Super Gene - Chapter 811: Super Pets Aren't That Good

Chapter 811: Super Pets Aren't That Good

Chapter 811: Super Pets Aren't That Good

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"It looks like everyone knows who I am. Yet I don't know any of you. That hardly seems fair." Han Sen smiled at the people in front of him.

"I cannot believe we stumbled across you here. This truly is perfect." Manager Qu had murder in his eyes. He looked at the people around him, and they spread out to surround Han Sen.

There were seven of them, and they looked to be elites who had opened their gene locks. Furthermore, they were all under the effects of the drug. They possessed an unnatural power, and they were clearly preparing themselves to kill Han Sen.

"Han Sen, summon your super pet. It's about time we demonstrate to you that super pets aren't that good." The leader, Manager Qu, looked to be seething with rage as he coldly spoke to Han Sen.

"Super pets aren't good, you're right; they're brilliant. But I don't need a super pet to deal with you guys." Han Sen summoned the Flaming Rex Spike in his hands.

Han Sen wanted to see how strong the people truly were, having used the shura concoction.

"Good. Show us how talented you are." Manager Qu seemed genuinely excited, and very confident in his ability to kill Han Sen before he summoned a super pet.

It would be better if they did not have to fight the super pet.

Without any hesitation, Manager Qu swung his sword as fire erupted from the blade and wreathed it. Then, he rushed towards Han Sen.

The other six people, who were blood-horned shura, had their elemental powers primed. They all raced towards Han Sen, looking as if they wanted to kill him quickly before he summoned his super pet. They seemed to be really confident about killing Han Sen, and as a matter of fact, they had already formulated a plan for killing him beforehand. They had learned it on the off-chance they would one day encounter him again. But their plan included what they should do to deal with the little angel at the same time. Now that they did not have to deal with the little angel right away, their confidence was bolstered.

They thought Han Sen was a person who relied solely on his super pet for strength, and that he wasn't all that proficient in battle himself. Now that they had used their shura liquid, their power exceeded what they believed possible for a human being. Thus, they thought killing him would be a trivial task.

Seeing the first weapons approach, Han Sen waved him Flaming Rex Spike. The rex spike shone with a green light, and without fear, he committed to the battle they brought towards him.

The green light came from Han Sen's simulation of the armored phantom. He could simulate it one hundred percent. Han Sen's lifeforce was not as strong as the armored phantom's, however, so the light was a little weaker.


The indestructible green light cleaved through every one of his foes' elemental attacks. When he reached Manager Qu's longsword, Han Sen's swing broke it with ease.

"Impossible! How can you unleash such power?" Manager Qu and the rest of his people were all shocked. They had all used shura liquid to increase their fitness to a level that granted them elemental powers.

Han Sen never used anything of the sort. With no body-boosting concoctions, they had no idea how he had managed to become so strong and do such a thing.

"Unleas.h.i.+ng power is not that good." Han Sen waved his Flaming Rex Spike towards one of his attackers.

The green light spun alongside the Flaming Rex Spike, becoming a green light drill bit. The man it was coming for raised his giant rock of a s.h.i.+eld, in the hopes of blocking the incoming hit.

The Flaming Rex Spike drilled through the rocky s.h.i.+eld like b.u.t.ter. Its speed was not impeded in the slightest, and it cut clean through into the man's body.

The blood-horn shura roared, as his body began to turn into stone.

But it seemed useless in opposition to the green drill bit. The rocky body was of no resistance, and after the drill pierced through, he was instantly killed.

The faces of his opponents all changed. They did not expect Han Sen to possess such a power, even with his super pet. He was far stronger than any sc.r.a.p of intel had informed them.

Han Sen waved his Flaming Rex Spike and put his enemies at a disadvantage. He was still winning, despite going up against six people at the same time.

His enemies went all pale. They believed their shura liquid was enough to compete against a super pet, but now, they were brought to the startling realization that it wasn't even enough to deal with Han Sen himself.

"What is going on?! How can Han Sen cast and unleash such power? Why is he so strong? Did he find a way to absorb Life Geno Essences? Has he become a celestial being?" Manager Qu was suddenly brought to fear. He didn't want to fight Han Sen any longer.

"Let's go. When we return, we must make sure to inform the boss that Han Sen has managed to absorb Life Geno Essences. And we must tell him that he has become a celestial being," Manager Qu shouted before running off.

Five of the fighters still remained, but they did not stay for long. They all took off running in different directions, as fast as the wind.

Han Sen coldly laughed and chased after Manager Qu.

Manager Qu saw Han Sen chase after him but felt relieved. Even if Han Sen could catch up with him, the others would have gone far enough away to be safe from any other pursuit he sought to give. One way or another, the message would be delivered to their boss.

But then, Manager Qu saw Han Sen summon a blonde angel and a black-armored queen.

"I want two of them alive. Kill the rest!" Han Sen coldly commanded.

The angel and queen flew in different directions, and their speed truly shocked Manager Qu.

"That kind of speed... they must both be super pets! You have two super pets?!" Manager Qu's heart was shattered into pieces. He spoke to himself aloud, acknowledging his underestimation of Han Sen.

According to the boss's calculation, they wouldn't have been able to kill him even if they had twice the men. Han Sen's own power, and all the stuff he had managed to collect over time, were far beyond their wildest expectations.

"You are wrong. I only have one super pet. The other is a king spirit. Oh, silly me. Perhaps you haven't heard? King spirits are what you refer to as super spirits. They are officially t.i.tled King-cla.s.s Spirits." Han Sen moved his body and shot right behind Manager Qu, with a speed faster than any other human could achieve.

"King spirit?!" Manager Qu exclaimed in shock, now having lost the ability to run. "It's over. It's all over! We were so wrong."