Super Gene - Chapter 978 - The White Aqua Dragon Is Set Free

Chapter 978 - The White Aqua Dragon Is Set Free

Chapter 978: The White Aqua Dragon Is Set Free


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

The dragon’s rage put the water in turmoil, which made it a struggle for Han Sen to stay on course. Right now, he was attempting to dive towards the rocks to which the dragon’s chains were anch.o.r.ed.

After diving down to a depth of one hundred meters, he still couldn’t see the bottom of the lake, but he did see where the chains led.

The chains were there, screwed deep into the lake wall. This was slightly disappointing for him.

Han Sen had expected there to be a simple lock he could break, but perhaps behind the wall, there’d be something else.

With Taia in hand, Han Sen began to strike the stone. But the rock was tough, and it was difficult for him to make progress quickly.

After a while of trying to cut through, he decided to give up. Stabbing the sword into the rock left only light marks on its surface.

He was very disappointed. So, this time, he decided to try and cut the chain itself. But even on that, Taia could only leave light scratches. Still, this gave him an idea. The chain was as thick as an arm, and if he slashed it a few more times, it was sure to break.

With all his power, Han Sen hit the chain as best he could.

The dragon, feeling as if someone was gnawing at his chains from below, started to pull. It looked infuriated as it dealt with Yaksha.

“Surely it could not have been Yaksha who locked him up down here. Could it?” Although Yaksha did not look as strong as the dragon, it seemed as if he was getting stronger all the time. It was as if he was still in the process of some sort of recovery.

“I need to be quick. If Yaksha does end up becoming stronger than the dragon, I’m in for a bad time.” Han Sen continued to strike with his sword like a madman.


Han Sen slashed it a thousand times, in total. And on the thousandth strike, a ring in the chain was broken. When the dragon pulled again, the ring shattered.

Without waiting, Han Sen swam towards another chain and started the process all over again. There were six chains in total, so it seemed as if he would have to break them all.

If they hated each other as much as they seemed to, Han Sen could allow the two to duke it out while he made a sneaky getaway.

The dragon, after feeling one of its chains break, began to pull harder than ever.

“Hang on! Slow down! I’m getting you out, aren’t I?” Han Sen flailed his sword as maniacally as he could.

After much more hard work, the second chain was severed.

Han Sen took a look at Taia, to see how its sharpness was faring. Much to his surprise, delight, and relief, the sword was as sharp as ever. It had not been dulled by even the slightest amount.

“If this sword has not dulled by being beaten against rocks and metal chains such as these, how in the sanctuaries was it originally broken?” Han Sen thought in awe.

As Han Sen worked on the fourth chain, the dragon’s excitement was going through the roof. It kept on pulling the last two chains, but still, it could not free itself.

When Han Sen cut the final two chains, the dragon roared and leapt out of the water. Its performance was incredible, and very intimidating.

Han Sen swam up to the surface, and when his head broke through, the entire cavern was rumbling.

The fighting between the two had started to make the cave collapse.

“Yaksha is getting stronger again.” Han Sen did not dare to stay and watch the spectacle of their combat.

Which of the two won this fight meant little to him. He’d most likely be killed by either one, if their attentions weren’t currently fixed on each other.

And also, if the cave came down on top of him, he wasn’t willing to remain and get buried alongside them. So, he took off flying, retracing the route he used when he followed the rabbit in.

He heard explosions coming from behind, and they were loud that they made his ears hurt. But after traveling for a while, the noise started to die down, and he began to realize he had gotten lost.

There were many different ways to go, and they all looked very similar. He had forgotten exactly which twists and turns he had taken.

“Upstream, right? Just go upstream, that should lead me back to the surface.” Han Sen continued to glide along the river on an upward trajectory. As good as this idea seemed, he was certain he hadn’t come down the way he was currently going up.

Han Sen, after a while of continuous flying, heard nothing come from behind now. But he had been going up the river for a while, and he had yet to see a single rabbit.

“I may not be able to get out, but at least Yaksha won’t be able to find me.” Han Sen hid his lifeforce and continued his attempt at escape.

Han Sen traveled for a long time, and eventually, the river became much wider. It had been a while since he last saw a turn, so he thought it was too late to go back. He decided to keep going.

After fifty miles of subterranean travel, the river had widened until it looked like an ocean. There was no end in sight, and all that filled his vision was darkness and the gentle ripple of the waters. It was as if he had discovered an underground sea.


A giant monster leapt out of that ocean, creating vast waves as it appeared. Han Sen saw it appear as he stood on the edge of a cliff.

He was frozen at what he saw next—there were more of them. A variety of goliath creatures emerged from that sea, and he found himself feeling like an ant.