Super Gene - Chapter 864: One Mouth and a Demigod

Chapter 864: One Mouth and a Demigod

Chapter 864: One Mouth and a DemiG.o.d

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Zhuo Donglai watched the screen with an excitement in his heart. It reminded him of himself, in the days of his youth.

"He is not from the Luo family, and he did not practice Falsified-Sky Sutra. This is interesting, and now I have come to the decision that yes, I will recruit him as my student." Zhuo Donglai smiled.

It was difficult to believe that a Luo family member hadn't learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra but had still become so powerful.

His skills were top-tier. They weren't a.s.sociated with movement and power, and from what he had seen of Han Sen's operation of a warframe, Zhuo Donglai learnt a lot.

"It is an interesting thing, for him to become so powerful without learning the Falsified-Sky Sutra." Zhuo Donglai had a few extra thoughts about this, but he did not dwell on them. His mind swiftly moved on to think, "He is not from the Luo family, and neither does he want to be. His name is Han. Haha! I can't wait to see what comes of this."


Only G.o.d could have kept count of the hundreds of slashes the SKTS delivered to King of War, but it finally broke. And with King of War's breaking, the fight came to an end.

Li Chengxian did not say a word following his defeat. Upon his exit, he quickly summoned for his men to depart alongside him. He was far too ashamed of his performance to muster a single word, since he was a Royal Warframe Team operator who had just lost to an old, outdated SKTS.

Footage of the fight had been uploaded to Skynet. The full-length video was t.i.tled SKTS Murders King of War, and it didn't take long for it go viral.

After watching the video, many people were flabbergasted. Many warframe lovers wondered if they had what it took to do as the SKTS did.

Those efforts turned out badly, however. A few days after the video was uploaded, there were reports of countless SKTS kits being destroyed and their operators injured. No one was able to replicate what they had seen in the video.

As a result, many people believed the video had been faked, and its fight was staged. But when people thought about the fact that the video included Han Sen and a member of the Royal Warframe Team, they questioned why those two would do such a thing. Them faking a battle did not seem likely.

For the Royal Warframe Team to suffer such a defeat was humiliating, and many people could not help but say, "There is an operator called The Alpha. Others can't do what he does, and the skills he knows are etched into his bones."

Han Sen, Fat Squad Leader, and his friends celebrated the victory together. Delighted over the result, they all decided to get wasted. Later that night, Han Sen wobbled his way to the bathroom.

When he was in front of the door, an old man walked out. Han Sen was so drunk, he didn't even look at him properly.

This was the Alliance. Unlike in the sanctuaries, you always had to be alert—even in a drunken stupor.

So, when Han Sen pa.s.sed the old man, he felt as if the old man's eyes were incredibly bright. He glanced towards them.

As he looked, Han Sen froze. His pupils went smaller and his eyes were sapped of the joy they once possessed.

"Kid, take my mind test. If you pa.s.s, I will allow you to be my student," Zhuo Donglai c.o.c.kily said.

As a demiG.o.d, Zhuo Donglai was incredibly talented in the realm of influencing the wills of others and performing illusions. In demiG.o.d fights, he was able to make others lose their attention and fall into a false reality that he had devised.

Han Sen was merely an evolver, and helpless to resist. Therefore, Zhuo Donglai wished to test Han Sen's willpower, faith, and resolve. If he pa.s.sed, he would be sufficiently qualified to be Zhuo Donglai's apprentice. If his faith was warped, then that meant he did not have what it took yet.

People could learn any skill they wanted, and they could become as powerful as they wanted, too. The only inhibitor to achieving such lofty goals was a person's faith and dedication to the cause.

Zhuo Donglai walked in front of Han Sen and brought him to sit down. Han Sen's attention was vacant now, for he had been placed in Zhuo Donglai's Infinite Mind Trial. For surpa.s.sers, it traditionally took them an hour to escape it.

"Kid, suffer a little. When you come out, you will obey me." Zhuo Donglai thought about how Han Sen might respect him following the trial, and smiled with jittery excitement.

Zhuo Donglai placed a hand on Han Sen's shoulder, and when he did, Han Sen burped. Following that, a wretched noise sounded. "Blergh!" Han Sen threw up all over Zhuo Donglai.

Zhuo Donglai was caught at unawares. On any other occasion, he'd dodge without trouble, but he had become too self-obsessed, and his excitement over Han Sen had gotten the best of him. While thinking about how incredible his Infinite Mind Trial was, and how he'd present himself as Han Sen's new boss, the projectile vomiting caught him off-guard.

Han Sen was very drunk at this point. Becoming dizzy under the influence of Infinite Mind Trial was the straw that broke the camel's black and opened the floodgates of his stomach.

The two looked at each other for a second, and after acknowledging the situation, Han Sen said, "I am so sorry!"

"It's okay." Zhuo Donglai lowered his head and left, not wanting Han Sen to see his face.

He didn't look like the strong man that he was right now, especially since he was covered in puke. If he told Han Sen he was a demiG.o.d and wished to recruit him as a student, Han Sen was sure to believe he was an old man who had escaped the loony bin.

"D*mn it! Why did he not get lost in my Infinite Mind Trial? This is crazy." Zhuo Donglai was shocked.

"It fortunate that guy was a pleasant person. If he wasn't, I would sure be in trouble. I should avoid throwing up on people in the future, I think." Han Sen, merry as a cricket, continued his wobble towards the bathroom.

Zhuo Donglai, on the other hand, quickly left Moka Planet. Although he wanted to spend more time with Han Sen, it'd be awkward if he was recognized after their drunken encounter.

Therefore, Zhuo Donglai thought he might wait a while longer. He'd change his hairstyle and shave his beard, so by the next time they met, Han Sen would be none the wiser.

Han Sen was so drunk, he'd never believe he had thrown up on a demiG.o.d.

The training on Moka Planet lasted half a month, in total. When it was over, nothing came of it all. There were no adventures or excursions planned for them inside the ruins or anything. It had been a long time Daphne received a mission.

So, following this, Han Sen decided to return to the sanctuary. w.a.n.g Yuhang was still in Moment Shelter, so Han Sen traveled to Devil-Blood Shelter in his company. They wanted to see if they could deal one final strike and destroy the shelter.

The Devil-Blood King had mostly lost everything, so Han Sen was willing to a.s.sume all of the super creatures he had brought with him for the golden chests had been killed. At the most, only seven now remained. And if there were, Han Sen believed he could beat them.

His confidence had grown because he now owned the Silver-Blood Macaque.