Super Gene - Chapter 903: Bug Fight

Chapter 903: Bug Fight

Chapter 903: Bug Fight

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A blonde, purple-eyed woman emerged from beneath the green bushes that cradled the red roses.

She didn't quite look human, and an emerald was embedded in her forehead.

It was a beautiful female spirit.

Her face was stunning to behold. It was cold, but that just amplified her mystique. Regardless of where she was, people would be taken aback by her beauty.

Han Sen was not surprised, but something in particular made him almost leap backwards in shock.

The woman was not wearing any clothes. When she stood up, the fine curve of her booty, and how it led all the way down her long legs, was a sudden, tantalizing sight. It was all on full display.

Han Sen's nose was getting hot with a coming nosebleed. Her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s and slim waist made her look as if she was straight out of a waifu manga. Humans could not possess such a body shape.

Although the image described might sound ridiculous, she looked natural.

When she emerged from the bushes, she looked cold. And the moment she stepped out, the flowers writhed their way around her to form an armor.

She was like a queen of gardens. She approached the cracks in the earth and removed a rose from her garment of flowers. She snapped the stalk in two and set them alight.

After this, Han Sen realized that it was the stalks of the flowers that were serving as candles.

The stalks caught on fire quickly, and as they burned, a strange fragrance began to emanate. Han Sen thought the bugs would end up returning, but they did not.

Han Sen thought it was odd, and he pondered why the iron bugs did not follow the fragrance as they had previously.

The spirit merely watched the stalk of the flower burn, facing the valley's entrance.

Not long after, Han Sen heard a weird noise from someplace else in the valley. Something was flying towards them quickly, and it went for the candle like an arrow.

It was an iron bug. It was a little smaller, but it was darker than the rest. Its sh.e.l.l was black like obsidian.

This bug had grown wings, and it flew extraordinarily fast, completely unlike the others.

This iron bug landed on the stalk and bit into it, with a look of exuberant joy on its face.

The spirit took a step back and merely observed the creature nibbling at the stalk. It didn't seem as if she wanted to fight it

"If the spirit wants to claim that bug, then why doesn't she? Is the stalk poisonous, maybe?" Han Sen thought it queer.

Right then would have been a perfect time to strike, but the spirit withheld any such action. She merely continued to watch the bug merrily munch on its meal.

As Han Sen pondered this, he heard something else come from further down the valley. It was a centipede, one that was entirely red. It ran past the cracks and came for one of the stalks.

The spirit had placed down many stalks prior to this, and thus, there was no conflict. The creatures each had their own.

Not long after, many more bugs arrived. They were of varying shapes and colors; some were black, some were red, and some were green.

The other bugs had come to feed on the stalks, as well. But before long, there were no stalks left, and a fight amongst the bugs started to erupt.

The red centipede was wreathed in flame, and it started to fight a bug with a green sh.e.l.l and eight legs.

The red centipede had the ability to spit fire, but it did not deter the green spider. Without fear, it skittered towards its many-footed foe.

Within seconds, chaos reigned. All the bugs were fighting between each other, none willing to leave the area.

The spirit continued to watch the fight, devoid of all emotion.

"Are those stalks stimulants?" Han Sen froze, seeing this. The powers the bugs were unleas.h.i.+ng against each other were horrible, something he figured only mutant cla.s.s monsters could do.

The spirit had played all those mutant cla.s.s bugs like a fiddle. Han Sen knew he had to treat that spirit with great caution.

The bugs were out of control. Severed limbs and dead bodies lay scattered and strewn across the area, as they attacked each other with wild ferocity.

Watching so many insects die in such a fas.h.i.+on was a terrible sight.

When the battle was over, only the initial iron bug remained alive. A few of its claws had been broken, but that did not prevent it from dining on the leftovers of the battlefield.

As the bug dined on the bodies, its own body began to undergo a change. Its lost limbs recovered.

Colored dots peppered its all-black sh.e.l.l, and it seemed to have even obtained the centipede's flame and spider's green light.

Han Sen saw the bug claim all those powers for itself and was taken aback.


The iron bug's sh.e.l.l cracked, and something seem to emerge from inside its body. Following this, only an empty sh.e.l.l remained.

The newborn iron bug was white. Its body shone like jade. Its eyes were red and its wings were translucent.

"Tchzi Tchzi!" The newborn iron bug made a couple of sharp noises.

"So, after all that, the bug evolves?" The spirit frowned, as she thought to herself. The results were beyond her expectations. The iron bug was the weakest mutant bug, and yet it had somehow survived.

The spirit looked over the iron bug, which now seemed to resemble white jade. Then, she presented a box to the bug, one that had been crafted from vines. A bug emerged from the box.