Super Gene - Chapter 973 - Rabbit Hole

Chapter 973 - Rabbit Hole

Chapter 973: Rabbit Hole


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

The rabbit was no longer poisoned. After he moved away from it, the rabbit ran around in what appeared to be happiness. It was not afraid of Han Sen, and it didn’t behave like any creature of prey he had seen before.

He cooked some more meat and gave some of it to the rabbit. Clearly, the creature wasn’t very wise. It hadn’t learned its lesson, following the last piece of food it had been given. Without a modic.u.m of concern for whether or not the latest treat was poisoned, the rabbit gobbled it up.

The rabbit wasn’t aggressive, and Han Sen realized he may have overestimated its willingness to steal. It wouldn’t attempt to take anything Han Sen was handling.

Once its belly was full, however, the rabbit ran off. Still curious about its nature, Han Sen tried to follow it.

Regardless of what abilities it possessed, the rabbit was an ordinary creature. That much, Han Sen was certain of.

As he followed the creature, the rabbit didn’t seem to be aware of its tail. Eventually, it reached the canyon that was populated by other rabbits and entered a burrow. Without a shadow of the doubt, Han Sen a.s.sumed that the burrow was its rabbit hole.

The rabbit hole was fairly large, even large enough for Han Sen to follow the rabbit inside.

Han Sen pushed away the shrubbery that cloaked its entrance and climbed inside. A little past the entrance, the tunnel expanded further and became quite wide. The sides were all carved from rocks instead of loose earth.

Further ahead, the tunnel opened up into a wider s.p.a.ce. And upon arriving there, he noticed it was a natural formation. It was a beautiful cave, hidden underground.

Han Sen hastened inside and observed the area.

From that subterranean pocket, there were many branching pathways. And in that place were many other rabbits, as well.

The rabbit king didn’t stop in that cave, and it zig-zagged along through a variety of different pa.s.sages. Han Sen had to speed up in his pursuit of it, in fear of losing the creature. After a while, they came to an underground river.

Many rabbits drank fluid from the stream, which led Han Sen to believe that was what the rabbit king had come to do, also.

But instead, the rabbit king leapt into the water.

The s.h.i.+eld allowed it to float atop the babbling river, and the rabbit submitted itself to the gentle pull of the current.

Using Aero, Han Sen followed the rabbit king down the river.

“Where is this rabbit going?” Han Sen wondered.

Further downstream, the water’s flow got a little choppier. The tunnel they moved through was purely for the pa.s.sage of this water. With the splashes from the stream, all the rocks around were wet. There was no place for the rabbit to disembark, and eventually, even that tunnel had various branches and different offshoots of tunnels to follow. This complex network of caves was not at all what Han Sen was expecting.

The rabbit slowed down as it bobbed along the river, and it seemed to be deciding which way to go next. When it decided, it moved its feet to roll the orb-shaped s.h.i.+eld in the direction it wished to float.

Han Sen followed the rabbit down these tunnels for two hours, until he heard a louder sound of water.

All of a sudden, the rabbit king disappeared from his sight.

And that was when Han Sen realized the rabbit king had taken the plunge off a waterfall.

When Han Sen saw the rabbit king next, many splas.h.i.+ng sounds accompanied the sight. After the rabbit king descended the waterfall into a subterranean lake, a silver-scaled aqua dragon lashed upwards. It was attempting to kill the rabbit king.

It seemed as if the rabbit king was going to be eaten with relative ease. But it managed to kick itself off a cliff wall and leap past the water serpent.

The dragon turned around and continued chasing the rabbit, but the aqua dragon had black chains around its arms. The chains quickly jerked the dragon to a stop, and allowed the rabbit king to get to safety.


The aqua dragon’s body fell, creating ten-meter high waves.

The rabbit king was still in the water, but it was no longer in danger. The aqua dragon was still chained up, and it was unable to pursue the furry king.

The rabbit, still in its s.h.i.+eld and submitting to the bob of the waves, continued to travel downstream.

Han Sen was frozen, acknowledging the power that dragon possessed. It was almost as strong as a super creature, that much he knew for certain.

The biggest question on his mind, though, was how someone had managed to chain-up such a fierce beast so far below the earth. And furthermore, why?

“Was it a human that did this? Or was it a spirit?” The chains did not look as if they had been forged by humans, but ultimately, Han Sen could not be sure.

After one last, quick inspection of the aqua dragon, Han Sen returned to following the rabbit before he lost it. Fortunately, the creature was purely physical. If it wasn’t, Han Sen and the rabbit would have been done for.

Eventually, the river started to slow down, and this was when the rabbit disembarked from the current. It leapt out of the water.

Now, the rabbit king followed the rocks. Before long, it came to another pa.s.sage. It was a cave. Han Sen did not waste any time, and so he flew over to the stone cave the rabbit had come to. The cave was only a few meters deep, and Han Sen was shocked when he saw what lay inside.

The cave was not actually a cave. It had been handbuilt, like a room. The only thing natural about this place was the entrance.

It seemed as if the landscape had changed since the time this room had been built, and the entrance had been cracked.

The room was rather large, equivalent to the size of sixty living rooms. A plum tree stood in the center, and it was four meters tall. It extended to brush the ceiling of the room.

Strangely, there was fruit upon its branches, but no blossoming flowers. The fruits were about the size of an egg, and they were purple and red in color.