Super Gene - Chapter 938: A Knight That Opens His Eyes

Chapter 938: A Knight That Opens His Eyes

Chapter 938: A Knight That Opens His Eyes

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"How do you reckon I can claim it?" Han Sen asked.

Moment Queen shook her head and said, "Well, the chances would be slim. And besides, look at it; it's going to take at least another thousand years for it to mature. You'll be old and grey by then."

"One thousand years is not that long, and furthermore, we can bring it into the shelter." Han Sen did not seem apprehensive or wary in the least.

With the waterdrops Han Sen possessed, the thousand years could be reduced to a mere three. And Han Sen was willing to wait that long.

The Disloyal Knight was a berserk sacred-blood creature, and if he was lucky, the scales could tip and result in it being a fully-fledged super creature. Waiting three years for that opportunity would be tremendously worth it.

But Han Sen needed to know whether or not he could claim the Disloyal Knight. If he couldn't, then he'd be the sole, lifelong target of the violent fruit-born soldier.

"Don't even think about it. It's hard enough to grow sacred-blood plants, but to unearth and move one someplace else is mere foolishness and will ruin what has already grown," Moment Queen implored.

"Just tell me how to claim the Disloyal Knight, would you?" Han Sen said.

"Although it is a Disloyal Knight, it has grown on a Knight Tree. This may result in it obeying the first person it sees, but..."

Han Sen always hated "buts," so he said, "Just spit it out!"

"He is a Disloyal Knight, and you can't deny what you are forever. Genetically, it's a Disloyal Knight and that's what it's going to be. Even if it obeyed you, initially, the traditional, unwavering fealty of a Loyal Knight would fade over time. It would only be a matter of time before it betrayed you. It could hurt you as much as it hurts others," Moment Queen explained.

"If that loyalty lasts one hundred years, I'd say it's worth it," Han Sen said.

A hundred years was nothing to Han Sen, and he could be as strong as a super creature himself in that time.

The knight would be helpful, in its early years. He could use it to kill goliath monsters with the greatest of ease.

Han Sen, learning this about the Disloyal Knight, commanded his snakes to unearth the tree and transport it back to the shelter.

Moment Queen did not say anything, but she found the scene quite amusing.

It would have made sense for an emperor to move a tree, but for Han Sen, who had only just entered the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, it was a humorous joke. She thought he was being a little too big for his breeches.

Still, she would not stop him. Ultimately, it would not be her business, so she was happy just to sit back and watch.

"If you don't need me, then I'll return to the spirit base." Moment Queen was eager to get back to earning geno points.

Han Sen waved her off, knowing she would not aid in the tree's excavation, anyway.

The soil around the tree was very hard, but the snakes were powerful and it did not take them long to dig through. This was especially true of the snake with six of its gene locks open. The speed at which it worked was remarkable, and it had no trouble committing to the task they had been commanded to perform.

The roots beneath the earth were slowly revealed, and they were as thick as barrels.

The roots were also long, and it proved impossible to move the tree as well as the roots. Han Sen commanded that they bite the roots off.

They did so, but it wasn't easy. The roots were harder than stone, and three of them failed, only leaving light bite marks in the material. Only the Dragon-Blood Snake with six of its gene locks open was able to cut off the excess roots.

But after the snake bit off one root, the tree began to s.h.i.+ver and tremble. The six Loyal Knights were like ghosts, swinging from the boughs of the tree.


One Loyal Knight disconnected and hit the ground. One after another, so did the others. They did not collapse onto the ground, but instead, they landed on their feet like armor-garbed mannequins in a museum.

Han Sen took a step back, not sure what to expect, and allowed Little Wind and his number one Dragon-Blood Snake to protect him from the front. He also made sure to summon his armor, just in-case.

"What have we here? Didn't Moment Queen say it would take a thousand years for them to grow? Why would they detach now?" Han Sen looked at the six figures, twirling the red dagger in his hand.

Suddenly, the Loyal Knights opened their eyes. They looked at Han Sen and the Dragon-Blood Snake beside him.

"Wait, these are Loyal Knights. So that means they'll obey me upon seeing me, right? But if the snake is in front of me..." Han Sen regretted using the snake for protection, but suddenly, one of the Loyal Knights threw a punch towards it.

The other five followed and did the same, throwing fists towards the stalwart snake. They were much weaker than sacred-blood creatures, but they were undoubtedly greater than mutant cla.s.s types.

"Did Moment lie? They are attacking whatever they see!" Han Sen commanded the Dragon-Blood Snake and Little Wind to fight back against their fruity aggressors.


A light rose from the feet of one of the Loyal Knights, then it punched the snake. The snake was sent flying.

Han Sen saw the rest of the knights generate an aura, one that rose from their feet, also. Three of them were graced with a halo atop their heads.

Two of them had two halos, whereas one had three.

The more halos they had, the more powerful they were. Han Sen thought it might have signified the number of gene locks they had open.

The halos did not deal extra damage, but they buffed the knights in a variety of ways.

Not that Han Sen cared much for this. They hadn't finished fully maturing, and they had been deprived of adequate nutrition. Han Sen guessed the pets under his command could deal with the foes before him.

"It's lucky the Disloyal Knight has not decided to join them. Had it chosen to, I might have been done for," Han Sen thought. But then, he looked towards the figure of his musing and was given a shock.

He did not know when it had happened, but the Disloyal Knight's eyes were open. They were fixed on Han Sen.