Super Gene - Chapter 883: Third God's Sanctuary

Chapter 883: Third God's Sanctuary

Chapter 883: Third G.o.d's Sanctuary

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The gourd was trembling in Han Sen's hand. At its tip, a black hole-like distortion had manifested, warping the very dimension around it.

"Is something going to be born from the gourd now? Did the Evolution Pool really help it?" Han Sen was excited, looking at the gourd.

While he was thinking, a black light burst forth from the gourd to sunder the atmosphere like a blade.

A lesion was torn in the fabric of s.p.a.ce, and a powerful force of suction came from it. Before he could react, Han Sen and the gourd were both sucked inside.


Han Sen felt as if the world was spinning, or as if he had been tossed into a tumble dryer. He felt a crus.h.i.+ng force descend upon him, and amidst his rolling, he felt as if he wanted to throw up but could not.

He wanted to scream, but no voice came out. He felt his body being forced into the painful, compact shape of a ball.

Time did not seem to exist in the place he had ended up, and the pain he suffered felt as if it had lasted an entire century, despite truly lasting only a few seconds.


Han Sen was suddenly released from that agonizing pain, and he was dropped to the cold comfort of the ground. After the fall, he could not help but yell, "Ouch!" His body was in anguish, and when he moved, he could feel a number of broken bones about his body, in addition to his torn organs.

A slight movement was all it took to make him feel as if a thousand knives were stabbing him all at once.

It was fortunate Han Sen was as powerful as he was; any ordinary surpa.s.ser would have died at first contact with this place.

Han Sen wanted to cast his Dongxuan Sutra, to simulate the holy light and heal himself, but he couldn't. The blood flow of his entire body was messed up, and he was unable to cast a single skill.

"Oh, no! Am I going to die like this?" Han Sen felt as if his organs were bleeding. His entire body had been battered and broken, and if he did not receive any remedial aid, he'd soon die.

Being unable to cast a single skill, he could not heal himself. And with the pain that came with moving, he couldn't do anything but wait to die.

"Gourd! You got me killed!" Han Sen spoke to the gourd beside him, as his heart sank.

But then, Han Sen realized that despite all the wounds he had incurred, and the lesions that had opened up across his body, he wasn't bleeding externally. All the wounds had scabbed.

And as for the internal bleeding he could feel, nothing ill was coming of it. The blood that came from the organs did not swell up someplace, but instead managed to flow around his body even without the pumping of his heart or blood vessels.

"Blood-Pulse Sutra?" Han Sen was delighted at the sudden realization, and so he cast it. As he did, he prayed and hoped, "This must work."

He easily cast the Blood-Pulse Sutra, and his messed-up interior did not seem to prohibit his usage of the skill.

A strange power burst from his blood and went to every cell, fixing and restoring every part of his body.

His organs, his bones, his torn flesh; every inch of his being was recovering.

Han Sen noticed he did not need to focus on the Blood-Pulse Sutra, as the energy from his blood was recovering his organs by itself.

"No wonder it is a Blood Legion skill; it really is quite powerful." Han Sen was very happy. Although the recovery of the sutra was slow, and it wasn't as fast or efficient as the holy light, it was enough to save his life under the dire circ.u.mstances. It would take a while before he fully recovered, so he made the most of it and laid down as comfortably as he could.

Han Sen now thought it was a good idea to look around, but unfortunately, he could not move his head. Therefore, his vision was limited.

The air was pure where he was, and he had a feeling that he had never felt during his time in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. In comparison, the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary's air quality seemed poor and dirty.

"Am I in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary?" As Han Sen thought this, he tried looking up.

All he could see was the color green. When the sunlight flickered down through the foliage in his sight, the graceful light blinded him.

Han Sen noticed he was beneath a tree that was around five meters tall, and its leaves were entirely circular. The leaves knitted together like a parasol, s.h.i.+elding him from the sunrays.

But from the branches, Han Sen noticed many crosses hanging down.

As Han Sen wondered who had hung so many crosses on the tree, he realized what they actually were. They were shortswords.

Every shortsword looked identical, and they were about two-feet-long. Each blade was approximately the width of two fingers, and they were pitch-black in color. That was why Han Sen first mistook them for crosses. All-in-all, there had to be around thirty of them.

"Who was bored enough to hang this many swords from the tree?" Although Han Sen had this thought, he was actually extremely happy. It also meant someone had to be someplace in the vicinity.

But then, Han Sen realized it might have been a spirit that did this. Spirits were, after all, renowned for doing weird things. If he was discovered by a spirit, he wagered no good would come of it.

But Han Sen could not look around and examine more of the surroundings, due to his inability to move his head. All he could see was the tree and the black shortswords.

Han Sen then noticed something was wrong. The shortswords didn't look as if they had been hung on purpose. The swords were connected with the branches, as if they were a sort of fruit.

"Geno seeds. This must be the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary." Han Sen realized he was beneath a geno tree. The black shortswords were geno weaponry. He didn't know if he ought to be glad or worried. In this place, spirits, creatures, and humans grew geno seeds and now, he was directly underneath the fruit of one. He wasn't sure what he was going to meet.

If the geno tree's master was a beast, Han Sen would likely become its afternoon snack, since he couldn't move.

Han Sen looked at his Sea of Soul, planning to don his Devil-Ant King armor for protection.

But when he looked inside there, he froze.