Super Gene - Chapter 77: Tang Zhenliu

Chapter 77: Tang Zhenliu

Chapter 77: Tang Zhenliu

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One of the familiar faces was Fang Jingqi. Han Sen had never seen him again since playing red hands with him and was surprised to see him here today.

As for the other person, Han Sen felt like having seen him somewhere, but the guy was in a high collar windbreaker, a hat and a pair of oversized, which made it difficult for Han Sen to tell who he was.

The man wearing was waving at them, but Han Sen soon found out that the man was not waving at him, but at Qu

As soon as Han Sen and Qu were out of the school gate, Fang Jingqi and his friend came over. The man wearing started to talk to Qu w.a.n.ger immediately. They seemed by know each other well.

Fang Jingxi was reluctant to smile at Han Sen. "Han Sen, I did not expect to meet you here. Who is this beautiful little girl?"

"This is my sister Han Yan, I came to pick her up. I’ll let you guys talk," Han Sen said.

"You did not come in an aircraft? Let me give you a ride," said Qu when she saw Han Sen leaving for maglev station with Han Yan in his arms.

The man in said reluctantly, "Since you all know each other, let’s go to dinner together.

"I will not bother you. I have some errands to do, so I’ll go back first. Ms. Qu, we will just use the train," Han Sen said.

"No way… your parents are outrageous." Qu did not see Han Sen as an adult. Indeed, he was just about seventeen and was young and comely, which made him look more like a teenager than a man.

"You and Yan can come with us to eat first, and I will give you a ride home after." As a teacher, Qu was an authority figure, not taking no for an answer.

"Han Sen, since Ms. Qu has put it this way, just join us for dinner. We are all friends, right?" Fang Jingqi smiled and advised. It seemed that he suddenly had an idea.

In fact, Han Sen was not going to refuse as Qu had already picked Yan up and walked toward her aircraft.

The man in seemed a bit unhappy, but he did not dare to show it in front of Qu.

Han Sen and Han Yan were on Qu’s aircraft, while the man in was on Fang’s aircraft. Just when he sat down, the man in asked Fang Jingqi, "Jingqi, who is that kid? Why did care about him so much?"

"That kid is a boy toy liked by many women. Probably is into him as well," Fang Jingqi said with a straight face.

"Jingqi, Roca is basically your planet. You are just going to watch falling into his lap?" said the man in Thinking about Han Sen’s look, he agreed that he had nicer skin than many girls and believed what Fang Jingqi told him.

In fact, Han Sen just had nice skin because he was practicing Jadeskin.

"What can I do about it? They are both consensual adults, so I can’t really beat the kid up for that. I am afraid that wouldn’t let me either," Fang Jingqi shrugged and said.

"You are so weak man! Just wait and see how I scare him off without really hurting him," the man in curled his lip and said. He took his off and it chanced that he was Tang Zhenliu, the fifth among the ten Chosen last year.

"Great, I’ll see how you do it," Fang Jingqi said with suspicious sparkles in his eyes. He thought, "Brat, you’ve given me a lot of troubles these days. I’ll let you suffer a bit to ease my anger. Han Sen is a formidable opponent and I’ll see how you are scared off by him."

Since Fang Jingqi suffered in Han Sen’s hand last time, he had been afraid of Han Sen. This time, however, he could use Han Sen to make Tang Zhenliu suffer.

Tang Zhenliu was quite something, but Fang Jingqi could still make correct predictions about him. However, he really lost his confidence when playing red hands with Han Sen.

If Tang Zhenliu and Han Sen were in a fight, Fang Jingqi did not think that Han Sen would win. But if it was just games played at dinner table, Fang Jingqi believed Tang Zhenliu would be miserable.

Fang Jingqi also wanted to see Tang Zhenliu completely defeated by Han Sen, so that Tang wouldn’t brag about himself all day, as if everyone should wors.h.i.+p him because he was the Chosen.

The place they were heading to was a club exclusive to the distinguished and aristocrats. Han Sen and Yan weren’t qualified to enter, but since the rest of the party were all VIPs there, they could be the plus ones.

Inside the private room, Tang Zhenliu took off his and hat, smiled and reached out a hand to Han Sen. "Haven’t introduced myself. My name is Tang Zhenliu."

Tang thought to himself while smiling, "Tang Zhenliu the star is here! You must be stunned by my name. It would be great if you and your sister happen to be my fans and ask for my signature."

"My name is Han Sen." Han Sen shook his hand and said, unimpressed.

He did recognize Tang Zhenliu, but he wasn’t really interested in stars. He was always busy making a living, and had no time to gather information about the stars. That was why he wasn’t star-struck at all.

Tang Zhenliu felt at loss. Even if Han Sen wasn’t a fan, he should still have a bigger reaction than that. But he acted as if he had just seen a pa.s.ser-by!

"Is he an alien? He does not know me. Me, Tang Zhenliu!" Tang wanted to grab Han Sen and tell the kid his name again. The only reason he wasn’t doing it was Qu who was sitting at the table.

Fang Jingqi almost laughed out loud—he naturally knew what Tang was thinking.

Soon the waiter brought them a variety of food and drinks that looked expensive. Han Sen and Han Yan had never had any of these before.

Since it was someone else’s treat, Han Sen ate without manners and was putting nice food into Yan’s plate from time to time. Yan did not engorge like her brother did, but also enjoyed the food quite a lot.

Qu was displeased with Han Sen’s rudeness, but liked Han Yan more and more.

"Fortunately, Han Yan was sent to Saint Paul and made my student. Or such a good girl as her would be ruined by her family." Qu was secretly determined to teach Yan well and keep her away from her brother.