Super Gene - Chapter 936: Knight Tree

Chapter 936: Knight Tree

Chapter 936: Knight Tree

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Blood-Dragon Snakes were of the blood element. With every gene lock that they had open, their powers improved by a great deal all across the board. Their speed and strength, however, were given an exponential boost.

Even a Blood-Dragon Snake with only two open gene locks would be considerably stronger than Han Sen. To receive a Blood-Dragon Snake with six open gene locks was a tremendous thing, and it was sure to lay waste to any creature it fought.

The fitness level of ordinary creatures was three to six hundred. Primitive was six to twelve hundred. Mutant was twelve to eighteen hundred. Sacred-blood was eighteen to twenty-four hundred. Humans had yet to gauge the fitness levels of super creatures, but it was estimated that they had a fitness level of at least three thousand. There was quite a gulf separating sacred-blood and super creatures in this sanctuary.

To bridge that fitness gully, newborn super creatures and newborn king spirits were viable targets.

Newborn king spirits would not be unlike the spirits Han Sen had encountered in the first and second spirit bases. Their fitness was comparable to that of a sacred-blood creature, with some being a little higher.

But when challenging creatures that were of the same tier as a human, creatures always proved stronger. Humans couldn't go against creatures unless they had a clear advantage.

With that being said, it was more difficult for creatures to open their gene locks. Their control of energy flows was not as efficient as human hyper geno arts in harnessing and using power.

Receiving a snake, with six open gene locks, was an incredibly rare gift for Han Sen. It had a base fitness level of fifteen hundred, but the six open gene locks boosted that to the region of two thousand. It was a creature that could hunt sacred-blood creatures effortlessly.

The Dragon-Blood Snake would have destroyed the iron bug king with ease, and yet, it was likely that the other three snakes he had received would have been the ones wrecked if such a fight took place. Any sacred-blood creature, with a single open gene lock, would've had what it took to destroy those three snakes.

They wouldn't perform too well against mutant cla.s.s creatures, either. It was strange, though, as many people would value such pets. Other humans would need whatever help they could get, and they'd view even the weaker snakes as formidable pets to aid them in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary.

"I would like to send them to Qu Lanxi, but how am I supposed to explain how rapidly the Dragon-Blood Snakes were grown? I guess I have no choice but to sell them," Han Sen thought to himself.

But thinking about this made him frown. Moment Queen had yet to return from the spirit base, and by now, he was getting impatient. He summoned her to return.

She had become addicted to the acquisition of power and geno points, so she was unhappy at having Han Sen yank her out so abruptly.

"You'll have plenty of time to earn geno points, so maybe now you can help me move this shelter someplace safer," Han Sen said.

"I can move it, but where is 'safe' exactly?" Moment Queen asked.

Han Sen did not know either, but Thorn Forest was not an infinite woodland. If they were to travel in one direction or another, they'd eventually arrive at an outskirt of some sort. Acknowledging this, Han Sen merely pointed in a direction.

Moment Queen moved in the direction Han Sen wished for her to go. Unfortunately, the distance the shelter could travel was limited, and it could only move a certain amount a day. After the move, they were still deep inside the webbed brush of Thorn Forest.

The next day, they were still there after the subsequent move, too. And so they were after the next few moves following that.

"Where is this?" Han Sen saw a big tree ahead of him in Thorn Forest.

It stood half a kilometer from the shelter; a goliath tree that stood proud and firm, its verdant head standing forty meters high in the sky.

Curiously, it looked as if many people had been strung up and left to hang, dangling from the thick boughs of the tree. Fortunately, upon closer inspection, Han Sen realized his vision was just a misinterpretation of what they actually were. They were fruit, and only human in shape.

While they looked human, they were slightly bulky. It was as if they were armor-clad humans, and with such protective gear, no hint of flesh could be seen. Han Sen thought they looked similar to the steel-clad knights that hailed from medieval Europe. With their helmets connected to the tree, it was a strange sight.

"Are they alive?" Han Sen counted the six armored-knight fruits.

"This is a sacred-blood cla.s.s Knight Tree. They grow sacred-blood cla.s.s Loyal Knights," Moment Queen explained, as she too calculated the breadth of the remarkable tree that stood before them.

"They're sacred-blood creatures?" Han Sen asked, before going on to say, "Should we kill them before they mature?"

Moment Queen looked at Han Sen as if she had just witnessed his brain cells implode. She asked him, "Why would you do that? You can't eat them. And when they mature, they will never betray the first person their eyes fall upon."

"Really? When will they mature, then?" Han Sen said, jovially.

Moment Queen looked at the tree and said, "Well, sacred-blood trees take a few thousand years to mature. This one will take another thousand, is my best estimate."

"I can't wait that long." Han Sen frowned, but his frown soon vanished upon a sudden realization. "But that's okay; let's bring it with us. Stop moving the shelter, and let's go dig it up."

"Pah! You think you can transplant a sacred-blood tree?" Moment Queen found it funny, and she giggled under her breath.

"Just do it." Han Sen did not explain and just rallied his four snakes and Little Wind to accompany him on the way to the tree.

Moment Queen followed. Not long after, her face curdled as she noticed something amiss. She called out, "Stop! Something is wrong."

"What is it?" Han Sen looked at her with confusion.

"Look at the ground." They were only three meters away from the Knight Tree, at this point.

When Han Sen looked down, all he could see was yellow soil. Still wondering what she was referring to, he asked, "Why, what is it? Is this something special?"

"Don't you think it is strange? How can such sordid, ill-kept ground birth such a magnificent tree?" Moment Queen asked.

Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to scan the vicinity, and it was just as she said; there was no lifeforce around or in the soil below.