Super Gene - Chapter 861: Royal Princess Team

Chapter 861: Royal Princess Team

Chapter 861: Royal Princess Team

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The Crystallizer civilization lessons he had received in the past were mostly the same, but this time, Han Sen noticed they were going into a lot more depth.

After the training was over, Han Sen went to a restaurant with Fat Squad Leader and his teammates.

Although they weren't in the same camp, they had to work hard in the sanctuary. Furthermore, their working locations were not the same and so, they did not meet up frequently. Gathering together in one spot was a rarity, so they were keen to take advantage of the opportunity and have a meal together.

They spoke about the many trials and tribulations they had each experienced in their lives up to that point. Fat Squad Leader recalled a tale in which he almost died while in the sanctuary. It was a story fraught with danger and arduous troubles, but he was a remarkable storyteller. He told the tale with humor and enthusiasm, which had everyone else leaning in to listen.

"Little Han, you have seen more than we, I am sure. Could you tell us a story concerning one of your adventurers?" Fat Squad Leader asked, and his request was joined by nods and noises of agreement from the others there, too.

Han Sen and Fat Squad Leader had been drinking, so Han Sen told them much about what he had been through. He received a barrage of questions as he told the stories.

Han Sen wanted to embellish the tales he told, but he realized his adventures were as fantastical and as wild as a story could get. He started to acknowledge how almost ridiculous his experiences were, that further flourishes weren't even necessary.

"What a load of sh*t! A moving mountain, a tree that sunders the sky and bears fruit that out treasure? Where do you think you are, the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary?" As Han Sen told his stories to the keen listeners, an inappropriate comment was made from someplace behind them. The voice was mocking.

When Han Sen's story was interrupted, the listeners all turned their heads to see who had the gall to do so. They were prohibited from wearing military uniforms outside the camp, so they wondered if the outspoken person only said as much because he didn't know who they were.

"Friend, we were only exchanging tales. You interrupt us as if you have been offended." Fat Squad Leader stood up and spoke to the person who had interrupted them, and noticed he was standing in the presence of others, too.

"This is a public area and there is a little thing called free speech. What? Are you guys allowed to spout whatever nonsense you want, whereas I must remain quiet?" the man said with a smile.

Fat Squad Leader looked ready to respond, but Li Jin tugged at his arm. Li Jin had recognized who those people were, and so he told Fat Squad Leader, "Leader, they are from the Royal Warframe Team. I saw them while we were training."

Fat Squad Leader frowned and said, "If we are allied, then I can excuse your bullish intrusion. At the very least, I hope that you can be a touch more respectful going forward."

Fat Squad leader sat back down, but the man raised his eyebrows and retorted, "Oh, I apologize. But our Royal Warframe Team is not comprised of bullsh*tters."

At this, Han Sen and Fat Squad Leader furrowed their brows. "Dude, you're way over the line!"

"Oh, I apologize again. Did I touch a nerve? That's fine; I'm sure that Hero Han can kill all manner of wretched creatures and surmount insurmountable challenges. Do not worry for my talent, as I am not a person that can move mountains and bring down the sky. I am merely a surpa.s.ser that has just reached the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. Haha. I suppose he could fight me, if he figured he was strong enough." The man was unbearably

When Han Sen heard the man refer to him as Hero Han, he knew right away that the sole purpose for the man's intrusion here was to cause trouble.

"Do you have no shame? You are a surpa.s.ser, who has come to challenge and pick on evolvers?" Fat Squad Leader was aggravated.

With a mocking expression, the man said, "I may be a surpa.s.ser, but I can only suppose I am weaker than the monsters Hero Han described. If he can deal with those creatures, then I am sure he would have no problem competing against me."

Fat Squad Leader and his friends were now riled up, but they couldn't quite formulate an appropriate response to this. They too believed Han Sen was embellis.h.i.+ng his tales, and exaggerating his stories for the sole purpose of entertainment. The Royal Warframe Team was mocking them, taking advantage of Han Sen's jests. Unable to say anything, their efforts of provocation were proving effective.

"Okay. Are we to have a friendly duel or commit to a warframe fight?" Han Sen asked, after standing up and moving right in front of the man.

Han Sen was not willing to accept their bullying.

Han Sen had already taken the time to sense the surpa.s.ser's energy flow, and he noted how he wasn't that far off the average super creature. He was most certainly not someone special.

"Haha, are you serious? You are going to fight us, the Royal Warframe Team?" The man looked as if he had just heard the funniest joke ever devised, and he couldn't help but burst into laughter.

The other team members joined in with the man's amus.e.m.e.nt, and they all did their best to mock Han Sen.

The Royal Warframe Team was the greatest team in the Alliance. Only the most elite were able to join them, and they were people who were able to control warframes.

To enter the Royal Warframe Team, a person had to undergo vigorous training. The Royal Warframe Team's training regime was different than that of ordinary warframe teams. Furthermore, Han Sen was not a warframe soldier.

"I have heard of you Royal Warframe lot, and I have heard there are many warframe masters." Han Sen spoke with a cold tone of voice.

Hearing Han Sen say this, the man became awfully The Royal Warframe Team was indisputably the best of the best, and it was something they were proud of. They'd take advantage of any opportunity they could to trumpet their accomplishments.

Fat Squad Leader knew Han Sen wouldn't compliment someone like this, w.i.l.l.y nilly, so he waited patiently for what Han Sen was going to say next.

"But I have also heard that the most powerful warframe users are female. The men are dragging the team down, apparently," Han Sen said.

Fat Squad Leader and Qiu Cheng laughed heartily at the burn. Li Jin joined in with a serious tone of voice, adding, "Yes, I have heard about this, too. The Royal Warframe Team is frequently referred to as the Royal Princess Team. I thought the team was only comprised of women. You'll have to accept my apology, for I did not know there were men amongst your ranks."

Han Sen and Li Jin's words were not false, and what they said was partly true.

The leader of the Royal Warframe Team was a woman, and most members were indeed female; like Yu Qianxun, who Han Sen had filmed advertis.e.m.e.nts with. w.a.n.g Mengmeng was a member of their team, as well.

The primary reason for the Royal Warframe Team's reputation as an elite army was due to their appearance. Being mostly comprised of women, that was not a difficult task.

The team always showed up at the Alliance's Independence Day celebrations, the New Year festivities, and the Marching Army events. They showed up to spruce up these occasions, and it helped that all of the smaller squads inside the Royal Warframe Team were spearheaded by women, too.

With all of its authoritative figures being women, the Royal Warframe Team had been dubbed the Royal Princess Team. It wasn't a snide name, and no contempt was harbored in its usage. The nickname really was just used to ill.u.s.trate the many women in its ranks.

"What did you say?" Now that Han Sen and Li Jin said this, the man's face had changed. The other men accompanying him stood up angrily.

They had been mocked for this state of affairs before, and hearing it used against them again was really quite triggering.

"Okay, let's have a warframe fight!" The men who had now been provoked looked at Han Sen with anger in their eyes.