Super Gene - Chapter 918: One Punch One Kiss

Chapter 918: One Punch One Kiss

Chapter 918: One Punch One Kiss

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The King of Truth shook his head and responded, "I have no idea what happened. The mirror was obliterated; it didn't stand a chance."

"If you are unaware of why you lost, then why don't you try again?" The King of Day suggested.

The King of Truth rolled his eyes and said, "Do you think my king spirit genes come easily? I don't even know when or how I'll be able to get the lost one back. I'm not an idiot like that Thunderdevil King."

The King of Day realized his suggestion was too much of him to ask, so he did not say anything more in return.

Heavenly Empress looked thoughtful. "There are two possibilities, from the way I see it. One: the mirror is not as effective as we have believed it to be. Two: he is just too powerful, plain and simple. Perhaps he has so much power, it overloaded the threshold of damage the mirror was able to withstand and thus—snap! It broke. Think of it like a rubber-band; the further you pull it, the further it will travel upon letting go. But everything has a limit to its flexibility. If you pull too hard on the elastic band, it will give way and break," she explained.

"I think he's immune to the mirror. There is no way that punk can be that powerful," The King of Day said.

"Well, if the mirror wasn't as effective as we believed it to be, that's bad news. It means Flower Empress' Flower Stamp would also be useless. It'd be even harder for her to beat him," Heavenly Empress said.

When Flower Empress heard what she said, she chimed in saying, "My Flower Stamp is different than the mirror. If he can bypa.s.s the mirror, fine, but there is no way he can triumph over the mirror and my Flower Stamp."

"Still, if you do choose to challenge him, you should be careful. It is difficult to earn back spirit genes. With your speed and power, I don't believe you will be able to hit him," Heavenly Empress said.

"I have an idea." Flower Empress flew back to her own island and drove forward, off to visit Han Sen.

Heavenly Empress sought to stop her from going, but it was too late. Flower Empress, not looking back, said, "Relax."

"Let her go; no one from the same tier can overcome her powers. And if she's that confident she can beat him, after everything we've seen thus far, perhaps we should place some faith of our own in her." The King of Day believed she had what it took, so he decided to follow her in support.

The King of Day had been trying to woo Flower Empress for quite some time, but she never showed any interest in his attempts at romantic coercion. Some of his positive comments now, and his desire to follow, stemmed from his desire to get her to notice him more.

Heavenly Empress saw Flower Empress arrive before Han Sen.

"Flower Empress... she is ranked fourth in the spirit base."

"I didn't expect her to challenge him. It looks like everyone knows about The King now."

"Such a beautiful woman; I wonder if The King is willing to thrash a woman as brutally as he does the rest of his opponents."

"I don't think The King cares for s.e.xual discrimination."

Flower Empress was now before Han Sen, and in a flirtatious manner said, "The King, you fought against The King of Truth unfairly. You took advantage of being allowed to attack first. If we battle, do you mind if I attack first?"

Han Sen observed her intently. She looked very small and very pretty, and she also smelled like flowers. She was an attractive spirit, that was for sure.

"How about I do you one better; you can punch me ten times." Han Sen smiled.

"Such a gentleman. Okay, I'll punch you ten times first." A streak of sordidness crept across Flower Empress' face.

All of the spirits froze in place. If The King was willing to accept ten of her punches, it wouldn't matter how strong he was. Ten of those would surely lead to his defeat.

"Might I ask, what will you do if you don't win, after getting your ten free shots in?" Han Sen smiled again.

"People like you won't get hurt from punches by the likes of me. So, you can start punching me back, okay?" She wasn't promising anything.

Han Sen squinted and said, "How about I let you punch me ten times, and if I die, it will be deserved. If I am indeed still alive, then each punch must equate to one kiss. How does that sound?"

After that, Flower Empress' face turned red. The audience was listening to their conversation intently and began to get rowdy with excitement for Han Sen's cheeky suggestion.

"Nooooo!" The King of Day's face dropped like a sack of rocks, and he shouted from the top of his lungs.

Han Sen knew there was something between them, judging from the way he had followed her.

Han Sen wasn't being flirty with her, though. As a matter of fact, she didn't interest him in the least. What he wanted to do most was provoke The King of Day to fight him for kissing his most-wanted girl. Furthermore, if he took Flower Empress' rank, then he'd be higher than The King of Day. That meant he couldn't challenge him.

Flower Empress, gnawing at her lips, managed to compose herself after the pause. Then she said, "You are a king spirit. Isn't it humiliating for you to suggest something like this?"

"Everyone loves beautiful women; kings are no exception. And I'll have you know, with this metric of one kiss for one punch, I'd be willing to accept a hundred punches. Of course, if you don't agree to this, then I'll allow you one, free courtesy punch," Han Sen mockingly said.

Flower Empress' eyes brightened and she gasped, "Really? I can hit you one hundred times first?"

"I am many things, but a liar I am not. If you do indeed agree to this, then yes, I'll let you punch me one hundred times." Han Sen looked at The King of Day who was nearby. He was sweating profusely, in an ardent desire to stay her agreement to this.

Flower Empress said, "Okay. And if I defeat you within my one hundred free punches then you lose."

"Fair enough! Okay, come on." Han Sen then sent her a duel invite to challenge her.

Everyone was aghast, hearing Han Sen was going to let her hit him one hundred times.

They were both king spirit elites, so they found it difficult to envision The King remaining upright after accepting one hundred punches.

The King of Day was worried about Han Sen taking advantage of Flower Empress, but now that The King had asked her to punch him one hundred times first, he wasn't even sure what to think.

"A few Flower Stamps is all it will take to destroy him. How ignorant..." The King of Day thought.