Super Gene - Chapter 759: Defenseless Woman

Chapter 759: Defenseless Woman

Chapter 759: Defenseless Woman

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Han Sen was taken aback at the sight of the black-flame phoenix soaring across the horizon. Its speed was incredible, and it disappeared from sight within the blink of an eye.

A heat wave descended from the sky and almost cooked Han Sen's body hair.

Fortunately, the phoenix did not seem to be interested in them. It simply flew on its own accord and disappeared. That being said, it seemed to be going in the direction Han Sen had selected for his own journey.

"Why don't we switch course and choose a different direction to go in? Ill fortune is the only thing that can come from a close-encounter with such a creature," Zhou Yumei suggested with worry.

Before they caught sight of the bird, Zhou Yumei noticed her Little Orange was a little on edge.

Han Sen shook his head, however. "We have to go this way."

If he wanted to cross the Black Desert, he had to continue in the direction he was going. And the phoenix-like bird did not seem interested in them, anyway. It was most likely just pa.s.sing by.

After another two days of travel, it occurred to Han Sen that they had not again seen the bird, whereas Zhou Yumei forgot about the sighting entirely. After dark, Han Sen erected a tent so he could rest for the night and move on the morrow.

"How come you only ever erect one tent for yourself? Where do you expect me to sleep, huh?" Zhou Yumei's black eyes were opened wide.

"If you don't fancy sleeping outside in the rough, then come inside and sleep with me." Han Sen was already crawling into the tent as he spoke.

"You... what a gentleman," Zhou Yumei said sarcastically. She peered into the darkness of the desert all around them, then crawled inside after Han Sen.

It was a simple tent, and it was not one you could stand up in. The silver fox and Little Orange were already inside and had gotten all snug. Lying down, Zhou Yumei could feel Han Sen's body warmth.

"I'm warning you. Don't get any funny ideas," Zhou Yumei told Han Sen, with the eyes of a mad woman.

"Do not worry; I lacked the gentle love of a mother when I was young." Han Sen did not even look at Zhou Yumei while he spoke. Instead, his eyes were fixed on a book he had just pulled out from his pack.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Zhou Yumei froze, unable to understand what Han Sen meant by that.

"Nothing. I'm just complimenting the fact that you are young and small," Han Sen casually said.

"You have good taste, but no matter how pretty I am, you can't..." Zhou Yumei was a little shy, and she spoke while looking down.

But she only spoke half of her sentence when she glanced that her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, which were like two little hills upon her chest. Her face quickly flushed red and she said, "You are the one who is small!"

Han Sen put down the book and took his s.h.i.+rt off. This shocked Zhou Yumei, and she quickly scrambled away in panic. She used her arms to s.h.i.+eld and cover her body, asking with distress, "What do you want?!"

Han Sen smiled and patted the muscles that composed his chest and said, "They may not be big, but they're bigger than yours."

Zhou Yumei couldn't help but take a look. She was impressed by the sight, and they were indeed wide and thick. They weren't particularly outstanding, but they had delicate curves that made them attractive to look at.

And Han Sen had a six-pack that was like jade, and the silky-smooth white skin that drove women crazy. Seeing this, Zhou Yumei almost started drooling. Furthermore, she began to develop the urge to touch them.

"Clean the saliva from your lips and go to sleep. You shouldn't disturb me during the night." Han Sen pushed Zhou Yumei's head away, as her body drew nearer to him. Then, he tucked himself into his sleeping bag.

Zhou Yumei wanted to fight back, but she instead looked down once more and observed her own modest chest. She thought about Han Sen's thick and wide chest, where the muscles locked and curved around each other impeccably. She noticed she had indeed lost this round before it even began, and she had no ammunition to return fire on this particular subject.

Zhou Yumei was a little upset after this, so she retreated into her own sleeping bag. Then she began to think about how dark life truly was. But then another image flashed in her mind, and it was the image of Han Sen's stunning upper-body, s.e.xy clavicles and tantalizing abs. Zhou Yumei couldn't help but swallow the saliva that was building up inside her mouth. She tried to shake the image and tighten her eyelids, but the picture remained. She couldn't be free of Han Sen's amazing body.

She turned around to take a peek at Han Sen. His eyes were closed and he appeared to be sleeping already. Seeing his face from the side, he wasn't super pretty, but his facial features were distinct and sharp. It made him look quite threatening and moody, but his skin was white and smooth. This element helped soften the image a bit, but overall, he looked like a manly man.

Zhou Yumei continued thinking about his body as she eyed him. And then her mind ventured further in her visions of the man. She recalled how powerful he was, and how he so fearlessly challenged the spirit. He also took care of the fairy and scorpion. It looked like she was in love.

But then her heart sunk at another image that popped up in her mind, and that was the ring that adorned his finger. She sighed and said to herself, "Why are the good ones always taken?"

"What did you say?" Han Sen frowned and turned to look at Zhou Yumei.

Zhou Yumei's face became red again. She had gotten so excited, she never expected she'd end up speaking her thoughts aloud. With a face that refused to unredden itself, she tried to explain by saying, "N-n-nothing..."

As Zhou Yumei panicked, Han Sen turned around completely. Now, his face was directly opposite hers. Another man's warmth was drawing near her.

Zhou Yumei's heart was madly beating to the rhythm of a stampede, and she thought to herself, "What is he going to do? What am I going to do? He is engaged. I should reject his advances, right? But... no! I can't be like that. I can't get tricked by the demon of temptation. I must focus and channel my good thoughts... but he is such a good man. If I grab him, I might have the chance to..."

Many different trains of thought and ideas now raced through her mind. Han Sen's body was still so close, and then, he covered her mouth with his hand. He climbed on top of her.

"I can't compete. How am I supposed to resist a man like this? I am just a weak and defenseless woman. There is no way I can resist his strength." Zhou Yumei managed to find herself an excuse, which quickly put her at ease. Seeing Han Sen's body above her, she closed her eyes and continued thinking, "There is no one else here. What is he holding my mouth for? Even if I scream, no one could possibly come to my aid. I might moan and groan in delight, but there's no reason for me to scream."

Zhou Yumei's heart was still pumping wildly, but after a while, her expectations weren't coming to pa.s.s. She felt strange. And then, she peeked open her eyes a little. With one hand still covering her mouth, Han Sen had unzipped the tent and taken a peek outside.

Zhou Yumei's face was now burning and her neck was getting hot. She wanted to dig a hole and hide.

Han Sen looked outside and noticed a halo that sat upon the Black Desert in the distance. There were many glowing dandelions, painting the sands of the desert. It was an infinite meadow of them, one that he couldn't spy an end to. The heads of the dandelions danced with the caress of a breeze.