Super Gene - Chapter 933: I Want Your Genes

Chapter 933: I Want Your Genes

Chapter 933: I Want Your Genes

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The next day, Han Sen asked his mother to bring Zero to the teleporter in Moment Shelter, to see whether or not she could teleport.

Like before, she came through the teleporter into his shelter. Han Sen was quickly delighted.

With Zero there, Han Sen did not feel as lonely.

The shelter, overnight, had again moved into the deeper recesses of Thorn Forest. Upon a small expedition outside, Han Sen was able to spot some winged snakes. He thought about engaging them, but when he saw the king amongst them, he promptly turned around and went back inside.

Han Sen knew he couldn't kill such a beast, but without the intrusions of others, he was free to grow that which he wanted to. For now, he planned on growing the Dragon-Blood Tree.

Each day, he gave the tree a single drop. It didn't take long for the tree to flourish and within a few days, flowers bloomed across the well-structured boughs of the tree. If it was to continue in such a manner, Han Sen deduced it would not be long before it grew fruit.

"The mutant cla.s.s beast souls of Dragon-Blood Snakes would be very beneficial. It many of such fruits grow, I'll be rich!" Han Sen was delighted at the results, and his mind feverishly pondered the results his harvest would soon bring.

Whenever Han Sen was bored, he visited the spirit base to obtain more genes. He had an incredible reputation by now, and many royal spirits sought him out to deliver him their genes.

The king spirits no longer dared to challenge him. While their pestering was a relief, it was ultimately a disappointment, for it prevented Han Sen from being able to gather more of their genes.

"It looks like I should keep a low profile; otherwise, my gain of points is going to slow to a crawl," Han Sen thought to himself. He had shone a spotlight on himself a number of times now. He had relished in the attention he was giving, and caused constant commotion with the staggering fights and the audiences that would crowd to watch. He knew he had to avoid doing this from now on, and if that didn't work, perhaps even lose.

While this prospect seemed promising, the spirit he threw the fight for would be given a super king spirit gene. Then, the truth would be revealed.

No one knew Han Sen was The King, and he wanted to keep it that way. It would be dangerous for any aspect of his ident.i.ty to be learnt.

Being unable to gather king spirit genes, Han Sen was no longer too fussed with visiting the spirit base. On this day, he only spent two hours there, seeing what he might have needed.

Aside from royal and king spirit genes, the other ranks of spirit genes were almost all maxed out.

Without anything to do, Han Sen decided to summon Moment Queen.

The last time Han Sen saw her, she was bawling her eyes out like a maddened woman.

Summoning her this time, Han Sen did so in the wonder of whether or not she could control the movements of the shelter. If she could control it, then he wouldn't have to roll the dice every day, waiting to see whether or not it had moved to the outskirts of Thorn Forest.

When Moment Queen appeared, she did so with an immediate desire to kill Han Sen. Although he despised him, her attack was not through animosity alone. She wanted to die, and she hoped Han Sen would provide her this release.

But right before she tried to attack, she stopped. She stood still, while her eyes looked around wildly.

"Why are you in a king cla.s.s shelter?" Moment Queen looked around in visible shock.

"I conquered it; not bad, huh?" Han Sen smiled.

Moment Queen looked at him with disdain and said, "the creatures these bones once belonged to would crush you with a mere poke."

"All you need to know is that this shelter belongs to me now." Han Sen looked at Moment Queen dead in the eyes and then said, "You seem stronger than you did before."

Moment Queen seemed spooked by her presence there in the shelter. As she looked around, she said, "When king spirits enter a shelter, they become stronger. If I could obtain self geno points, I could become as strong as the king spirits that populate the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary."

"That sounds good." Han Sen eyed her suspiciously and observed how she seemed to look like a newborn king spirit. Whatever the case may be, she couldn't have been any weaker than an iron bug king.

If she misbehaved or did something that would incite his ire and require him to kill her, he could do so with ease with his super king spirit mode. He wasn't quite up to the task, with his own simple, raw power, however.

"Where are the spirits here?" Moment Queen entered the spirit hall.

"Do you think I'd still be here if there were spirits?" Han Sen followed Moment Queen.

Moment Queen saw the perfect statue and looked as happy as one could be.

But then, her face started to look complicated and she fell silent.

"You can put your spirit stone inside there?" Han Sen asked.

"Would you allow me to?" Moment Queen asked in return. After her last betrayal, Han Sen had imprisoned her.

"Yes; but that all depends on the benefits you might be able to provide me," Han Sen said.

Moment Queen's eyes widened, and she coldly said, "I can help you control the movements of this shelter. If I don't, then this shelter will continue to teleport as it does and total owners.h.i.+p of it will be impossible."

"I like the moving aspect of this shelter; give me some cold, hard benefits," Han Sen said.

Han Sen would have really liked her to be able to control the position and location of the shelter, but he wasn't quite willing to let her know that now.

"Well, aside from that, I have nothing. Of this, you know," Moment Queen said, dismally.

"I want your king spirit gene," Han Sen told her.

Moment Queen's spirit gene might have been of the s.p.a.ce element he much desired, but because she would rather die completely, she would not give it to him. This was his first mentioning of this.

"Impossible," Moment Queen rejected Han Sen.