now, they all wanted Han Sen to teach them how to perform it.

In response, Han Sen smiled and said, “It’s a complex skill. Skills that you would think of as being ‘cool’ are usually quite complicated. But you must first learn how to perform the basic talents, and achieve mastery with many of the early techniques before you can learn a skill such as Drillhead. It requires much dexterity with the bow.”

“But Tutor Han, we have already learned our basic skills. We did so in the Military Academy,” responded the man who initially asked.

“Ah, but I’m different. You learned those beginner moves from someone else—not me.” Han Sen smiled warmly, and then went on to say, “Now, let’s talk about the bow.”

Drillhead required its user to have already adopted a drilling skill. It was not something someone could learn, or achieve even a modic.u.m of true talent with, in just a few lessons. Han Sen wanted to speak in broader strokes that covered the combat arts of archery.

Unfortunately, it was a fairly boring lecture. But, as dull as it may have been, what was taught was very important. If the students heeded what Han Sen told them, their chances of survival and future success would be much greater.

That being said, if the students did not listen, there was nothing Han Sen could do to force them otherwise.

Cool skills were flashy, and they attracted much attention. But the students were young, and Han Sen wanted to teach them lessons that were truly meaningful, and could have a longer-lasting impact on their lives.

Young people weren’t too keen on having others tell them what to do, though. And few enjoyed lengthy speeches.

Many people were becoming greatly disappointed with the lecture. They’d expected to learn a great deal, and to be inspired and uplifted by his speech. With their expectations dashed, their hearts continued to sink lower and lower with each sentence of Han Sen’s on-stage rambling.

But not all of the students were like this. Many of the smart and focused students still paid great attention to Han Sen.

Overall, Han Sen wasn’t a particularly good teacher. And while many of his students might have ended up walking away disappointed, he didn’t regret the methodology or content of his lecture. Archery was his pa.s.sion, and he was happy to share his wisdom about the subject.

When the lesson ended, two students approached Han Sen. One had black hair, whereas the other had red.

“Tutor Han, can I ask you a few questions?” the black-haired man asked politely.

“Of course,” Han Sen said.

“I would like to ask if it’s reasonable to use a bow in close-quarter combat?” the black-haired man said.

Han Sen initially believed the man would ask something else regarding Drillhead. This question came as quite a surprise.

“Hm, that is a good question. Contact me with this ID later, and I will tell you more. For now, move on to the next lecture. I don’t want to be held responsible disrupting other with late-running students.” Han Sen provided them with his ID.

He had been asked a question that could not be explained in a hurry. Plus, they had a few more lessons to attend immediately after his. Provided they were willing to listen, Han Sen would be happy to teach them more later.

“Thank you, Tutor Han.” Then they continued on their way.

“Not bad.” Qin Xuan appeared, smiling as she approached Han Sen.

“The students, on the whole, don’t seem pleased with what I was telling them,” Han Sen said.

“What you said was fine; they are just too young and inexperienced to grasp what you were saying to them.” Qin Xuan took a moment to smile softly. Then, she went on to say, “Those boys from the Arthur family came to ask you something. Is everything okay?”

“They just had some questions regarding archery.” Han Sen was a little surprised by her sudden questioning, so he asked, “Why? Is there something wrong with them?”

“Well, they can be considered the most troublesome members of the team. I get a headache just looking at them.” Qin Xuan smiled, then asked, “Right. And what about my proposition, have you considered what to do with it?”

“With what? The Taia sword? I’m still using it for now, but I might sell it when I get a better weapon in the future,” Han Sen explained.

“All right, then,” Qin Xuan said.

Han Sen thought this was strange. She was usually never this pushy and inquisitive, so he realized that the sword must mean more to her family than she was letting on.

“Can you tell me why this blade is so important to you?” Han Sen asked.

Qin Xuan fell silent and still for a moment. When her speech returned, she said, “I can tell you, but it’s a secret. You cannot tell anyone else.”

“I can keep a secret, don’t worry,” Han Sen said.

After another lengthy pause, Qin Xuan resumed by saying, “You once asked me about Qin Huaizhen. This blade relates to him.”

“Those two are connected?” Han Sen had never confirmed that the person he once found frozen beneath the Black Desert was indeed Qin Huaizhen. And he had always wondered why that man had told him to be wary of Han Jingzhi. And he also wanted to know why the man possessed the Blood-Pulse Sutra. A mult.i.tude of questions still lingered around his memory of that strange encounter, and nothing had ever been cleared up.

With the chance of a long-awaited revelation, Han Sen’s heart started to beat faster.

When Qin Xuan spoke again, she said, “In the past, the Qin family was not whole. One half was from the Zhou period, named Ji. The other originated from the Qin period, and was named Ying. I come from the Ying, and our lineage hails from the First King. Taia belonged to the First King. Our family also possesses a Qi Gong that requires this sword to be practiced.”

“What Qi Gong requires this sword for practice?” Han Sen asked.

“I can’t tell you that,” Qin Xuan said with a smile. “Taia is rightfully ours. But the existence of sanctuaries was unknown to us back then. At that time, everyone knew about our Qi Gong; they just lacked the correct sword for practice. Only Qin Huaizhen is known to have used Taia for its practice.”

“Did he succeed in learning the Qi Gong?” Han Sen asked, with great curiosity.

“I believe he did. And after doing so, he joined the Seventh Team to be an investigator. He took Taia with him to the sanctuaries, and when he returned, that sword had been broken in two. The other half was lost to us, for the longest time. He told us it was important for us to recover the other half of Taia, so that we could practice the Qi Gong.”