Super Gene - Chapter 858: The Gourd’s Show of Strength

Chapter 858: The Gourd’s Show of Strength

Chapter 858: The Gourd’s Show of Strength

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The earth was quaking as Moment Shelter rose up alongside the Purple Mountain. Beneath the sundered mountain, gargantuan jade roots were exposed.

The corpses of all the super creatures, and their Life Geno Essences included, were each consumed by the tree.

Its branches spiralled out and up into the air. Eventually, they reached what appeared to be an invisible ceiling, and above them, cracks suddenly started to appear in the sky. They spread out in the tangled manner of a spider web, suggesting the very skies were about to collapse.

A new lifeforce energy came from beyond those cracks, and it was quickly absorbed by the tree. Following its consumption, the tree's body became greener than ever.

Although the Gold-Jade Tree was primarily only able to grow through Little White's luck, the tree still lacked the amount of nutrition it required. This was because it was still in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. It found a way to make up for the lost energy by absorbing it directly from Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. Following this, it started to grow again.

Moment Queen looked delighted and said, "Finally! Finally, I can return to Third G.o.d's Sanctuary once more. It is finally happening! The *ssholes of that land better watch out, for I am back—with a vengeance."

Seeing the Jade-Gold Tree bring the shelter and the mountain itself up high, Han Sen's eyes couldn't help but widen. He was seeing something unbelievable.

Han Sen's gourd shone gold, and it vibrated with a greater ferocity. A black light began to seep and s.h.i.+ne from its tip.

It was like a black hole, where a dimension at the gourd's tip had been distorted. Light and color were all being sucked into this black hole.

"Has the gourd chosen to hatch now? Talk about bad timing!" If whatever was inside the gourd was something good and beneficial, it was likely that Moment Queen would opt to take it away and claim owners.h.i.+p.

Han Sen noticed Moment Queen looking at the gourd. She frowned and asked him, "What are you doing?"

She had followed Han Sen for a while and knew much about who he was and what he possessed, but she believed the gourd he owned was little more than a toy.

But the black hole at its tip seemed capable of bending dimensions, and this made her frown.

"Nothing!" Han Sen wasn't sure how to respond. He had owned this gourd for the longest time, and he'd lambast the heavens for the misfortune if it was stolen by Moment Queen now.

After Han Sen said this, he thought about putting the gourd away. But the black hole on the gourd expanded, and it spit out a strange manifestation of black light towards the Jade-Gold Tree.

The tree was surrounded by this black light, and its energy was being visibly drained from it. Like a physical river, the energy followed the black light back to its source: the gourd.

The gourd was only the size of a person's palm, so the quant.i.ty of energy it was merrily absorbing was nigh unfathomable. The lifeforce of the tree was clearly fading in response, and its appearance was quickly robbed of its l.u.s.tre. The Jade-Gold Tree was wilting.

"What's going on?" Han Sen asked, while holding the gourd in surprise.

"Do you want to die?" When Moment Queen noticed that the Jade-Gold Tree was dying and its efforts to break the sky were now failing, she believed it to be the malevolent work of Han Sen. She lunged forward to attack him.

Han Sen was prepared to evade, but before he did, the gourd fired another beam of black light towards Moment Queen's purple shortsword.


The purple shortsword was whipped out of her hands. As if caught by a gravity well, the sword then started moving towards the gourd. At the sight of this, Moment Queen's face dropped aghast.

Although it was only a two foot long shortsword, the gourd was only the size of a person's palm. And yet, the shortsword was sucked into this black hole, becoming trapped inside the gourd.

"What is this?!" Moment Queen looked at the gourd, failing to believe one of her six Cog armaments had been taken by it.

The Jade-Gold Tree's seed was forged by a king, and it possessed many super genes inside it. It grew poorly in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, and the items it grew weren't as effective as the genuine Super Gene ones. Still, the power these items possessed was far greater than the power of any other obtainable items of Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Coming into possession of such an item in the Second G.o.d's Shelter was an extremely rare opportunity, and already, the gourd had s.n.a.t.c.hed one of them away from her. Although it was quickly smothered by her rage, Moment Queen was full of surprise.

At this sudden development, however, Han Sen was secretly exuberant. He hadn't expected the gourd to prove so invaluable, particularly in his time of need. For one of those horrible Geno Seed weapons to be so quickly consumed by it, he had the sneaking suspicion things would soon turn in his favor.

"My baby gourd, suck her!" Han Sen wasn't even sure if the gourd would follow such a command, but regardless, he barked it out.

And then, the gourd did indeed listen. A black beam was fired towards Moment Queen. She attempted to evade it, but she felt as if she was being pulled back to it. Unable to free herself, her face changed.


It was Moment Queen's little hammer, followed by the s.h.i.+eld she carried.

Within this strong well of suction, the six Cog armaments were being sucked into the gourd one by one.

"Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!" Han Sen was incredibly excited. He had believed himself to be a dead man, but when the gourd sprang to life, things truly seemed to be working out in his favor.

Moment Queen wished to escape the suction but she could not move. And amidst her hopeless bids to free herself from the restraints of the gourd's light, all of her new tree-born equipment was pulled away. Regardless of what she did, the gear found a way to squirm and slide its way out of her possession and towards the gourd.

"Suck it hard!" Han Sen shouted at Moment Queen, as he lifted up his gourd.

The black light continued to burst forth, and the purple crown was the next to depart her brief owners.h.i.+p. The mist it once expelled did nothing to keep it from being pulled into the whirling black abyss stemming from the top of the gourd.

Moment Queen was shocked, having no clue what that gourd could have possibly been. She had trouble fathoming the power it possessed, for it to so easily trump and consume her armaments.

"How can Second G.o.d's Sanctuary birth something such as this?" Moment Queen asked in a tone of obvious desperation. The c.o.c.kiness she once exuded had all vanished.

"Kill her!" Han Sen lifted up the gourd and barked this one final order in the direction of Moment Queen. As he did so, an ear-to-ear smile materialized on his face, in merry delight of how the tables had turned so suddenly.

The wings on her back were now ripped off, too. They were sucked into the gourd.

But that wasn't the end. Moment Queen's purple armor, the final item, was ripped off her body. It became a formless purple light, and in a blink, disappeared into the gourd's trail of suction.

Moment Queen was now clothed only in her underwear.

"Little Moment, what were you saying?" Han Sen stared at her as he held his gourd, and he spoke to her slowly.

"What is that thing?" Moment Queen's spirit had been wholly defeated. She looked at the gourd, struggling to believe that her equipment had been taken away so easily.

Without the protection of her six Cog armaments, she could not rebel against Han Sen and his contract.