Super Gene - Chapter 75: One in A Hundred

Chapter 75: One in A Hundred

Chapter 75: One in A Hundred

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"Do not be afraid, Dollar is on his own and we can join forces to get rid of him first," a young man geared up and said.

"Exactly, let’s get rid of the little angel first." Someone looked at Han Sen greedily, as if he were looking at a naked woman.

"Ha-ha, Dollar. I am a big fan, so I’ll try to be gentle with you."

"Dollar, do not run, take my punch..."

Suddenly nearly a hundred people on the stage all threw themselves at Han Sen while yelling frantically.

"S*#t! What the heck? Shouldn’t my fans be protecting me rather than beating me up..." thought Han Sen bitterly.

Although these people looked menacing, they weren’t using any weapon. No one was trying to get involved in a desperate fight with Han Sen.

Basically, the stronger persons had all registered relatively early. Those who had waited until this time to register were most likely relatively weak or new to G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Han Sen did not use any weapon either. Seeing the first person’s fist almost in his face, Han Sen moved slightly and dodged the blow. Using his hand as a knife, Han Sen attacked back with Bladestorm.

The man did not have time to react before he was cut on the back of his neck and fell directly to the ground.

Han Sen moved like the wind, flas.h.i.+ng his hand knife. He could almost always get rid of an opponent with just one blow. Wherever he went people were thrown off their feet and it was like the scene after a tornado.

The best thing about learning Ghosthaunt was that Han Sen now knew the various aspects of the human body very well. Although he didn’t use Ghosthaunt, he was still able to use Bladestorm appropriately so that no one got seriously hurt when they were defeated.

Watching nearly a hundred opponents knocked out by Han Sen, many smiled and chose to quit after they got back on their feet.

"Dollar is out of this world."

"Dollar my angel, you are so handsome."

"I want to bear your children, Dollar!"

On the stands, the audience was roaring in excitement.

When the last opponent got off the stage, Han Sen was pleased with himself while waving at the audience. He thought, "It seems I also have the potential of being a star. Should I say ‘give me ten more’ now? Never mind, what’s ten to me? I’ve already defeated a hundred."

Han Sen automatically got into the next round. Just when he walked out of the martial hall, he saw a few young girls running to him, offering him a pen. They asked in slightly trembling voices, "Dollar, can we have your signature?"

Han Sen paused as he didn’t expect this.

Fortunately, it took him only a second before he took the pen and said yes.

But the next second, Han Sen was embarra.s.sed. These little girls only gave him a pen, but did not give him any kind of paper. Where should he sign?

"Where do I sign?" Hansson asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

"Dollar, can you please sign here?" A plump girl stuck out her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, stretching out her blouse.

Han Sen was just a young man, and his nose almost bled from the view. Practicing Jadeskin secretly, he calmed himself down and signed "Dollar" on the girl’s tight outfit.

"Dollar... Dollar... Sign here..." More and more girls squeezed over, scrambling. Some even stuck out their b.u.t.ts for him to sign.

After signing for a few, Han Sen turned around and saw himself surrounded by a crowd.

A man nearly six feet tall raised an arm and flexed his muscles at Han Sen, crying in a m.u.f.fled voice, "Dollar, sign here please..."

Han Sen finally got out of the martial hall, and was surprised to see Son of Heaven, Fist Guy and Qin Xuan waiting for him there.

"Dollar, other than the license to purchase at S-Cla.s.s section, would you consider other options? I can trade mutant beast souls and some money with you," Fist Guy said.

"Sorry, I won’t consider anything else." Han Sen said.

Son of Heaven stood aside and did not speak. Although he had what Han Sen wanted, he was not willing to trade it for mutant creature meat. If it was sacred-blood creature, it might be different.

"Dollar, if you have 30 mutant creatures, I will make the deal with you. How do you like to proceed?" asked Qin Xuan.

"If you trust me, you can first transfer to me the license and I will send the goods to you later. If not, we could schedule a time privately to trade in person," replied Han Sen.

"OK. Let’s schedule a time then. I need some time to get you the S-Cla.s.s purchase license," Qin Xuan said.

"Great," Han sen nodded.

"Then let’s talk about it on our way back." Qin Xuan was thoughtful to ask her gang clear the path for Han Sen.

After making the appointment with Qin Xuan, Han Sen was already outside Steel Armor Shelter. He thanked Qin Xuan, summoned the wings to fly into the mountains and soon disappeared.

Han Sen did not doubt Qin Xuan’s ability to come up with an S-Cla.s.s license. After all, Saint Hall was semi-military. With her profound military background, it should be easy for her to get a license.

After walking around in the mountains for a while, Han Sen used his own ident.i.ty to go back in the shelter. He went back to his room and repackaged the meat of 30 mutant black stingers in a bag, ready to trade with Qin Xuan tomorrow.

The rest of the black stinger meat was dried by Han Sen. He did not plan to sell it as he will keep it for Meowth.

The transaction was very smooth. Han Sen got the S-Cla.s.s license and teleported out of G.o.d’s Sanctuary. He wanted to buy an advanced hyper geno art for his mother and sister to practice.

Back home, Han Sen logged in on the Skynet and entered the site of Saint Hall. Using the S-Cla.s.s license, Han Sen entered the official online community of Saint Hall, which was inaccessible to most. He then entered the most advanced section, S-Cla.s.s section.

There were many hyper geno arts in the S-Cla.s.s section. Although their content couldn’t be browsed, there was a detailed description of each. Han Sen carefully read the descriptions. Each license could only be used to purchase one hyper geno art, so he had to think carefully.

Mutant black stingers could only be sold this once, as the value would decrease if there were too many on the market. Even if Han Sen hunted more mutant black stingers, no one would be willing to use an S-Cla.s.s license to trade for them again.