Super Gene - Chapter 762: Claiming the Fairy

Chapter 762: Claiming the Fairy

Chapter 762: Claiming the Fairy

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Han Sen was shocked. Looking towards the little angel, he saw her holding the scallop sh.e.l.l in her hand. It was half open, and from the inside, the fairy was active. It unleashed a gust of frosty air.

The temperature around them dropped in a snap. The mosquitos were clearly weak to the cold, and upon coming into contact with the frost, were stunned and frozen.

In fear of the cold, the swarm of mosquitos now seemed hesitant to continue their pursuit.

The fairy continued to blow out frosty air, repelling the mosquitos. And as she did so, she gave Han Sen a pitiable look.

Han Sen never expected the fairy to possess such a human quality, to forgive past grievances and be willing to trade her own life for the safety of him and his companions.

Han Sen took the scallop sh.e.l.l out of little angel's hands. The fairy was still quite afraid, and she only opened the sh.e.l.l a small amount, in order to expel the frosty air.

Han Sen held the scallop sh.e.l.l and continued walking towards the bugs. The mosquitoes kept their distance, and their aversion to the cold was plain to see.

Han Sen used Dongxuan Sutra to simulate the fairy's energy flow. Han Sen's body temperature dropped, and after doing so, the mosquitos avoided him completely.

He couldn't exude the frosty air as a projectile, however. If he wanted to keep Zhou Yumei alive, he'd have to continue making use of the fairy's frosty power. They continued their journey, all the while keeping the mosquitos at bay and putting distance between themselves and the bloodthirsty insects.

After reaching a spot that put them out of the mosquitoes' sight, the fairy ceased her exhalation of frosty air. She was already heavily injured, and the amount of power she had just used up had been taxing. Her condition looked more dire than ever now.

The fairy clasped her hands together before her face, as if she was praying to Han Sen. The look in her eyes suggested she was begging Han Sen to let her go.

But this did not align with Han Sen's own desire. It was difficult to get a second-generation super creature, and there was a Life Geno essence sitting right in front of him. Perhaps even a beast soul, too. Han Sen wasn't happy with the thought of just letting such a bounty go.

"Look at her; she looks so pitiable. Why don't you let her go? She did just save our lives, after all." After Zhou Yumei applied some medicine to her own wounds, she began to feel better almost immediately. Her itchiness began to subside, as well.

After getting another clear look at the battered, rotten fairy, she felt a great deal of sympathy for her. Hoping Han Sen would let her go, she chipped in with her two cents.

"You need to understand something here; she saved you. She did not save us." Han Sen knew that without the fairy, he would have still made it out alive. Zhou Yumei would have been the only victim, had they not been able to escape by themselves.

"But she's begging for your mercy. Just let her go!" Zhou Yumei didn't dare be mean to Han Sen, but she felt compelled to at least support the fairy, after what she had done.

"Women are so short-sighted. Yes, you're right; this little thing does look pitiable. It does look nice. But that's what you see on the surface. In its heart, it may already be planning a wretched way to get back at me. Vengeance is in its nature. Now that she's in trouble, beaten and exhausted, she feigns this look of sorrow and begs for forgiveness all so she can be set free. For all we know, she'll return and come for me once more, after her wounds are healed." Han Sen did not heed Zhou Yumei's plight, and instead continued to stare at the fairy that was still inside the sh.e.l.l.

At this point, the fairy's hair was starting to dry out. Her body was rotten and her wings were robbed of power. She continued to look at Han Sen in a way that begged for mercy.

"If I let you go, will you come back for vengeance?" Han Sen asked, looking at the fairy.

The fairy behaved as if she understood what Han Sen said to her, and she shook her head like mad.

"Really?" Han Sen asked, with a deeper tone of voice this time.

The fairy continued to shake her head, and it seemed as if she was being sincere.

"All right, then. Come on out. Let's forget about what happened in the past. But don't even think about doing it again. If you do, I won't forgive you," Han Sen said to the fairy.

The fairy seemed to be fairly intelligent, and after he finished talking, she popped the lid of the sh.e.l.l open and flew out. She then landed on the palm of Han Sen's hand.

Han Sen held the fairy there, and in his heart, he grinned. The smile of a devil adorned his lips, and he thought to himself, "Oh, Little Fairy. You are in my hands, and now I am going to kill you."

Han Sen never thought the previously vengeful, maniacal fairy would be so easy to trick. She seemed to believe what he said without question. And now, she had allowed him to hold her. Little did she know, he was planning to bring a swift end to their truce.

The fairy remained off-guard. Allowing herself to be held by Han Sen, she seemed oblivious to Han Sen's murderous gaze. Without a shadow of a doubt, she put full stock in Han Sen's pledge of not killing her. Her calm, relaxed posture in Han Sen's hand was a reflection of this.

Her smooth white arms held onto Han Sen's fingers, and she rubbed her head against them. She looked so pitiable, and she pointed at her wounds, as if requesting that he heal her.

"You, Little Fairy. How dare you ask me to help you recover. You must be in la-la-land!" Han Sen, as he held the fairy in place, planned to use Sonic-Thunder Punch on it. With the sorry state her body was in, he didn't think she could withstand a punch like that again. Even if it couldn't kill her, he could rob her of half her life. Or half of whatever was left right now, at least.

Han Sen then, unbeknownst to anyone else, secretly channeled the sonic and thunder elements. Soon, he'd cast Sonic-Thunder Punch and utterly annihilate the fairy once and for all.

But seeing the defenseless fairy clench his fingers tight, giving him poor puppy-dog eyes, Han Sen found himself unable to do it.

"No. I can't allow myself to be tricked by the fairy's appearance. It's a wretched demon of vengeance, and I cannot allow her to live. Squeeze her. I have to squeeze her!" Han Sen then cruelly started to cast Sonic-Thunder Punch.

But shortly after starting, he stopped.

"Little Angel!" Han Sen called out to his little angel.

The little angel, greatsword in hand, came over to Han Sen emotionlessly. Han Sen looked at the fairy in his hand and looked at the little angel. Sighing, he sent the little angel away again.

Han Sen was still unable to do it, for he was not a murderer. And his heart was soft and weak to those who needed aid. The fairy seemed so human, and she did her best to help out against the mosquitoes. Now that she was in Han Sen's hand, he found himself unable to kill something that was utterly defenseless.

"Are you going to listen to me in the future?" Han Sen held the fairy in his hand, and his gaze was as sharp as a blade.

The fairy nodded. She held onto Han Sen's fingers and kissed them with her red lips. Then she looked at him again with pitiable eyes.

"If you say so, I will believe you once. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Do not disappoint me, or else, I won't let you go." Han Sen sighed, relaxed his hands and let the fairy sit down in his palms.

The fairy flapped her b.u.t.terfly wings and flew a few circles around Han Sen. She seemed overjoyed, but her current state of weakness was no secret. Before long, she fell back down into Han Sen's hand.

Although Han Sen was willing to heal the fairy, he wasn't ready to one hundred percent believe in her. Secretly, he observed her every movement. If she was up to no good, Han Sen would not hesitate to get the little angel to kill her.