Super Gene - Chapter 907: Wipeout

Chapter 907: Wipeout

Chapter 907: Wipeout

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After Han Sen entered the shelter, he went straight for the spirit hall.

The spirit hall's defenses were tough. In the plaza were ten ordinary creatures, and two knight cla.s.s spirits stood outside the spirit hall itself, guarding.

Qing Ming Knight, however, was inside. For a person who had only opened their first gene lock, achieving triumph in the face of such danger seemed like an impossible accomplishment.

But this did not sway Han Sen's resolve, and without a shadow of fear, he marched directly towards the spirit hall.

A black tiger was quick to catch sight of the approaching intruder, and so it growled at him in warning.

Han Sen looked at the tiger and smiled. In the next second, he was clad in summoned armor and wielding a red dagger.

Han Sen swung his dagger towards the tiger's neck.

Instantly, the tiger's decapitated head was sent barreling through the air as blood squirted from the severed throat. In the next second, the body crumpled to the ground.

"Ordinary Creature Black Iron Tiger killed. No beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten ordinary geno points randomly."

Han Sen was quickly overjoyed. He hadn't known how sharp or powerful the dagger was, nor its cla.s.s. But its performance immediately exceeded his expectations.

The spirits and creatures all around were shocked, unable to believe a fight like this could erupt inside the walls of the shelter. And what's more, the intruder had started a fight with the creatures that guarded the shelter's spirit hall.

The creatures saw Han Sen run inside the plaza, and in unison, they all roared and began sprinting towards him. From every direction they came at him.

A vast array of different elemental powers swirled around and charged the atmosphere with an exciting volatility. There was fire, wind, thunder, and more; and everything was primed to take Han Sen down.


Following an explosion that was a mixture of various elements, a giant crater was left in the plaza's floor. Rocks were scattered and strewn all about, as plumes of dust clogged the air and choked the sight of all who were there.

The spirits and creatures were humorously shocked, believing they had just encountered and wiped out the most stupid human they had ever seen. He never stood a chance, they thought to themselves.

Even the spirits that guarded the entrance to the spirit hall looked ahead c.o.c.kily. They believed the intruder dead, as well.

As the two spirits guarded the gate, they smiled merrily.

For once, they could witness something exciting. And indeed it was, for they viewed Han Sen's attack as they would the performance of a clown in a carnival. No human had tried to attack Qing Ming Shelter before, so it was a funny spectacle.

But in the next second, from within the veiling dust, the shadow of a human flickered by each creature.

Acknowledging that their initial attacks had failed, they all activated their gene lock powers.

Amidst the chaos, Han Sen was still sprinting and not even taking the time to dodge.

The combined attacks had indeed all struck Han Sen, but his armor was able to withstand the force and its wearer was not dealt damage.


Another stream of blood flashed through the air, as an ordinary creature slumped down to the ruined ground.

Han Sen moved like a killing machine amidst the creatures. Like livestock, each creature was mercilessly slaughtered by Han Sen.

The faces of the creatures and spirits that were around all changed. As for the two guards of the spirit hall, they were frozen. No longer were they amused—now they felt fear.

Multiple powerful creatures had each been killed with a single strike, none being given the chance to fight back.

"Someone is attacking the spirit hall!" An alarm finally sounded from the mouths of the guards.

Qing Ming Knight had already felt it when the first creature had been killed. He frowned and wanted to go take a look at the intruder himself. But soon after stepping forward, he felt another one of his creatures perish. He was surprised.

But then, his face completely changed. One after another, he felt each of his creatures be slain.

"How is this possible? Has someone powerful come to my shelter?" He could not imagine what sort of person would be able to defeat so many of his creatures in such a short amount of time.

Only royal spirits or mutant creatures could do such a thing, and this was something he could not establish an appropriate defense against.

But his shelter was primarily ruled over by Thorn Shelter. They should have attacked Thorn Shelter, not this place.

Qing Ming Knight sped up his approach as his desire to take a look at what was going on increased. But as he neared the door, it was kicked open with tremendous force. Two shadows flew inside, which made Qing Ming Knight's sphincter tighten. They were the knight spirits tasked with guarding the spirit hall.

Their throats had been slit open, and they were thrown through the door, dead before they even hit the ground.

When the attacker entered from beyond that door, Qing Ming Knight was surprised. He said, "Human?"

Humans and spirits were different. Qing Ming Knight could tell his intruder was a human, despite being entirely clad in armor with his appearance masked.

"How can a human come to my shelter?" Qing Ming Knight could not think straight right now.

There weren't many humans in the vicinity, and there were only five in Thorn Shelter in total. But now, someone had just infiltrated his spirit hall.

"Announce yourself, you vermin! He who has dared trespa.s.s within my spirit hall." Qing Ming Knight held a spear and called out to Han Sen.

"I'm the guy that has come to kill you," Han Sen coldly responded. He used Aero, and he flew towards Qing Ming Knight like a rainbow.

"You fool!" Qing Ming Knight noticed how low Han Sen's speed and strength were, so he raised his green-light spear and dashed forward to engage with his aggressor.