Super Gene - Chapter 817: You Belong to Me

Chapter 817: You Belong to Me

Chapter 817: You Belong to Me

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Han Sen happily agreed. He would receive a gift without having to risk his life, .

Seeing the fruit outside the Empty Spirit Witch, he then thought of something.

When the Holy Rhino entered the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, it shed all of its old flesh. Now that she was going to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, Han Sen wondered if that meant she'd also have to leave the fruit of her composition behind. If she did, it might be just as good as the flesh of that rhino.

Han Sen then waited for the Empty Spirit Witch to be born, so he could take the fruit. Even if he couldn't eat it, it might prove beneficial to his new Spirit Owl.

The vine with the fruit returned to the hill, and as it went, it released a refres.h.i.+ng fragrance. As time pa.s.sed, Han Sen was able to observe the baby growing inside the core.

It wasn't a shocking, violent scene as it had been with the Holy Rhino. The entire spectacle was mellow and serene. It remained there quietly, awaiting its own birth.

Perhaps she had evolved slowly over the course of a thousand years, and it wasn't a sudden transformation as it had been with the rhino.

Everything was natural, and Han Sen waited there for two days. On the morning of the third day, the core of the fruit cracked. Like an actual baby, the Empty Spirit Witch waddled out of the fruit.

She was almost the same size as the fairy, but lacked wings. She was naked, and a purple marking adorned her forehead. Aside from that, there was nothing special about her person.

The Empty Spirit Witch came closer and arrived before Han Sen. She was surrounded by spots of light, which floated upwards into the sky.

"Bring out the Holy Spirit," the Empty Spirit Witch said, standing two feet away from Han Sen.

He was alert, but he still opened his hands to reveal the gourd to her. He stared at her intently; if she tried to steal it, he'd pull it back and fight.

She landed on Han Sen's hand and cut her finger. A drop of transparent blood fell onto the gourd.

The blood was clearer than water, and when it dripped onto the gourd, the gourd absorbed it in a second.

After absorbing the blood, the dry and yellow gourd showed movement. The gourd began to tremble as if with life.

It didn't seem as if there was a big change, but Han Sen could sense the movement of its lifeforce unlike ever before.

Han Sen's heart was tremendously glad. He had believed she was going to do something ill-conceived, and right now, she was actually aiding him in his care of the gourd.

Han Sen used to feel that the gourd lacked a certain something, and the energy flow grew a bit too slowly. But now, he had learnt that it was born damaged, which was why it was slow.

Now, with the Empty Spirit Witch's blood, the lifeforce inside was like a freshly grown plant. It seemed to show a hunger it never had before, an unquenchable thirst for magic blood.

The golden lines that decorated the gourd appeared in greater number. They had appeared before, but they had lacked the vibrancy and spark of life that were being visibly displayed right now. It indeed looked like something that had just been freshly picked from the vine.

The Empty Spirit Witch looked at the gourd in a way that suggested she was waiting for something, but he did not know what.

Han Sen acknowledged she was hiding something, and that there was an ulterior motive for helping him. There was a reason she initially wanted the gourd for herself, but it was something Han Sen had yet to discover.


The air vibrated and an old wooden double-door appeared in the sky.Through the frame of the door, a scary presence emerged. And as if it had influenced the atmosphere itself, the sky changed color.

The spores of light that floated around the Empty Spirit Witch now started floating up directly towards the door and then, from behind those doors, a human-shaped shadow approached. Han Sen was able to see it, despite the fog and blurriness that masked the entrance.

Beneath the gravity of the tremendous force that came, Han Sen could not remain standing for long. He fell to the ground. This had already happened to him once before, so he knew there was no use trying to resist it.

Even super creatures could not withstand the pressure that came from beyond those doors. And Han Sen was only just a human, and one that wasn't a celestial being, either.

"Put the Holy Spirit away." The Empty Spirit Witch's eyes looked strange as she spoke to him. Her lips did not move, but he heard her clearly in his ears.

Although Han Sen did not know what she was planning, he immediately returned the gourd to his pack. When he raised his head, she was already flying towards the old wooden doors.


The door opened and an elf-like lady appeared from the beyond. She exuded an elegance no human woman could, and yet the way she appeared seemed so natural and casual. Looking upon that woman once would imprint within your mind a sight that you could never forget. She was so natural that she blended in with the environment. No other woman looked like this.

The woman stepped out from the door and looked at that Empty Spirit Witch, that was flying towards her spryly. She smiled and asked, "Will you follow me along the path of evolution?"

"Yes." The Empty Spirit Witch calmly replied, as she flew towards the woman.

The woman smiled in response. She put out her hand and allowed the Empty Spirit Witch to land on it. But just as she turned around and was about re-enter the door, she looked down and stopped. She turned back around and looked at Han Sen.

The Empty Spirit Witch saw her look at Han Sen, and it made her heart jump with a sudden worry.

The woman observed Han Sen lying down on the ground, and she looked surprised. Then, she gazed directly at the red dot on Han Sen's forehead.

"Saint Fan was here before? This is interesting. If I encounter him, I will not be able to let him go." The woman seemed to be speaking to herself.

Han Sen was still being pushed down to the ground, and he was unable to hear what she said. The Empty Spirit Witch did hear, however, and this seemed to bring her relief. She also turned to give Han Sen another look, one of much surprise.

She thought the woman had noticed the gourd Han Sen possessed, but was surprised to see the woman was actually taking notice of the man himself.

The Empty Spirit Witch would never have considered Han Sen, who was not even a celestial being, to be worthy of the woman's notice.

Han Sen felt bad getting crushed into the earth, but soon after, the pressure was removed. The force felt lighter, and he was freed. Then, he stood up.

He thought the woman had already taken the Empty Spirit Witch back through the door, but upon raising his head, he was surprised to still see her there, hovering in the sky. The beautiful eyes peered at him, and she smiled warmly.

"From now on, you belong to me." Amidst Han Sen's confusion, he had no idea why she continued to stare at him. He too thought she had discovered the presence of his gourd, but then the woman pointed a finger directly at him.


A light cracked the air and struck Han Sen's forehead.