Super Gene - Chapter 764: Holy Cleanliness

Chapter 764: Holy Cleanliness

Chapter 764: Holy Cleanliness

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Han Sen and Zhou Yumei were shocked; a white rhino exited the lake. The water level dropped significantly as it emerged.

"Isn't that the white rhino we saw a while back?" Han Sen was taken aback.

The white rhino, thankfully, did not seem too interested in their presence. After emerging from the waters of the lake, it approached the island at its center and gobbled up one of the black metal coconuts.

As the rhino chewed it, a sweet fragrance tickled Han Sen's nose. The entirety of the coconut forest was quickly overwhelmed by the smell.

The silver fox and Little Orange both gulped. The fairy could not help but fly over there in a rush, and within a second, her small body quickly managed to pierce and drill through the coconut into its interior.

Han Sen was alarmed, thinking she might end up provoking the white rhino and inciting its wrath.

Surprisingly, the white rhino did not attack the fairy, and kept happily munching its own coconut.

Seeing how pa.s.sive the rhino appeared, the silver fox and Little Orange quickly jumped into the lake and swam to the island at its center. The silver fox leapt up towards the coconut the fairy was in and drank the milk that was dripping from the bore hole.

Little Orange meowed from down below and tried to jump up and take a bite of the third coconut. It managed to reach, but it could not pierce the coconut's sh.e.l.l or remove it from the tree.

Han Sen was surprised at the sight. He firmly acknowledged how different and special those coconuts really were; especially considering that not even juvenile second-generation super creatures could break them open with their teeth. It looked like only adults were able to open them up, like the fairy.

But what happened next blew the socks off Han Sen and Zhou Yumei. The white rhino opened its mouth and bit the coconut Little Orange was struggling to get for itself. It did not eat the coconut, it merely cracked the sh.e.l.l open and placed it down on the ground for Little Orange to eat. With glee, Little Orange pounced upon the coconut and finished opening it up for itself, and with a ravenous tongue, began lapping up the milk inside.

Han Sen had never seen something like this before; a creature with such a good temper.

The white rhino proceeded to lie down beside them on the isle, watching the silver fox and Little Orange drink the coconut juice to their heart's content. It didn't seem to have a single nasty bone in its body, and it was so calm.

Han Sen watched them all eat the coconuts and suddenly developed the desire to partake in the treat they were helping themselves to. With haste, he ran over to join them.

"Let's hope the white rhino isn't racist." Han Sen ran over to the island, all the while observing the white rhino for any change in temper.

Fortunately, as he stepped onto the island, the white rhino did not move. It continued to lie where it was, utterly serene. This delighted Han Sen, knowing that it did not seek to attack him or the others.

Han Sen immediately raced to Little Orange's side and began drinking the coconut milk with it. Right then, he didn't care about anything. He wanted some, and if he didn't hurry, Little Orange was going to have it all to himself.

But taking a look at how much of the juice was left in the ma.s.sive coconut, Han Sen was shocked to see Little Orange had consumed a third of it already. Not wasting any time, he threw his arms around the coconut to drink as much as he could.

Little Orange's tongue was wagging quickly, and its feet were subtly trying to push Han Sen away. But Han Sen was not willing to budge one minor inch. He continued to grip the coconut firmly and carried on drinking as best he could.

Zhou Yumei remained where she was, however. She had never before seen someone so obscene, and so willing to fight against another animal for food.

"Save me some! Save me some!" But when she resolved to get some for herself, and ran over to the island, she noticed there was no s.p.a.ce left for her. She could only circle them and wait for an opening.

With a great push, she knocked Han Sen away and a found a place for herself on the coconut. But it was too late. Poking her head inside, she noticed Han Sen and Little Orange had consumed every last drop of the juice, leaving nothing for her.

Falling down to the ground, Han Sen's belly was frighteningly large. He couldn't even straighten his back or stand up to drink some more, had there been any left.

A cool energy began to whirl inside his stomach, and it blended with the rest of his body. His entire body felt so cool, it was like his cells had been injected with refres.h.i.+ng spring water. It was perfectly suitable for a hot day such as this.

Han Sen cast Dongxuan Sutra and tried to refine the energy inside, and noticed that his fitness seemed to be a little improved.

The white rhino was on the island, watching the entire scene unfold. After the silver fox and the fairy finished their coconut juice, however, it stood up and munched on the sh.e.l.l.

They were both unafraid of the rhino, and the silver fox decided to climb aboard. It stood upon one of its horns and gazed all around.

The fairy soon followed, and she landed on the tip of the horn. There, she curiously observed the rhino.

The rhino did not look mad at all, and all it did was squint while looking at them. Its eyes were soft, as its mouth worked to chew up the coconut sh.e.l.l.

Han Sen never imagined meeting another super creature, especially one so large, that could be so tame. It wasn't just relaxed with the other super creatures near it, it was also unconcerned with Han Sen and Zhou Yumei's presence as well.

"That rhino is so cute!" Zhou Yumei said, despite being to calling everything cute. As she spoke, she tried to hug one of the rhino's leg.

But she was little more than an ant when compared to the size of the rhino. The legs were more like walls for her.

Han Sen eyed this rhino with curiosity, as it was the first time he had ever encountered another creature that was so docile and pa.s.sive. He used his Dongxuan Sutra to take a look at the rhino's energy flow.

The lifeforce was frighteningly powerful, and it had the breadth of an ocean. The energy swirled with a slow pa.s.sion, and it looked holy and pure.

"What is this super creature? The lifeforce is too much to be considered one, surely." Han Sen was surprised at what he was seeing.

After the white rhino finished eating the coconut sh.e.l.l, it went back to resting on the island. Han Sen and his companions also rested near it, not showing any concern about the rhino's presence. It was so friendly and calm, they didn't think anything ill about it.

That night, the rhino finally moved. It got up and began walking away from the island; it seemed to be leaving the oasis.

Han Sen quickly packed up his stuff, grabbed Zhou Yumei, and flew to the rhino's back. The silver fox and Little Orange climbed aboard too, and they were soon all riding the rhino's back, setting out into the Black Desert once more.

Under the serene, silver moonlight, the luminous dandelions returned as well. As if they were aboard a starfaring s.h.i.+p, it was like the rhino was traversing a galaxy.

"It's so beautiful." Zhou Yumei's eyes sparkled like the stars themselves.

The dandelions were all around, floating in the air. When Han Sen's skin came into contact with them, they melted into his skin like fallen snowflakes. It felt as if his skin was imbued with a sudden halo of purity, and he felt cleansed.

The silver fox and Little Orange also came into contact with the dandelions, which made their fur s.h.i.+ne.

Han Sen observed the white rhino as it went, and noticed the lifeforce of the rhino was overflowing. It was this overflow of energy that manifested itself as the dandelions.