Super Gene - Chapter 946: The Creatures Attacking

Chapter 946: The Creatures Attacking

Chapter 946: The Creatures Attacking

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"Walk in a circle and keep walking!" Thorn Baron was angry, but she had to maintain her composure in order to effectively lead and issue appropriate commands for the situation.

Han Sen's arrow was a silent killer, but it could still be seen with the naked eye.

Thorn Baron's subordinates were situated in a formation that allowed them to carefully watch in every direction. If an arrow was fired, it'd definitely be seen.

Han Sen's arrow delivered terrible damage to the creatures it struck, but if the creatures were able to see it come their way, they could block it.

Unable to find a decent opening for the time being, Han Sen had no choice but to fall back. Removing two mutant creatures from the field of play was good enough for the time being.

There were five mutant creatures and two royal spirits remaining, as the key figures of the enemy horde. With the Dragon-Blood Snake on their side, they stood every chance of defeating those who sought to oppose them.

Thorn Baron's people, following this, walked at a much slower pace in fear of another ambush. When Han Sen returned to the knight shelter, they were still descending the mountain region he had engaged them on.

Han Sen had been able to get a reading of the power of the mutant creatures and spirits remaining, so he returned quickly to make some final adjustments to his plan.

"Five mutant creatures and two royal spirits? And only three hundred primitive creatures? Perhaps you are correct; perhaps we really can win this," Old Huang said, with tempered excitement.

"By committing to a strong defense, we can employ a great advantage over the a.s.saulting force. The primitive creatures are only cannon fodder and are not a genuine threat for the time they remain in the open. All we must fear is them breaching the wall..." someone else chimed in to say.

"Their numbers are too many, and ours too few. We don't have enough people to effectively guard all four walls," another man said, with a frown.

"We have to try; we have committed ourselves to this. We have no choice!" someone else said, with a clap of their hands.

After the discussion, Han Sen went to the spirit hall. It was situated in the center of the shelter, and from there, he could see all four walls and their ramparts.

"They're here!" someone proclaimed, riding into the shelter.

The time had come, and even though they had steeled their hearts for the hards.h.i.+ps to come, they were still in shock. They all looked to Han Sen for the initial instructions.

"You know the plan. Everyone, get to your positions now." As Han Sen issued the command, he summoned Dragon-Blood Snake, which went to the northern side of the shelter. He also had Little Wind with him, who he told to stay near one of the walls.

Han Sen stood atop the spirit hall, not planning to leave. He didn't care much that his fighters were feeling nervous, only that they did as they were told. He now looked at his Gold-Talon Wolf beast soul.

Mutant Gold-Talon Wolf: Weapon Beast Soul

Han Sen summoned it, and a fang-like dagger appeared in his hand. It was not as lethal as the red one he had been using, but it was still a powerful weapon.

"I am Thorn Baron. This shelter and the lands that encompa.s.s it are to be relinquished by the current inhabitants and given to me. If you wish to escape the futile death that will result from pointless resistance, your lives can be spared and forfeited to service beneath my rule." Thorn Baron was not in a good mood.

"And I am just a soldier. If you wish to escape a futile death that will come about from pointless attempts of shelter-conquering, your lives can be spared and forfeited to service beneath my rule. I could do with a pretty new maid," a man called Chen Lei spoke aloud in response.

The humans around him all burst into laughter, and they did not appear as tense as Thorn Baron had expected.

"As a baron of thorns, I'm used to dealing with p.r.i.c.ks, but you..." Thorn Baron's mood went from sour to curdled. Hearing this, she became angrier than ever. Not in the mood to negotiate any further, she commanded her creatures to begin their a.s.sault.

Han Sen had drafted many different plans, but most of them seemed to be pointless now. Perhaps it was due to her impatient mood, but her entire host seemed to only attack from one sole direction.

"I overestimated her intelligence." Han Sen had a wry smile and commanded everyone to the defense of the northern wall and ramparts. He also went to accompany them there.

With Thorn Baron's less-than-efficient method of a.s.sault, the pressure they had each been under was lifted by a great degree.

Having thirty people to guard the northern wall was more than enough.

Monsters roared, explosions sounded, thunder struck, and humans shouted their war cries. The variety of noises melded together to form the grand soundscape of war. It was a magnificent scene.

The walls were being shredded by blades of wind, as fireb.a.l.l.s were also hurled at it. A creature that looked like a leopard started to scale the stone wall, and just as it was about to reach the top, a human plunged a sword deep into one of its eyes. Blood squirted from the puncture, as the leopard dropped back down to the chaotic ground below.


A tiger that was wreathed in fire appeared and announced itself. Its body was st.u.r.dily built like a tank, and its mere presence was enough to exude a feeling of dread on those that saw it coming.


A red shadow jumped out of the shelter and lashed out against the terrifying tiger. It was sent flying through the air, on a low trajectory which had it knocking down trees as it went.

The Dragon-Blood Snake cried out at the foes that a.s.saulted the shelter. With a simple swing of its tail, eight primitive creatures were instantly slaughtered.

A black eagle circled the air and cast its own Windblade down below. A t.i.tan-like beast brought a battering ram towards the gate of the shelter, and with each pounding impact, the shelter rattled and vibrated.

Han Sen did not fight during the entirety of this, he merely commanded the Dragon-Blood Snake and the humans that fought valiantly in the defense of their home. As good as things had been going so far, Han Sen believed the enemy was more formidable than he had initially a.s.sumed them to be.

They even had two mutant creatures with them that had unlocked five of their gene locks. The flaming tiger that had been knocked away had six of its gene locks open, just like the snake.

The humans were in a bad spot, and the battle was going to be far tougher than they expected.

But calmly, Han Sen watched and commanded his troops to repel the invasion. And with his improved dongxuan aura, he could keep track of all the humans and creatures. While things would be okay for now, he knew he'd need an additional trick to give his team an edge. As such, he spared one part of his mind for figuring that out.

He knew he could maintain a stalemate, continuing as he had been, but a surefire victory would need something more.

"If this isn't enough to win, we may have to cut corners." Han Sen observed Thorn Baron, who was standing behind her army.

She too observed Han Sen. She believed the humans would be easily defeated, and was surprised to see such an effective resistance. Of course, she knew this was down to the person commanding them. He attracted her gaze.