Super Gene - Chapter 94: The Winner Takes It All

Chapter 94: The Winner Takes It All

Chapter 94: The Winner Takes It All

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Flying in the air, Han Sen summoned the mutant sawfish spear and cast it down at Qin Xuan like how a fisherman would use a harpoon. The lion that Qin Xuan had turned into reached out a claw and hit the spear hard. The spear as thick as an arm bent and bounced off.

Fortunately, the spear was tough enough so that it wasn’t broken under her claw.

Han Sen took back his mutant sawfish spear and watched her from above, not intending to attack again or to land.

Everyone suddenly came to understand that Dollar was trying to consume Qin Xuan’s shapes.h.i.+fting time. Shapes.h.i.+fting beast souls required a lot of energy to use. Even Qin Xuan couldn’t stay like this for very long, or it would hurt her body.

"So shameless!"

"Do you call yourself a man?"

"What do you know? It's tactics."

"If she could fly as well, then good for her."

There was suddenly a chaos on the stands. Some supported Dollar and some Qin Xuan.

Qin Xuan simply could not reach Han Sen. She quickly dismissed the shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul. But the moment she did that, Han Sen flew down and slashed his katana at her.

Qin Xuan had met a lot of strong enemies, but she had never been as depressed as she was at this moment. Once she shapes.h.i.+fted, Han Sen would immediately fly into the sky; when she turned into herself, Han Sen would then rush down. She became sullen as she couldn’t make use of her own strength.

"Ha-ha, Dollar is just great. He is fighting like a guerrilla."

"He is bullying her. Qin Xuan is almost crying."

"Shameless sc.u.m. How can a man be so brazen?"

Unabashed, Han Sen believed it did not matter how he won as long as he won. If he could go to the contest among the champions of all the shelters and rank top 10, he would be rewarded a sacred-blood beast soul. He would definitely try his best for that sake.

Qin Xuan did not expect that Dollar would sink so low to make her unable to use her power. Now she was only happy that Dollar was not an archer, or she would be even more miserable.

"Dollar, you are a dignified man. Do you dare to fight me head-on?" Qin Xuan wanted to prod Dollar into action.

Unfortunately, Han Sen ignored her intention and replied, "You are a soldier. Don’t you understand that victory is all that matters? Even if I let you win today, what if you encounter champions of other shelters who could fly? Do you expect to persuade them to give up their ability to fly as well?"

Qin Xuan paused and people who accused Han Sen of being shameless also lowered their voices.

In fact, they should have thought of this. There had been more than one person who could fly among the Chosen before. Not being able to fly was a weakness of Qin Xuan’s and even if she won today, others might still choose to exploit that in the future.

Many people who supported Qin Xuan kept silent. Qin Xuan smiled wryly. "Well, I give up. We do not have to go on."

Qin Xuan knew that she had such a fatal weakness, but did not think Dollar would be so brazen to use that to his advantage. Now that she had no way of winning, she chose to throw in the towel instead of staying in this awkward match.

Qin Xuan now regretted that she did not work hard on archery. Or she could have used an advanced beast soul bow and arrow to beat Dollar.

"You can pick up the S-Cla.s.s license of Saint Hall at Steel Armor Gang." Qin Xuan said and left the martial ring, which made Han Sen this year's champion of Steel Armor Shelter

Dollar’s victory was very controversial. A lot of people thought it was not honorary. But Han Sen didn’t mind his reputation as long as he could win the sacred-blood beast soul given to the Chosen.

Qin Xuan left in good grace, but she had also set Han Sen up. If he went to pick up the S-Cla.s.s license at Steel Armor Gang, she might be ready to ambush him. Han Sen knew her so well that he didn’t dare to pick up the license under her nose, as he knew she must be quite upset with him.

The contest in Steel Armor Shelter was officially over. The top 100 all had their names on the martial stele in the martial ring. The first name there was "Dollar." Han Sen hoped that no one would call him "Doll" again. However, many still did.

All the shelter champions would start to compete in ten days. By then everyone in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary could see the match taking place in the Chosen Martial Ring. The top 10 partic.i.p.ants would each gain a random sacred-blood beast soul and be named "the Chosen."

If one had been the Chosen for the second or more time, one would no longer be awarded more sacred-blood beast souls, but an upgrade to one’s beast soul awarded the first time.

Many of the Chosen would just go into the entertainment industry and become a star. Countless agents and companies would try to sign the Chosen with a large chunk of money. Unfortunately, the ten Chosen were normally the same persons from last year. Fresh faces would only have an opportunity once they evolved and went to Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Han Sen didn’t care for the entertainment industry, but he would spare no effort in gaining the reward of a sacred-blood beast soul.

Legend has it that as the Chosen’s reward, someone had once gained a beast soul in the shape of a beauty woman. Some rich guy offered more than a billion dollars and even an interstellar wars.h.i.+p for it. No one knew if the deal was made, but no one had seen that beast soul again. It must be collected by some rich beast soul lover.

Han Sen naturally wanted to be a.s.signed a beast soul in the shape of a beauty and become rich overnight. But he would first have to become the Chosen.

Only ten days to go until he started competing with other champions. There was no time for him to hunt for more geno points. Han Sen decided to use the time to train himself in the teleport station.

The gravity trainer was indeed a wonderful training device which had helped Han Sen a lot. He could push himself really far in a short amount of time inside it and practice Jadeskin much more efficiently.

He would then complete the training tasks a.s.signed by Yang Manli and use the rest of the time to play Hand of G.o.d.

Han Sen was not sure what Gambler meant by "pa.s.s." He thought he had to clear all levels, but in fact what Gambler meant was just to pa.s.s the beginner level.

That was why Han Sen felt terrible that he still hadn’t been able to pa.s.s the beginner level in so long.

"This game is so demanding on my dexterity of the entire arm and my control of muscles and bones. If I use Jadeskin when I play, I should be able to improve my score greatly." Han Sen tried it, and his scores indeed boomed. On the sixth day, he was able to level up for the first time.

Han Sen was still vexed with the fact that it took him so long to pa.s.s the beginner level and he even had to use Jadeskin. However, if Gambler knew Han Sen had already pa.s.sed beginner level, he would be so shocked that his chin should fall to the ground.