Super Gene - Chapter 866: New Shura King

Chapter 866: New Shura King

Chapter 866: New Shura King

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After taking over Devil-Blood Shelter, Han Sen was starting to think he was far more powerful than he should've been. He had two King-cla.s.s shelters and yet, there'd never be anyone around to occupy them. Ferocious monsters ruled the lands that encompa.s.sed the shelters, meaning human occupation was unlikely. This annoyed Han Sen.

Despite owning these two shelters, he realized his inability to earn a single penny from either.

Although Han Sen did not need money, not earning anything from such potentially prosperous shelters was aggravating.

Han Sen told w.a.n.g Yuhang about how he was feeling. His response, upon hearing Han Sen's lamentations was, "Why would you allow this to dwell on your mind? With the advent of Angel Gene Fluid, the growing strength of humanity is accelerating. If you can secure these shelters and provide protection to other bold, pioneering sorts, it'd be a valuable location. Particularly so, with all the terrifying monsters that roam here. This place would be valued highly, I am sure. Even if you did not want to sell it, you could simply rent it."

"I guess you're right. I would only need Big Black and Small Black to guard this place, after all. There are no other King-cla.s.s shelters around, so they would suffice." Han Sen then turned his thoughts to which way he might earn the most money.

w.a.n.g Yuhang gave Han Sen a few more ideas, which Han Sen received favorably.

After going back to the Alliance, Han Sen found someone to produce an advertis.e.m.e.nt for him, to rent out Devil-Blood Shelter.

The advertis.e.m.e.nt shocked the whole Alliance. The fact that Han Sen had taken down a super spirit shelter was nigh unbelievable.

Taking down a King-cla.s.s shelter was in a whole different league than simply slaying a super creature. While Angel Gene was rejoicing about their felling of a single super creature, Han Sen was unceremoniously conducting business after securing an entire King-cla.s.s shelter.

Many people enquired about the advertis.e.m.e.nt, following its posting. Many people asked about the price, in particular.

After learning its location, many of the bigger organizations were keen to scout the area and check it out.

The results added further shock. If the shelter was indeed secure, then it would be a bountiful location with an abundance of resources. Not to mention the plentiful super creatures.

The only problem would have been safety, but Han Sen pledged there would be two super creatures remaining there, willing to guard the location. Thinking the shelter to be viable, many different factions gave Han Sen the sum they were willing to pay.

Angel Gene was the highest bidder, but Han Sen decided to rent it out to Dong Lin instead. With the contract that was written-up and later signed, they would pay Han Sen with a large sum of pet pills every year.

After the first transaction, Han Sen returned to Moment Shelter with a large quant.i.ty of pet pills. Then, he bid for Big Black and Small Black to go to Devil-Blood Shelter and guard it.

He had received many pet pills, and not being stingy, Han Sen happily handed them out to the silver fox and his beast souls. Even Meowth and Golden Growler could consume them.

Pet pills were very beneficial for super creatures. The silver fox, the fairy, Big Black, Small Black, and Little White loved them. Before long, the pills dwindled quickly.

Han Sen could visibly see the changes, however. As a result, he did not feel bad about spending them as freely as he did.

Han Sen calculated that the pet pills Dong Lin would pay every year was enough to keep them each reasonably fed for the duration between payments.

When Han Sen went to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, he would have to leave his companions behind. Han Sen wanted to feed and treat them well in the hopes they could ascend with him, like the Holy Rhino or Empty Witch had. If he could secure their ascendance, perhaps they could meet each other again.

Han Sen was going to be levelling up soon, so before that happened, Han Sen decided to pay his mother a visit.

When he asked his mom why she hadn't gone to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, she said it wasn't worth the risk. But if she had wanted to go, she'd have been there a long time ago.

She was afraid she'd have bad luck and die, with no hope of survival upon ascending. If that happened, there'd be no one left to look after Han Sen and Han Yan, she reasoned.

Han Sen was an independent person, yes, but Han Yan needed to be looked after. That was the reason, for now, for not going to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary.

When Han Sen visited his mom, he was planning to give her super beast souls and Life Geno Essences. She could either use them herself or give them to Han Yan when she reached the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. He didn't plan on selling them, anyway.

On his way to Blue Crystal Shelter, he also planned on maxing out his super geno points along the way. With some decent luck, he could find and provide the silver fox with a thunder-element Life Geno Essence, too.

It would have been nice if he could help the fairy, as well. But he wagered that, with the Crystal Palace, he could scour the seas and find a water-element Life Geno Essence with greater ease some other time.

Although Han Sen still had two-hundred-thousand miles to go, the road wasn't going to be a dangerous one due to how strong he had become. Therefore, Han Sen considered it as little more than a road trip. To join him, he decided to bring Zero and all his beautiful spirits with him on his way to Blue Crystal Shelter.

After walking for an entire month, they were yet to encounter a single dangerous moment. With his gorgeous companions and stunning views, it was a fun time. He even managed to get a thunder-element Life Geno Essence for the silver fox.

But Han Sen still hadn't been able to find a second-generation super creature for himself, which was rather disappointing.

He visited a human shelter along the way and returned to the Alliance for a spell. There, he heard startling news.

The shura had decided upon a new king. Or rather, this time, a queen. Her name was Yu Shura Queen, like Yu Qielan from the Yu family.

"I can't believe Yu Shura Queen was able to claim the throne. It's bad news for humanity, that's for sure," Ji Yanran said.

"Why?" Han Sen asked.

Ji Yanran explained, "The Yu family focuses on technological advancements. They are also fairly open-minded when it comes to other races. They consistently research how they might find a way to survive in the sanctuaries to earn geno points and own beast souls. They once suggested making use of human genes, but previous rulers were too closed-minded for that. The use of human genes would muddy their own blood, it was argued. No shura previously wanted to accept human genes, royal or otherwise. But now that she has taken the throne, that may soon change."

"Can the shura actually do that?" Han Sen frowned.

"It is difficult to tell. Angel Gene Fluid already proves it is possible to combine parts of them with ourselves. Who's to say it won't work the other way around?" Ji Yanran said.

"Well, you're right. If this does happen, that could prove troublesome," Han Sen agreed with her thoughts.

This was out of Han Sen's control, however. If the new shura leader did choose to pursue this path, it'd affect humanity a lot.

But for now, it was difficult to determine what might soon happen. For the time being, humanity had an advantage.