Super Gene - Chapter 80: A Test

Chapter 80: A Test

Chapter 80: A Test

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After returning home, Han Sen showed Yan the tutorial of Holy Angel and asked her to memorize it.

With the holographic demonstration, it was not difficult to learn. Being intelligent, Yan memorized Holy Angel after watching just a few times.

On the next day, the geno solution compatible with Holy Angel was delivered to their home by the staff of Saint Hall. Han Sen asked Yan to drink it in accordance with the instructions.

Because practicing hyper geno arts could generate a burden on one’s body and each hyper geno art had different effects, most hyper geno arts would have to be practiced along with the using of its correspondent geno solution.

An S-Cla.s.s hyper geno art usually came with three bottles of geno solution, so it could be practiced by up to three persons.

If the matching geno solution was not used, Saint Hall would be exempt from any obligations and medical bills if there was an accident during the practice.

Before this, Han Sen did not know how advanced hyper geno arts worked, so he felt lucky that he had successfully practiced Jadeskin.

"Yan, this hyper geno art is the secret of our family. Do not let others know about it, OK?" Han Sen did not even tell Yan the name "Holy Angel."

Han Yan nodded seriously, "Yan will not tell anyone that I practiced a hyper geno art my brother gave me."

"Good girl. If you encounter some danger and someone asks you which hyper geno art you are practicing, tell him you do not know and it’s taught to you by your brother," Han Sen said.

"Yan understands," Han Yan said solemnly.

"Excellent." Han Sen patted Han Yan's head, feeling pity for his sister.

Children who grew up in poor families were better prepared to deal with problems. Han Sen had spent some care-free years when he was a child. When Han Yan was born, however, their family had been declining, so she had never lived a good life. For this, she was more mature than her peers.

Luo Sulan was in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary these days and just returned home on the fourth day since Han Sen came back.

Han Sen also showed Luo Sulan Holy Angel, which shocked her. Although she didn’t know too much about hyper geno arts, she could tell that this was no ordinary stuff as the tutorial was very carefully arranged.

"Sen, where did this hyper geno art come from?" asked Luo Sulan, worried.

"Mom, don’t worry. I bought this," Han Sen said.

"How is possible that you have this kind of money?" she asked again.

"Mom, I am much stronger than before and have joined a military gang in Steel Armor Shelter. This hyper geno art is just a start. We will live better in the future…"Han Sen explained how he joined Qin Xuan's Steel Armor Gang, rea.s.suring his mother.

"Son, you have gone far." Luo Sulan’s eyes were wet from happiness. She had endured so many hards.h.i.+ps to see this day.

"Mom, don’t get emotional. It’s a good thing." Han Sen had more than a million left in his account after paying for the S-level package for Yan. He gave it to his mother and said, "This is what I earned in G.o.d’s Sanctuary recently. Mom you can use it to pay for the daily expenses."

"You take it yourself. You need the money..." Luo Sulan refused to take it.

"It’s fine. I am now with a military organization and my boss is generous. There will be more in the future." Hansen was trying to prepare Luo Sulan for more good news.

"Sen, keep in mind that you shall never be aggressive. Don’t get involved in any trouble..." Luo Sulan said earnestly.

"Mom, I understand. You know your son. I have always been low-key," Han Sen quickly said.

"Good, good. As for the hyper geno art, you’ve got Yan started, right? Tell her never to show it off, in case people would be envious." Since father's accident, Han Sen’s mother had changed a lot and was constantly afraid that her children would be in danger.

"Mom, do not worry. I have told Yan and she promised me she would never tell."

"No, I have to personally tell her again." Luo Sulan got up and went to find Yan.

Watching Luo Sulan leaving, Han Sen felt very upset. If it were not for Dad’s accident, Luo Sulan wouldn’t have become so cautious and live in panic all day along.

"What happened?" Han Sen regretted that he was so young and didn’t understand anything. All he knew was that Dad had an accident.

He had asked Mom and Mr. Zhang, but they were both hesitant to say anything. Han Sen knew it was not just an accident.

In the stationmaster’s office at the teleport station, Yang Manli placed a capsule in front of Qin Xuan.

"Stationmaster, you are sure you want to use this?" Yang Manli looked at Qin Xuan who had picked up the capsule.

"I have to know why he is not willing to go to Blackhawk, and whether he wants to join my squad," Qin Xuan said.

"There are so many guys like him: cowardly, greedy and lecherous. There is no need to win him over. I think we should make every effort to get Dollar on our side instead, who can become the best archer possible," Yang Manli said.

Qin Xuan just smiled. "Dollar is of course amazing, but a man like him would not give us any chance to control him. Han Sen is still very talented, and I think he can do well. But the person I need must have a clean slate and be willing to join my squad, which takes me some effort to confirm."

Yang Manli wanted to say more but Qin Xuan stopped her, "Unless you can get Dollar to join our squad, Han Sen is my choice."

Yang Manli did not reply, but was secretly determined to find Dollar and persuade him.

Han Sen did not know what Qin Xuan saw in him that she wanted him to join her squad so bad. Before he entered the teleport station, he made sure that he wasn’t in Qin Xuan’s sight.

Unfortunately, nothing could go unnoticed under her nose.

Looking at Qin Xuan standing in front of him with a faint smile on her face, Han Sen had to step forward.

"It’s been a long time since we fought. Show me your progress." Noticing Qin Xuan did not mention other matters, Han Sen was secretly relieved.

Han Sen was now much better, but he did not dare to show her all he got. Even if he did, she would probably still beat him.

"Drink some water." Qin Xuan took off her helmet and fetched two bottles of water. She unscrewed a bottle for herself and handed another to Han Sen.

Han Sen had no suspicion and drank from the sealed bottle of water.

"Han Sen, do you think I’m pretty?" Qin Xuan suddenly asked.

"Pretty... of course you are..." Han Sen was surprised and looked up at her, not understanding why she was asking this question. It was not her style.

"Do you think my lips are prettier or my eyes?" Qin Xuan asked again.

Han Sen felt dizzy. He could not help but look to the mouth of Qin Xuan, and gradually his sight moved up and fell on her bright eyes.