Super Gene - Chapter 792: A King with Seventy-Two Wives

Chapter 792: A King with Seventy-Two Wives

Chapter 792: A King with Seventy-Two Wives

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After Han Sen woke up, he logged into the virtual training camp. Qin Xuan was already online, and she wasted no time in inviting him to a lobby.

"Coach, I have decided to learn Empirical Sword," Qin Xuan told him directly.

"Okay," Han Sen said. The way he saw things, Qin Xuan was a woman who could do anything. She surmounted challenges of all sorts easily, and it was difficult to grasp that feeling with the other men he knew. He thought Empirical Sword would suit her just fine.

They both matched against each other again, but this time, there was someone in the audience. It was a middle-aged gentleman.

Qin Xuan thought her great grandfather was a strange man. He was incredibly old, but upon making his virtual avatar, he created a delicate and handsome middle-aged man. He had also taken to flirting with other online girls, something which annoyed her quite a bit.

At least she was not compelled to inform others that it was indeed her great grandfather. Admitting such a thing would be extremely embarra.s.sing.

After their fight was over, Qin Xuan hesitated for a bit before talking. When she spoke, she said, "Coach, I have a friend who would like to match against you. Would this be okay?"

"Sure," Han Sen quickly agreed, as it did not concern him who he practiced with.

"Cool. I will ask him to invite you, then." Qin Xuan felt relieved, not hearing Han Sen ask her who this person was. If he had, she wouldn't have known how to answer him. She could not lie, but admitting the truth would be painful.

After waiting a bit, Han Sen saw a friend request pop-up, alongside the ID of its sender. It was called "A King with Seventy-Two Wives," a name which made Han Sen laugh. He happily accepted the request.

This name was one of the primary reasons why Qin Xuan did not want to introduce the person as her great grandfather.

After Han Sen added him as a friend, he received a match invite. He agreed, but did not expect the person he was about to face to be a demi-G.o.d.

Qin Xuan was prepared to watch the fight, but her entry was prevented.

"A fighter has disabled spectating. Entry is prohibited." Hearing the system announcement, Qin Xuan froze. She had no idea why she had been locked out.

"Great Grandpa, what are you doing?" Qin Xuan sent Qin Taixuan a message.

"The recipient has disabled their messaging functionality. Try again later." When Qin Xuan heard this second announcement, she began to feel awful. She had no idea what her great grandfather sought to do.

When Han Sen entered the arena, his body felt a great chill. He could sense a feeling of danger encroach and swell inside him. It was the sort of feeling that suggested he was not going up against a person, but rather a monster.

If he was in the sanctuary, he'd turn tail and run within a heartbeat. This scary feeling made him tremble.

He was not afraid in his mind, however. His body's reaction was only natural, when faced with the potential of extreme danger. It was merely quite strange for him, since he had never suffered this reaction before.

Han Sen forced his body to calm down, and after doing so, approached to observe his opponent.

Han Sen knew there would be no point in running. If he ever met someone in real life who could make his body s.h.i.+ver like this, he knew he wouldn't be granted the opportunity of flight.

Han Sen was simply glad he had only encountered this person here in the virtual Skynet, and he wasn't a real enemy of his.

"Why have you convinced Qin Xuan to learn that skill?" Qin Taixuan coldly asked.

"Because I think it suits her," Han Sen said, not looking to hide anything. Although he did not compel Qin Xuan to learn it, he hoped that she would learn it due to how well it suited her.

"Then let me see if you have what it takes to even think about it." Qin Taixuan stepped forward and his hands became blades. Without pause, he slashed towards Han Sen.

In this virtual world, when Han Sen saw the strike come, he felt as if the world had gotten smaller. It was like the entire s.p.a.ce was taken by this attack, and he could neither move nor dodge. He felt as if he would just have to stand and wait there, antic.i.p.ating the moment he would be broken by his opponent.

Han Sen knew that it wasn't the power gap between the two that prohibited him from fighting back, it was just the feelings he was suffering from, as a result of going against someone of a much higher tier. It stifled him.

Han Sen's heart was tough, and he had frequently found himself triumphing over life or death moments. Thinking this over, he became determined not to lose over the strength he perceived someone else to have.

He cast the Dongxuan Sutra, which resulted in his body shaking. But still, his eyes shone bright with determination, devoid of any glimmer of a desire to back out. All he did was stare at the hand that approached him.

He did not move back nor forward. Instead, he moved horizontally.


When the attack landed, he felt as if his chest was about to be torn open. One of his arms and half a shoulder were sliced off. The system simulated the appearance of gus.h.i.+ng blood, as his HP bar was brought down to a sliver.

But the opponent's attack did not defeat him right away, and he still had a single-digit amount of HP left.

Qin Taixuan's eyes looked strange. He could tell that his opponent was not some leader in an army and was instead just a young man.

But for a young man to have such a reaction towards his attack was special, and even here in a virtual community, it surprised Qin Taixuan a great amount.

If Han Sen backed off, then that would mean his mind was lost. If he went forward, then that would imply he was reckless under pressure.

No matter which way Han Sen went, he'd have been defeated.

But under such pressure, Han Sen could still use his best judgment and heed his own advice. To this, Qin Taixuan was surprised and in great admiration of him.

Qin Taixuan thought it was incredible to see a young man such as this.

"If you have convinced Little Xuanxuan to learn this skill, you must be responsible." Qin Taixuan merely looked at Han Sen now, foregoing a desire to attack.

Han Sen was preparing to fight back, but put away his attempt upon hearing him speak. His heart could properly take-in what was spoken, so he asked, "Responsible? Responsible for what?"

"If a powerful sword lacks a proper scabbard, then it will inevitably harm the wielder. If you have suggested that she learn Empirical Sword, then you must be her scabbard," Qin Taixuan said with calm gravitas.