Super Gene - Chapter 923: The Name Is Heard

Chapter 923: The Name Is Heard

Chapter 923: The Name Is Heard

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Han Sen went out to take a peek at the vine every now and then, but the wyvern now protected it valiantly. It was angry, and it wasn't going to lax its temperament any time soon.

Seeing the wyvern spit out such sweltering flames, Han Sen estimated it had most likely opened its fifth gene lock. And with it being a sacred-blood creature, it was unlikely he could topple the foe.

Like usual, at midnight, the shelter moved. Following their relocation, the wyvern and its cherished vine were gone.

"It is a shame I was not able to defeat the wyvern." Han Sen peeked at the eight hundred waterdrops he had managed to claim, unable to shake the greediness that compelled his desire for more.

"The Dragon-Blood Tree needs a dozen more waterdrops for it to bear fruit, whereas the Blood-Pine looks as if it'll need a lot more. Qu Lanxi and Chu Ming knows all about the Dragon-Blood Tree, and they'll find it suspicious if the tree grows fruit that quickly. Perhaps I should just focus on the Blood-Pine Tree for the time being?" Han Sen fed a waterdrop to the Blood-Pine.

The Blood-Pine could only absorb one waterdrop per day. It'd take at least a hundred years for the tree to mature by itself, so it was going to take Han Sen at least a hundred days to nurture it to bearing.

But Han Sen was not in a rush. He had more than enough waterdrops now, and for him to receive the fruit he was cultivating, it was only a matter of time.

After opening the second gene lock of the Dongxuan Sutra, he knew his dongxuan aura would have greatly improved and offer a variety of additional benefits and features. Right now, though, he had something else on the agenda.

Heading back to the Alliance, Han Sen returned to Saint Hall. He was going to buy his first surpa.s.ser hyper geno art.

Han Sen could simulate the energy flows of spirits and creatures, and those that adhered to one sole element. As remarkable as this was, the strength of his replications were not as effective as proper man-made hyper geno arts.

It was difficult to find spirits or creatures that used abilities similar to the likes of Sonic-Thunder Punch, too.

The fitness and talents of spirits and creatures were stronger than their human counterparts, but they had nothing on the human psyche. Humans desire knowledge, and they are keen to experiment and go beyond what is expected and breach any horizon that sought to inhibit them. As a result, their abilities of research were unparalleled.

Han Sen entered the Saint Hall, hoping he'd find two hyper geno arts that would suit him.

Humans were creative, too; and that was exemplified by the new S-cla.s.s skills Han Sen was seeing. He was also pleased to see that most hyper geno arts on offer contained the powers of two elements.

The first one Han Sen selected was called Water-Thunder. It was created by a human fighter, and judging from the name, Han Sen was able to determine it combined the forces of the water element and thunder element.

The extent of the ability's power obviously rested in the handler's proficiency with both elements. The Alliance suggested that surpa.s.sers make use of Water-Thunder, in order to use Moon-Thunder at a later date, further along in their development.

Han Sen had managed to gain many water and thunder spirit genes, so he did not need to learn Moon-Thunder.

He also couldn't help but shake his head at the name Water-Thunder. He thought its weak and terrible name betrayed the great strength the ability possessed, and he was correct.

You could use water to trigger lightning strike, and if an opponent had water on them, you could trigger lightning to strike directly where the liquid was applied. The conducting water would allow for the thunder-side of the skill to annihilate its targets. It was a very powerful yet complex hyper geno art.

Han Sen always loved making use of his Yin Yang Blast. He loved the sneaky sorts of hyper geno arts, so he bought this one without hesitation.

His learning of the skill came both easy and swiftly, due to his dexterity when handling water and thunder skills. After half a month of learning it, Han Sen was able to cast the ability freely.

And his practice with the new hyper geno art is what occupied most of his time now, and ever since he started, he did not return to the spirit base. A lot of king spirits waited for Han Sen to return there, but having already opened the second gene lock, he'd end up in the second spirit base if he was to show up again, anyway.

"San Mu, have you heard the rumors of a supremely powerful king spirit? They say he will one day be able to open the tenth gene lock." Chu Ming's tone drifted between whisper and near-shouting, in an attempt to convey his dialogue with a mystical tw.a.n.g.

"What's the spirit's name?" Han Sen thought what he said was familiar.

"He calls himself The King. Fairly obnoxious, right?" Chu Ming heartily said.

Han Sen then remembered that's what he had chosen to call himself, but this was strange. He wondered how humans had come to learn of his existence.

"What else do you know about this king?" Han Sen asked, curiously.

"Well, I've heard he's very powerful and has quite the reputation. Some humans have overheard spirits talking about him a lot, and that he is somewhat of an idol. Many men want to become his student, and many women want nothing more than to have s.e.x with him!" Chu Ming explained.

Hearing such praise, Han Sen felt pretty smug and happy with himself. He asked for more self-serving details and said, "Okay, go on. What else do they say about him?"

Han Sen was expecting to hear more words of praise, but things quickly went the other way. Chu Ming said, "But I have heard that The King is also rather weird, and his reputation is not all swell. In fact, many king spirits and even emperors are on the hunt for him. They greatly desire to unearth his true ident.i.ty and place of residence, so that when they do, they can murder him."

Han Sen was shocked upon hearing this and he now knew for sure that he could never expose himself as The King while he was in the sanctuaries.

Chu Ming then continued by saying, "I suppose he deserves it, though. Everything I've heard about the fellow paints him as an arrogant sort. I'm so handsome and yet no spirit wants to have s.e.x with me. He's only lucky he's a king spirit; and that makes him the n.o.ble and ent.i.tled type. If I was a king spirit, believe me, I'd be far more popular than that numpty!"

Chu Ming lowered his voice and then went on by saying, "I don't think The King has a p.e.n.i.s, either. Why would so many female spirits be falling heard over heels for him, and yet he doesn't go frolic with any? I'm telling you, man, this spirit is either a eunuch or he's gay!"

"Chu Ming, let's not waste any time. Let's practice Flaming Blade together." Han Sen forced a smile, but he was thinking of something else in his now-wounded heart.


A scream erupted from the shelter; a scream that came from Chu Ming.

Strangely, it had now been a while since the shelter teleported to the edge of Thorn Forest. They were running low on food, and they lacked opportunities to hunt.

Every morning, the first thing Han Sen did was to exit the shelter and get a good look at their surroundings. Each time, he was disappointed.

On this day, while Han Sen found himself lost in a midday reverie, he saw a shadow approach the shelter. He was shocked.

He had seen many creatures wander beneath the boughs of the forest, but this was the first time he had seen a creature come this close to the shelter.