Super Gene - Chapter 899: Taming the Wind Beast

Chapter 899: Taming the Wind Beast

Chapter 899: Taming the Wind Beast

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Han Sen came up with an idea of what to do. People often got close with creatures by pretending to be them. After doing so for a while, they would often end up adopting their smell. This lent them credibility with the animal, and helped the animal to acknowledge them as one of its own.

This method wouldn't work on the wind beast, but Han Sen had a better idea on how to make the wolf think he was the same type of creature. What's more, Han Sen was the only person who could use this method.

With dongxuan aura, he simulated the wolf's energy flow so that they would be the same. Then, Han Sen inched closer to the wolf. Much to his delight, the wolf's hostility seemed to have subsided.

This brought Han Sen much joy, and after realizing the success of this method, he made sure to simulate the wolf's energy flow each day. Although it was still alert to Han Sen, given what he had done to it, the wolf's concern grew less each day.

A month later, the wind beast was no longer hostile. Even without the coins, he would not attack Han Sen.

When Han Sen did not simulate the energy flow, the wind wolf did not attack him then, either.

But it only accepted Han Sen. Every time the wind beast saw Qu Lanxi or Chu Ming, it showed great interest in attacking them. So, Han Sen built a little house for the wind beast to live in.

Han Sen continued practicing his dongxuan aura, taming the creature more and more each day. He hoped to one day hunt alongside it in Thorn Forest, and hoped that day would come soon.

The waterdrops he collected were almost all used up, and it wouldn't be long before he'd used them all. He needed to find more geno plants soon, otherwise, his Blood-Pine would stop growing.

Fortunately, in the second month, the wind beast had learnt to adhere to Han Sen's commands. And by listening to Han Sen, it would not attack other people.

"You really tamed it? You really tamed the wind beast?" Chu Ming said to Han Sen as he looked at wind beast. He couldn't believe it.

"Yeah. How lucky am I, eh?" Han Sen was feeling pretty smug, especially since he had trumped a spirit and become the only person capable of taming such a ferocious beast.

"How? How in the sanctuaries did you do that?" Qu Lanxi asked with much shock, as she too stared at the wind beast. It was an ordinary beast that had unlocked four gene locks. It was as powerful as Qing Ming Knight himself.

Yu Yan Knight had tried to tame it for the longest time, using everything he knew. They found it difficult to comprehend how Han Sen had managed to do it in only two months.

"I suppose it's all down to talent, really." Han Sen had no genuine excuse, but no matter what, he wasn't going to tell them about his ability to simulate energy flows.

"I am bringing Little Wind to Thorn Forest with me, so I'll be gone for the next couple of days. Don't fret for my well-being." Han Sen could not wait to enter that knotted domain.

The waterdrops had almost all run out, after all. The Blood-Vine's waterdrops had been rationed, and its speed of growth had slowed down considerably.

"You may have Little Wind by your side, but you yourself are still fairly weak. Isn't it a little risky for you to go to Thorn Forest right now?" Chu Ming expressed concern.

"It may be risky, but I have no other choice. With the spirit ruling us, such drastic times call for drastic measures," Han Sen said.

"I'm going with you," Qu Lanxi suddenly said.

"Lanxi!" Chu Ming and Han Sen exclaimed in shock, both at the same time.

"Let me scout the vicinity out first. If I can confirm it to be a safe enough area for us to venture there together, I will bring you there," Han Sen said.

Qu Lanxi said, "Then you will be risking it all, all by yourself. How can we sit idly by, while you risk life and limb for us? I can't let you go there alone, it wouldn't be right."

"Then let us all go there together!" Chu Ming said, firming his jaw.

Qu Lanxi shook her head and said, "No, you should stay here and take care of the garden. If we emerge from Thorn Forest without the rewards we seek, this will be our backup."

Chu Ming looked as if he wanted to say something more, but she cut off whatever he was about to say. "My powers are best put to use in Thorn Forest. Don't complain or try to stop me; I am going."

Chu Ming's mouth just hung open, and he did not say anything. Although he did not express it, he seemed to agree with what she had said.

Han Sen was curious as to what power she was referring to. He only knew Chu Ming had certain fire abilities, but Qu Lanxi was still a bit of an enigma to him.

Regardless of what powers she had, though, she had only opened her first gene lock. Han Sen didn't believe she could help out much, in their time there. He would have bid for her to remain at the house, but she was too stubborn, and he knew it would be futile to protest her accompaniment.

It was far more difficult for humans to open gene locks than it was for creatures. Surpa.s.ser humans traditionally only had a fitness level of three hundred. Unless you were super talented, opening a second gene lock would be next to impossible.

According to the Alliance's research, the ordinary fitness of a human allowed for only one opened gene lock for every three hundred fitness.

That meant humans required a fitness of six hundred to open their second gene lock.

But for surpa.s.sers, reaching a fitness level of six hundred wasn't easy.

One hundred normal geno points could increase a person's fitness by one hundred. One hundred ordinary geno points could increase a person's fitness by two hundred.

That meant a surpa.s.ser would have to max out both their normal geno points and ordinary geno points to reach a fitness level of six hundred and open their second gene lock.

If they were lucky, they could gain mutant geno points and sacred-blood geno points. If they did, opening gene locks would be easier.

One hundred mutant geno points could supply a person four hundred additional levels of fitness. Maxing out sacred-blood geno points increased a person's fitness by eight hundred. As for super geno points? No one knew.

Qu Lanxi and Chu Ming had only maxed out their normal geno points. They did not have many ordinary geno points, and so it didn't seem likely they had opened their second gene locks.

Han Sen had an advantage over them. His dongxuan aura had already almost reached the second tier, and it wouldn't be long before he could unlock it.

"Don't worry, I may have only opened my first gene lock, but I won't slow you down. I'll prove more useful than you might expect," Qu Lanxi said.

"Do you mind telling me what powers you have?" They were about to venture into a realm where the possibility of death resided behind every corner; he had no choice but to ask.

"Scent. My power is that of scent," Qu Lanxi said.

"Scent? What kind of power is that?" Han Sen looked shocked, having never heard of this before.