Super Gene - Chapter 768: Mysterious Metal Door

Chapter 768: Mysterious Metal Door

Chapter 768: Mysterious Metal Door

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Doused in the bright holy light, the army of creatures elected to halt their advance. They just stood there, watching the rhino rise anew like the sun.

Although the light was bright, it did not harm your eyes to look on it. It was warm and accepting. While Han Sen watched the flames, the bones crumbled away like petals from flowers.

As the bones were shaved away, the beast became smaller and the light grew brighter. The bones that remained shone like jade.

The rhino that was originally as big as a mountain was humbled as its bones petered away into dust. It wasn't long before its size was equal to that of an average Earth rhino. Its bones had been refined into transparent crystals, through which coursed a holy light.

Within that holy light, Han Sen was able to witness something utterly unbelievable. The bones were birthing new flesh. Skin and flesh returned, as if the rhino was being reborn.

"Roar!" The roar cried out to the sky with renewed vigor, and no anger or suffering tainted its call. It sounded like a cry of relief, or like the chirp of a chick having pecked away the layers of its sh.e.l.l to be born true.

Countless creatures watched it, and even the black-flame phoenix and green kirin looked on in awe.

With the holy light that looked like water, the rhino's body rea.s.sembled itself with great speed. It wasn't too long before its body had been wholly recomposed, with its flesh fully recovered. The only difference from its previous appearance was its smaller size, yet despite that, its holy presence and aura were stronger than ever.

Snowflakes now descended from the sky, and upon closer inspection, Han Sen realized he was wrong. It wasn't snow, but the luminous dandelions that had returned, bearing the image of snowfall descending across the desert.

The luminous dandelions landed on the creatures, and faded into their skin. It imbued them with a holy aura, as well.

Han Sen watched luminous dandelions descend on himself, too. And as they sunk into his own body, he felt purer than he had ever felt before. He held one in his hand, and it smoothly faded into his fingers.

A cleansing energy coursed through his body, as if it was was.h.i.+ng him clean. The dirt inside him dispersed and his body felt wonderful and calm.

"Those luminous dandelions feel more effective than they did before. What level has this rhino evolved to?" Han Sen looked at the rhino with wonder and surprise.

The holy rhino called to the sky again and the holy light inside it was like a volcanic eruption. A holy light shot upwards into the sky like a heavensward beam.


The holy light reached the zenith of the world, and in that place, a mysterious metal door appeared. Strange symbols and transcriptions appeared upon the door, and gears and cogwheels adorned it. Slowly, the door opened.

It opened only slightly, before a horrid feeling rushed out. It was a malevolent force, that made things feel as if the sky was going to quickly descend and crush the world below. All the creatures were knocked down to the ground, the black-flame phoenix and green kirin included.

Han Sen and the little fairy also suffered, feeling as if they had suddenly been crushed by the very atmosphere.

Only the holy rhino stood its ground, standing still in defiance as its holy light shone as a beacon. With peaceful, graceful eyes, it looked at the door high above.

"By the Shelters! What is going on? What is that metal door?!" Han Sen froze as he watched. Everything that had transpired thus far had gone against all his wildest expectations.

He had never heard of anything as remotely strange as this happening. The metal doors had not even been swung wide. They were only opened a tiny bit, and already the presence and feeling it exuded were incredibly intimidating. It was almost hara.s.sing. Han Sen felt as if a living lifeforce existed behind the door, one that was more enticing than the cactus fruit.

"Where does that door lead?" Han Sen was still pinned to the ground, but he was able to keep an eye on the door.

As the door slowly opened, what was behind it was a blur. Try as he might, his vision could not pierce that veil and see what lay beyond. A terrifying presence exited it, and life swirled from beyond and into the atmosphere of the area.

Within this harsh and barren Black Desert, something was stirring. Life came in an abundance, and the realm seemed to be born anew in haste. Before long, gra.s.s and flowers coated the whole ground. The place had been given a makeover, and its beauty was so great, it had taken on the feeling one would get if they strolled through the Garden of Eden.

It was difficult to imagine that where Has Sen was, an arid desert had once existed.

The fairy trembled in a mixture of fear and enthralling excitement, as she looked upon the door and the rhino.

The black-flame phoenix and green kirin were the same. They looked envious of the rhino, wis.h.i.+ng they were the ones in its stead.

The metal door finally opened in its entirety. Han Sen frantically tried to see what was there, but he couldn't see anything.

He could see something faint, but nothing with vivid detail. He believed he had seen a human body exit the blur behind the door frame.

"Are there humans inside there?" Han Sen was gobsmacked, not expecting a human to exit such a curiously hidden metal door.

But Han Sen could not be entirely sure that whatever had come out was indeed a human. The details were scant, and it was only the being's humanoid shape he could make out.

The shadow of a person drew closer and closer, and it really did seem to be the figure of a human. But the energy it released was terrifying. It was oppressive, and it gave Han Sen the feeling that he should kowtow before it. Gazing at it with his lowly human eyes, Han Sen was stricken with the feeling that his actions were blasphemous and that he wasn't worthy of the sight.

Many creatures, like the black-phoenix, green kirin, and fairy were all on the ground. They trembled, not daring to steal a single look.


The shadow departed the emptiness, with one foot outside the door. Han Sen forced himself to take a closer look at the door, and he saw a leg plated in black metal. It looked frighteningly powerful, and it gave the feeling that the leg would crack the world asunder if it ever touched the ground.

Quickly, the body exited the door in full and Han Sen was now able to see it clearly. It was a man clad in black armor. He looked cold, but handsome. He looked hallowed. All that his eyes saw would have been inconsequential to him.

His body possessed a horrid aura, one that suggested all who looked upon him should cower in fear. Even the rhino, that was standing still the entire time, lowered its head at his coming.

Han Sen was shocked at what he was seeing and knew that person could not be a true human. Han Sen saw black wings on his back, and they weren't beast souls. They looked to be a part of him.

"Is it a spirit?" Han Sen was amazed at this entire turn of events, but he still had to question how a spirit could be that powerful. Compared to this thing, Light Son of G.o.d had the presence of a bug.