Super Gene - Chapter 980 - Wedding Dress Skill

Chapter 980 - Wedding Dress Skill

Chapter 980: Wedding Dress Skill


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The silver-scaled aqua dragon was injured, and it was the one from earlier. It seemed as if its fight with Yaksha had been a brutal one. But even though it was injured, if it still sought to pick a fight with him, Han Sen couldn’t use super king spirit mode or even hope to beat it.

“This kid is cute…” Han Sen patted the little dragon’s head and looked awkward, all in an attempt to hide what he had been doing.

Roar! The silver dragon roared at Han Sen.

A gust of spittle and wind blew Han Sen back a few steps.

The saliva that now caked him made him sick, and an overwhelming stench of fish rolled over him.

Han Sen thought this signaled a need to fight, but all the dragon did was roar. It didn’t do anything else, and perhaps that was because he had freed it from incarceration, earlier.

The baby white dragon happily ran over to the silver dragon and jumped on its back. It, too, then roared.

“It’s nice to see you two have been reunited with each other. He looked lost in these tunnels, you see, and… well, I have an errand to run. I best get going!” Han Sen hoped to sneak away after the two were together again.

But then another gust of dragon-breath knocked Han Sen off his feet and sent him hurtling against the tunnel wall. A fresh layer of saliva gelled his entire body.

The silver dragon gave Han Sen one last look, then returned to the ocean with the small white dragon atop it.

From the silver dragon’s back, the white dragon turned to shout at Han Sen one last time, too.

“I suppose I shouldn’t be too greedy.” Han Sen then started trying to wipe the slime of saliva from his body. For now, he was just glad the silver dragon had chosen to spare him, and there’d be no need for another fight.

“If the dragon came back, that must mean it won. I wonder if that Yaksha was killed, then?” Han Sen hoped he was dead, for only then would he truly be safe.

Han Sen continued through the tunnels and started following more and more waterstreams in the hopes one would lead him to the surface. The rivers were still too long, and the labyrinth was still too complex for him to navigate. All he could do was guess a direction and hope for the best, because he had no idea where he had come from and where he was going.

But then, suddenly, Han Sen saw a white shadow appear. Much to his relief, it was the Red-Eye Rabbit king.

Han Sen was made very glad, so he decided to chase after it.

This couldn’t have been the first time the rabbit had come here, and surely it wouldn’t be lost like he was. By following the rabbit, he thought he might have a chance of getting out.

The rabbit king was on its way someplace, and it moved steadily. As such, Han Sen keenly followed.

After a long while of walking, he finally encountered other rabbits, and this told him he’d soon be free of the place.

The rabbit eventually led him out of the caves, and once again, Han Sen found himself in the canyon from before. He had come out a different way than he had gone in, though.

But after exiting the cave, Han Sen frowned. Scattered all about were the corpses of countless dead rabbits.

All the dead bodies had a hole in their head, as if something had bored through their heads to consume the brain and nothing else. The corpses were just left behind to rot.

“Is this Yaksha’s doing? Was Yaksha not killed?” Han Sen felt as if his presence there had left a dark imprint, and it made him shudder. As disappointed as he was in the thought that the man might still be alive, he knew he’d now have to exercise more caution.

Fortunately, Han Sen couldn’t feel him in the nearby vicinity. It must have left the area, and for that, Han Sen was thankful.

Then, as if it was greatly upset, Han Sen saw the white rabbit hopping and skipping between all the murdered rabbits. Feeling bad for the creature, he decided to pick it up.

“Follow me home; at least you won’t have to worry about being killed.” Han Sen held the rabbit and left the canyon.

The rabbit seemed useless, but at least he could keep it around as a sort of pet. Leaving the clumsy thing here, it would surely not last very long.

Han Sen made his way back to the shelter, but throughout his return, he was in a constant state of alert. He didn’t want to run into Yaksha again, and fortunately, he didn’t.

Han Sen did not dare leave the shelter again, in fear of Yaksha, who would relish the chance to finish him off. For now, he wanted to focus on his Dongxuan Sutra and open more of its gene locks.

He had the ability to unlock four now. His fitness level had gone up quite a bit, and it had quickly outpaced his opening of gene locks.

He entered the teleporter with the rubix cube in hand. Much to his surprise, he was able to bring it with him.

He scanned the computer and tasked his computer with figuring it out for him. It would have been an extremely difficult task for him to do, so it was far easier for him to just allow the computer to sort it out.

Not long after, the rubix cube was done. There were six sides, each containing a different picture and words from an ancient language.

Each picture contained a different naked woman, and red and blue lines were drawn across each of their bodies. They were like arteries and veins, almost.

But upon closer inspection, the pictures told a different story.

Han Sen did not know what the lines meant, but the ancient words were too small for him to see, and he had to zoom-in to read them.

The ancient words were similar to that of the Dongxuan Sutra. Fortunately, he had spent time studying and learning ancient languages recently. Luckily, he could now read it.

After reading the words upon the rubix cube, Han Sen’s face contorted a little. He was perplexed. It was an ancient Qi Gong, transcribed across the puzzle, and it was called Wedding Dress Skill.

The Qi Gong seemed powerful, and there were ten gene locks to open with it. But it was different from the Dongxuan Sutra, in that there was only one function and it remained at the same tier no matter how many gene locks were open. After reaching new tiers and opening more gene locks, the Dongxuan Sutra provided its user with new skills and improved pre-existing skills. Therefore, Wedding Dress Skill was indeed quite different. Still, it was clearly an improvement over the Dongxuan Sutra.

The max number of gene locks to open with Wedding Dress skill was ten gene locks. The Dongxuan Sutra had more than that though, and that was the difference.

As a surpa.s.ser, Wedding Dress Skill was clearly the best you could get. There were only five known hyper geno arts that could allow the opening of at least ten gene locks.

Those five skills did not include the Dongxuan Sutra or the Blood-Pulse Sutra, either. But now, there was another, and that was called Wedding Dress Skill.

It was a strange skill, though. It was said only a woman could practice it, and only virgins, too.

What was even stranger, if a woman was in the process of learning it, they could jump straight to the tenth gene lock if it meant ensuring a man who was committing a Life-and-Death Breakthrough would succeed. But after that, the skill would be destroyed, and the memory of its learning would be gone.