Super Gene - Chapter 86: Special Training

Chapter 86: Special Training

Chapter 86: Special Training

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"Sen, check out my new mount!" Su Xiaoqiao was riding his newly-gained mutant red-hoofed beast in the yard of the Bullseye team, bragging.

The mutant red-hoofed beast looked somewhat like an antelope with a pair of buffalo horns on its head. It had the size of a camel and was satin black all over, except for its four blood-red hooves.

Han Sen was very depressed to see this gorgeous mount. He wasted so much effort in helping this brat win a mutant mount, while he himself ended up with nothing.

Although he did have a mutant mount beast soul, it was aquatic and was useless on the land.

"After the martial arts contest, I have to find a way to gain a beast soul mount. It was too much trouble going everywhere on foot and it was bad for my image as well," Han Sen thought to himself.

Dark Swamp was out of the question. Even if he gained a mount beast soul there, it would be something ugly like a toad.

"Han Sen, come to my office." Yang Manli called from on the second floor.

"Sen, you offended her again?" Su Xiaoqiao ran over and asked, grinning.

"Why would I do that?" Han Sen said, touching his nose.

"That was not a kind look she had. You have to be careful," Su Xiaoxiao laughed.

"You know about looks? Why don’t you say you are psychic as well." Han Sen laughed and went to the second floor.

"Manli, you asked for me?" Han Sen asked.

"I do not know what Qin Xuan saw in you. But since she asked me to help you prepare for the entrance exam, I’ll do my best. Starting from today, you will report to me at the teleport station every day and I will train you, hard. You better be prepared as you will suffer. Blackhawk isn’t just any school."

Yang Manli paused and said casually, "If you cannot bear it, you better ask Qin Xuan to allow you to quit. I will not stop you."

"When do I start?" Han Sen asked.

"Now," said Yang Manli before she got up and teleported to Planet Roca with Han Sen.

Yang Manli took Han Sen to the test hall at the teleport station, which was a military-standard test hall that provided more accurate tests.

"You will do a detailed test first and let me see what’s the difference between your fitness level and the lowest standard for Blackhawk," Yang Manli said with no expression.

"No need for that. I think I could definitely pa.s.s that bar." Han Sen did not dare to do the test, afraid he might scare Yang with his data.

The last time he took the test, he had approached 10 in all his numbers. Having gained lots of mutant and sacred geno points after that, his fitness index should be well beyond 10 now.

"Do the test." Yang Manli commanded coldly.

"If you insist." Han Sen muttered and slowly walked toward the entrance of the test hall.

Han Sen had made up his mind not to use his full strength, in case Yang could tell something was wrong.

Fortunately, Han Sen was very confident in his control of his own body. The more he practiced Jadeskin, the more he was amazed by this hyper geno art. He hadn’t practiced it for long, but he already felt that he could adjust each bone and each muscle in his body.

With Jadeskin, he could even change his heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature to a certain extent.

The more he understood Jadeskin, the more scared he felt. Fortunately, Xue Longyan had already been seriously injured when they met, or else it would have been Han Sen who got killed.

It was precisely because of this that Han Sen wouldn’t let anyone know that he was practicing Jadeskin, for fear that people might know Xue Longyan was killed by him.

The test items here were similar to those in the test center, but were more sophisticated in general. Hence Han Sen knew what each item was for.

Soon, Han Sen completed all the test items and came out of the test hall covered with sweat.

Yang Manli had no idea that Han Sen looked so tired mainly because he was trying to control the test result. To control one’s reflexes and heartbeat was extremely difficult in such sophisticated test items. If Han Sen hadn’t practiced Jadeskin, he wouldn’t have been able to hide his real physical condition at all.

Yang Manli looked through Han Sen’s test results and said, "Less than 10 in all items, but close. Ten is just the standard of ordinary military schools. For Blackhawk, even for specially recruited students, 10 was just a narrow pa.s.s."

After reading something on a smart machine, she said, "During the time we have left which is little more than a month, I will make all your fitness index pa.s.s 10. Meanwhile, I will train you in archery. Only with proper archery skills will you be specially recruited."

"Manli, may I ask, without special enrollment, what kind of score is Blackhawk looking for?" Han Sen asked curiously.

"When you are able to beat me, you could be admitted to Blackhawk on your own." Yang Manli went to the gym, not even glancing at Han Sen.

Han Sen followed her to the gym and looked at all sorts of training equipment in the gym curiously. Many of the equipment he had never seen before. Many soldiers were training in the gym.

The teleport station was part of the military, so everything here followed military standard. The only difference was that most soldiers here were new to the army and had never been to the battlefield.

Those who could be a.s.signed here typically had certain connections, or else they would have been sent to the front.